Carl Fogarty, also known as Foggy and The Blackburn Bullet, is a former world famous British motorcycle rider and philantrophist.

He has total of 52 World Superbike victories through his career and still nobody broke his record.

Early years

He was born on July 1st, 1965 in Blackburn, England. He grew up surrounded by racers and motocross drivers. His own father George was a road racer so he bought his son a motorbike as soon as he could drive one.

His first riding debute in a competition came when he was only fourteen. He loved motocross, but he always wanted to be a road racer like his dad.

Career development

His succes came easier than for other drivers because his father could always help him with advices and he also funded all his training and vehicles. That is one of the reasons he progressed very fast. He won a double Isle of Man race in 1990, teaming with the famous Honda, and that title has put him in the spotlight.

He won his first WSB race at Donington Park in 1992 and got his first title. After that he continued taking all titles he could.

In 1993, he started his collaboration with the Ducati team and since then he won most of his titles and awards: total of four world titles (all won between 1994 and 1999). He retired in 2000 at the age of 35 because of not being able to properly recover from his arm injury. He broke his arm and was affraid he could damage his health by proceeding with races. His wife Mikaela also wanted for him to retire because of those health issues.

He is a global ambassador for Triumph motorcycles and takes revenues for advertising them on his website and is often promoting their new bikes.

Carl will be among a selected group of people to receive an award for moral and ethic behaviour in sports given by The Monaco World Sports Legends Award.

Personal life

He is happily married to his wife Michaela and is a proud father of two daughters, Danielle and Claudia. She is also included in his bussines and because of her husband’s popularity advertises bikes too – she is the ambassador for Blackburn CCM motorcycles.

He likes to participe in a lot of events, in search for the adrenaline he lost in riding, so he was seen in a reality show  called I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! Where he has beaten 11 contestors and became the King of Jungle. He was three weeks in the Australian jungle fighting for this title.

This adrenalin hunting includes several sports and hobbies such as  football, trail riding and underwater sea fishing. It seems that he found a way to cope with his „need for speed“ with other activities, although he still does motocross rides, but without competing.

Philantrophic work

He and his wife are involved with the NSPCC and they even entered their Hall of Fame because of their greatly appeciated work and donation to this organization. NSPCC is short for National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and it is a leading children’s charity fighting to end child abuse in United Kingdom. Although there has been some issues about how this organization spends money, a lo of testimonials say it changed life of hundreds of children into better.

Carl always participates in charity events like in Bike4Life fundraising event and similair.

Quick summary

Full name: Carl George Fogarty

Date of Birth:  July 1st, 1965

Birth Place: Blackburn, England

Age: 52

Proffession: motorcycle rider

Height: 1,75 m

Weight: 66 kgs

Net worth: $ 45 million