Heather Dubrow is an American reality TV star and actress. She is famous for her appearance on “The real housewives of Orange County” and her estimated net worth is around 30$ million.

Early life

Heather Paige Kent was born on January 5, 1969 in New York. She grew up in Bronx and her parents were partially Polish, German and Hungarian. She is also Jewish and her parents raised her traditionally to respect her culture and her ancestry.

She finished high school in Bronx and decided to pursue her childhood dream of becoming an actress. She graduated from Syracuse University and got her BFA. She knew that becoming an actress was not an easy task, so she put all of her talent and hard work into making that dream come true.


Heather is best known for being the real housewife of Orange County, but before she was a housewife, Heather had an acting career of her own. She usually had smaller roles in various TV shows during ‘80s and ‘90s and never really got an important role.

Married with children was one of her first appearances on TV. She also appeared on several other popular TV soap operas at the time where she portrayed smaller roles.

She managed to get a little bigger role on one of CBS’s shows during 2000s but still no major success. The show was on air a while but was soon cancelled and Heather was once again out of work. Since Dubrow has 4 children, her career often suffered because she had to take care of her family and focus on raising her children.

She tried out her singing talent as well, by singing a theme song for one TV show.

Heather was a member of the housewives team since 2012 and her on-screen time continued since then. Seems we will be looking at these faces for a while longer since the show has been running for several seasons already. The theme of the show is to follow around rich housewives of Orange County and show their everyday lives to the audience.

Heather lives with her husband, plastic surgeon, and 4 children. The show is actually a reality TV show that offers the audience an insight into the lives of wealthy and famous that are often filled with drama and discussions.

Show had few spin-offs throughout the years and Heather is still a cast member in the latest season 11.

Even though being a real housewife brought Heather fame, she only appeared on few other shows but still without any major role in her resume. These appearances include TV shows that were on air for a while, and Dubrow was mostly casted to perform smaller roles. She tried out her talent in hosting several shows and events but still nothing major.

Smaller roles and occasional appearances have marked Dubrow’s career. Even though her career has started early and she had a big dream of becoming a famous actress, Heather hasn’t managed to catch just the right role that would catapult her into the show business history.

She dedicated most of her time to raising her 4 children and decided not to over-stress about those 15 minutes of fame.

Being married to a famous plastic surgeon could mean that Heather doesn’t really have to work at all, but her appearances on TV surely bring some money to the household bank.

Private life

In 1999 Heather married plastic surgeon Terry Dubrow and the couple has 4 children. Her husband is famous for his late brother who was a singer in the band QuietRiot, Kevin DuBrow.

Like the name of the show states, Heather and Terry live in Orange County with their big family. They recently started to build their dream home in O.C. that has 14 bathrooms, private beauty salon, underground garage, infinite pool and many more amenities.

Heather even showed her dream home in one of the Bravo’s specials, where she tried to explain how the home will look after the building is done.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Heather Dubrow

Date of Birth: January 5, 1969

Birth Place: Bronx, New York, USA

Age: 47 years

Profession: reality TV star, actress

Height: 1.71 m

Weight: 59 kg

Net worth: 30$ million