Jessica Dime Net Worth 2019, Age, Height, Weight

Jessica Dime Net Worth 2019, Age, Height, Weight

Jessica Dime also known as Dimepiece is an American actress and a rapper. She also works a lot as a fashion model and a dancer.

Early years

She was born on January 27, 1986 in Memphis, Tennessee in the United States.

After finishing high school she started studying business administration at the University of Memphis.

Her mother is an English teacher so she read a lot and even wanted to write her own book. It ended up she started writing lyrics because  she felt that was the right way for her. In that period she started rapping for her own pleasure but she noticed that people like her music expression.

She was at Memphis University for only one year and then she transferred to another college.

That college was also in Memphis: LeMoyne Owen College, but it was easier for her. She hasn’t finished it either and today she often emphasizes that she  regrets that decision.

Career development

She started dancing as a stripper in Decatur Georgia in a club named Pinups Gents Club.

After that she ended up in a more famous club called King of Diamonds where she earned much more money and where she started to be very popular amongst clients of the club.

She became extremely popular really fast and started making arround $10 000 every week.

She liked dancing and she often danced to her own songs, but she soon made enemies amongst dancers because she started getting a lot of public attention and started earning much more money than they did.

Other than working at the gents club she began modelling and acting in a lot of music videos of rappers and pop singers.

You could see her dancing at Nicki Minaj’s video “Beez in the Trap”; Rick Ross; Waka Flocka Flame and others.

She started making her own demos with the help of the producers that were regular guests at the King of Diamonds Club.

She spent and still spends most of her earning on shooting demos and videos and pursuing her music career.

In 2015 she became really famous when she released a song “Disrespectfull”.

She has her own collection of hair extension called Pink Piece. Pink is her famous hair color and her trade mark so she found a great way to cash it in.

She is best known for Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, a reality TV series shown on VH1. She started her acting career in this show in 2012 and that continued in 2015 withba sequal called Love & Hip Hop: After Party Live!

During the show she was very passionate about everything and often got in a fight but everybpdy presumed it was her way of getting attention.

This reality show made her good money, $ 12 000 for each episode.

She was in the cast of another reality TV show: “K.Michelle: My Life” in 2014. This show is about this American R&B female singer and a songwriter and her life. In that show she even fought with the main character Michelle.

In 2013 she signed a contract with one of the most popular producers and performer Flo-rida but their business partnership ended really soon.She signed a deal that included her to make three albums and to quit stripping. She gave up dancing because she liked rapping more, but very soon, after touring with Flo-Rida  and Natalie La Rose, she broke the contract cause se felt neglected and thought that Flo is focused only on his own career.

The same year, in January 2013, she was arrested for a felony class C count of robbery and she was let out after paying $10 000 for bail.

She published five albums: “Dimepiece-10”, “O.G.Dimepice”, one with Flo-Rida and two with similar Gangsta in a Skirt names.

Personal life:

For a very long period of time she was a roommate to Black Chyna, a famous stripper who got married to even more famous Rob Kardashian. They were good friends.

Today she is in a relationship with an NBA player for Detroit Pistons, Shawne Williams. The rumours are that he is now a free agent. They are very much in love and he respects her and hasn’t got a problem with her past.

Their relationship stayed solid even after her jelaous ex boyfriend, a music producer Lodi Lucci, leaked an embarrasing tape to the media.

Why did Lodi turned over the tape? He says he was mad because Shawne left his wife because of Dimepiece and he doesn’t know what kind of women Jessica really is.

Philantropic work:

It is not known wether is she doing some charity work. If she does, it is so small that no media has covered it yet.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Jessica Chatman

Date of birth: January 27, 1986

Birthplace: Memphis, Tennessee

Age: 31

Profession: stripper, rapper

Height: 1,67

Weight: 60 kgs

Net worth: $ 400 000


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