Marty Meierotto is an Alaska Bush trapper who got widely known for his role in the History Channel’s documentary series “Mountain Man”.

Early life:

Marty was born in North Wisconsin in

His father was a trapper so he got him interested in trapping from the early age. When he was only seven years old he has took him on the far north of Wisconsin so he would see his father’s traps and how he checks them out for animals.

That impressed Marty very much and he always kept this memory close.

Growing up he decided to try to be a trapper so, after he finished high school, he turned his life to that area.

It was very hard to become a trapper in Wisconsin because there were many trappers there and a very few animals to catch.

So he took all of his savings and some of his personal belongings and moved to Alaska.

Career development:

Marty drove himself to Alaska in the company of his brother Jeff in 1985.

He wanted to try out Alaska’s wild life but eventually it got under his skin and he decided to make his home there.

First he just worked at Fairbanks as a janitor, a logger and even on construction just to earn enough money for food, to buy traps and buy his first tent so he could go trapping on his first free days.

He has built himself a one-man cabin which is really small but he says it is much easier to warm up a smaller cabin.

After a few years he dedicated himself only on trapping.

After he was approached by the producers of “Mountain Man” people started to get interested in his way of life which includes setting traplines and catching various animals for food and fear.

Since the daylight is very short in Alaska he must make the most of it. He has set his trapline in the wild Alaskan land 200 miles north of Fairbanks where temperatures go 30 to 40 degrees below zero.

He has also built three more cabins, a little smaller than the first one though, and they are spread out on his trapline so he has a shelter during his stay there.

During the summer time Marty is a smokejumper for the Alaska Fire Service which is not a problem for him since he knows Alaska like the palm on his hand.

This is his job from April to October and it means that he was called out to jump with a parachute and fight fires all across the USA.

This job is paid great so it helps him a lot to support his family: a wife Dominique and a daughter Noah Jane.

From November to March he trapps along his trapline and collects lynx for fur to sell in the city.

Since he is very far from Fairbanks he goes back and forth from wilderness to town in his small aircraft Supercub from 1937.

Personal life:

Since he found love a few years ago and has a child, a daughter Noah Jane who is still very little, he isn’t at his trapline the whole time during the winter. He goes there and after approximately a fortnight he comes back for a few days to the city to be with his family, sell fur and takes care of their needs.

He and his family resides at the city Two Rivers, where Marty comes back after about every two weeks when he returns from trapping.

Although he is quite old he is very happy to have a child.

He is very resourceful and he customized his aircraft to be lighter and faster and by all that it uses less petrol. He modified it in the way that he took of heavy windows and putting the lighter ones, removing the radio, removing the heater and similar.

He has a habit of spitting tobacco juice in the snow.

He was on the cover of “Field & Stream” magazine where he was photographed with his bandana arround his mane and with his green parka, dark snow trousers and snowboots.

He holds his  .358-caliber rifle and a lot of his lynx fur on him.

Quick summary

Full name: Marty Meierotto

Date of birth: NA

Birthplace: Wisconsin

Age: late 50s

Profession: trapper, survivalist

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $250,000