YouTube is quite a famous video streaming app brought to us by Google and one it creators create a heaven of content for us. Tana Mongeau is a nineteen-year-old YouTube sensation who makes lifestyle and random videos for her huge fan following.

Early Life

Tana belongs from America, and she was born on 24th of June 1998 in Las Vegas Nevada. She had a troubled childhood as her parents often used to fight. Through her story time videos, she has often tried to tell how she had once been stalked and how she is still traumatized from that experience.

She had a reckless teen life due to the usage of alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs but now she is strong enough to clarify about them. She is quite eager on portraying her daily and usual life to her followers.


On April 2015, she started her YouTube journey, and she has never stopped after that. She currently has a subscriber base of 2.5 million subscribers who eagerly wait every day to let her drop a video. Currently, she uploads new videos every week, and one of the reasons for her success is consistency. She has an attractive nature and is most watched by teenage girls. She herself admits that YouTube was a turning point in her life as it brought everything she has today.

Her first video to reach 1 million viewers was “Kicked out of Walmart,” ever since then she has been keen on telling stories about her real life, and people love this realistic approach. After reaching a height in 2016 and with collaborations with YouTubers like Shane Dawson and Gabbie Hanna, she is as well know as they are. She is outspoken and jolly, one of the best characteristics her fans like. She likes to keep interacting with fans, and she has decided to 2-minute fan submissions from now on.

Her most viewed video as of now is “I peed on Shane Dawson” which gather more than 7 million views. This is one of the strongest ways she has made herself known in the YouTube world. As she has dealt with a stalker, she often shares story times of those experiences with videos like ‘My stalker broke into my house,’ ‘My stalker took pics of my sleeping body’ etc. These videos let the viewers connect deep with her and also relate to them if they had experienced it before.

She often does videos which are lifestyle related such as makeup and things related to her life. These days she is also focussing on more collaborations with famous YouTube stars like James Charles, Niki, and Gabi, Shane Dawson, etc. Her subscribers gain almost +2000 every day which is quite a lot. She has already uploaded 100+ videos on her channel, and she isn’t going to stop soon.

As she works on YouTube the most of her money comes from the Ad revenues that her videos generate and with the million and millions of views the amount turns out to be quite a lot. She has a Net worth of almost $350,000 which is quite a lot based on her age. She also does sponsor stuff which gives her money. She engages her followers by creating giveaways which often contain good prizes.

She almost earns an estimated $400 every day just from the ads that her subscribers view. Along with her main channel, she also has created a vlogging channel which also generates and earning of $200 per day. She keeps her videos family friendly so that she can keep then monetized. She is also currently selling her own merchandise to make her market even more stable and also give fans a token of her love.

Personal Life

On December 2016, she got into a controversial argument with a fellow YouTuber iDubbbzTV where she wrote a tweet against him for using the word ‘nigger’ quite often in his videos. She faced him quite strongly as it was out of her taste.

The YouTuber misbehaved with Tana when he went on her show, and this caused an outrage among people. He further released videos justifying him using the word ‘nigger’ and also stating how Tana was wrong to accuse him. There were also some controversies going on about the genuinely of her Storytime video, but she totally goes against those theories.

If you see her video, you will feel how jolly and lively she is and how she can make you understand the right things about humanity and our daily life. She coaches teenagers and warns them on how to spot a stalker and also the ways to be safe.

Quick Summary

Full name: Tana Mongeau

Date of birth: June 24, 1998

Birth place: Las Vegas, Nevada

Age: 19

Profession: Full-time Youtuber

Height:5 ft. 5 inches

Weight: 54 Kgs

Net worth: $350,000