Jessi Cruickshank  is a known Canadian television personality. She is known for her great job as a host of “The After Show” and “Canada’s smartest person”.

Early life:

Jessi was born as Jessica Shaia Cruickshank,  on July 17, 1982 in Calgary in  Alberta.

Jessi is of Scottish, English and German descent. She has always been proud of all of her roots and claims that a man should know where je descended from.

She has spent most of her childhood in Vancouver, spending most of her free time with her sister Amanda Grace. They get along very well and they have been each other’s lights from their early years.

Her mother, Joyce Resin, was once a known TV host for the show on CBC called “Alive: The picture of Health”. Her mother was always a role model for her: someone she can look up to and somebody that she found perfect.

She has only one sibling, an older sister Amanda Grace with whom she is in a very close relationship, as mentioned.

Jessi was very interested in comedy and was an important part of a comedy group in her school. She later used her humor and her comedy skills for her interviews and reports. That was her way of standing out from other more plain reporters.

People say that she is very likeable and that it’s not only the pretty face that got her famous.

After high school she started attending the University of Toronto where she studied English and Drama. Jessi has spent her 1st year of University at Herstmonceux Castle in England where is the center of English and Drama.

Career development:

She was one of the actors in a commercial for “Shoppers Drug Mart” which was shown during the Christmas period. This was her breakthrough and she was soon noticed by many other producers that liked her personality.

She was also a member of the crew with a very small part in a TV movie called “For Hope” in 1996. The film was directed by a known director Bob Saget.

For a short period of time, she was working as a host on Youth TV in a show named “Weird on Wheels”. She said that she never found it hard to be natural on camera and therefore had no problems doing complicated gigs.

She was one of the co-hosts of “MTV Live” series. That brought her huge fame and recognition, making her the new face of Canadian MTV.

While she hosted “The Hills: After Show” the series broke records and even won two Gemini Awards in that period.

She received a lot of good critics and recognition for her interviews of celebrities such as Taylor Lautner, Ryan Reynolds, Bill Gates and many more.

Jessi continued her great career as a producer at The Oprah Winfrey Network, as a part of correspondent team for a known Canadian show.

She is involved in filming an MTV show called “Hollywood Survival Guide”.

She still hosts “OH Sit” show on Much Music Channel.

She has filmed many MTV special shows connected with the organization “Free The Children” whose current ambassador is currently Jessi herself.

Jessi is also a great public and motivational speaker and she is proud of her charity works and of helping people.

Personal life:

She got married to Evan Gatica in 2014 and they are still together.

Her sister Amanda Grace today works as a reporter in Seattle for KING TV.

She gave birth to her twin boys in September 2017. They are named Diego Green Gatica and Rio Ross Gatica.

She had a very hard pregnancy, not only because she was 35 years old, so it was always a posibilty for more complications, but her babies are monochorionic identical twins which means they shared the same amniotic sac.

That could of ended badly because one twin had less space and nutrition and the other had too many supplies.

Luckily, the medicine advanced a lot in the last decade so she decided to put herself in the hands of a wonder-surgeon who performed an operation called Fetoscopic Laser Occlusion, which made her babies to grow and develope separately and in the same way with the same progress.

Quick summary

Full name: Jessica Shaia Cruickshank

Date of birth: July 17, 1982

Birthplace: Calgary, Alberta

Age: 35

Profession: host, comedian, actress

Height: 1,73 m

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $1 million