Her full name is Jhene Akio Efuru Chilombo, born in Los Angeles, California, on March 16, 1986. She has roots from France, Britain, China, and Asia.

She spent her childhood and studied at home in Ladera Heights, California. She took singing lessons in her early days in Culver City, California, but she had to give up halfway due to the unexpected pregnancy.

Jhene Akio began her musical career in 2002 with her singing talent to record several B2 K releases and a single in Disguise’s The Masters. She then joined the ultimate collective and became popular as the girlfriend of Lil Fizz, the lead singer of B2 K, but had no friendship with him.

In some music videos she featured, including the release videos of O’Ryan’s Taking It Easy. The other is “Uh Huh” and “How I Love You” debut songs from B2K. After a short break for her college, Ion 2007 Akio was back in the band.

She launched her music video with the single “My Own” in October 2012 and this year she worked with NO ID, also identified as Immenslope–A&R’s label manager and vice president at Def Jan. She made her first song “Sail Out” shape here.

Early Life

Jhené Aiko (March 16, 1988) singer and songwriter. She was born in Ladera Heights, California, United States. Her parents’ names are: Christina Yamamoto and Karamo Chilombo.

His birth name was Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo. From an early age she took singing lessons. Her musical career began in an R&B group, called B2K. She was known for her proximity to Lil’s Fizz. She was an important piece in marketing.

His debut album is called: My Name Is Jhené, although it was never released. For a while she moved away from the music to continue her studies and then became pregnant, another factor for her to be away from the music. In 2011 she returned to the mixtape: Sailing Soul (s).

In November 2013, she released her first work for Artium, the song was called Sail Out. Most popular songs are 3:16 AM, The Worst, this song got a platinum for the RIAA. She released a new album called Souled Out (2014).

Jhené Aiko and Big Sean have not been together for about a year. In all this time they have circulated all kinds of rumors about their relationship, but part of the blame for this they have had because it seems they have never cut contact.

“Aiko started going out one of the singers of R&B O’Ryan and were rewarded with a little baby. The partnership came to an end in 2008 and Aiko entered a new friendship with Dot Da Genious, who in March 2016 was a record producer. The two married, but Aiko filed for divorce after five months.

To this day it is a little inexplicable what they have, or at least from the outside, since they don’t stop releasing songs together. First it was in ‘Single Again’ and now it’s the turn of ‘None of Your Concern’.

In both of them they talk openly about what happened to them so that they ran out of love, but this one from Aiko is much deeper and more thoughtful, as well as hard. Both open in the channel to talk about the pain, the fights and the bad moments that happened when their relationship became toxic.

But they also make it clear that, although they still think of each other, “It is no longer your business what your ex is doing.”

This project that has a video clip recorded in Hawaii in summer – or so it seems – is presumably one of the songs that will be on Jhené’s third album, which has no release date, but is likely to arrive at any time under the name of ‘Chilombo’.

She herself has affirmed that “every subject of that work speaks of her”, so there is no doubt that she will tell us many more details of her relationship with Big Sean, in addition to other personal aspects.

If you are going through a breakup, or have you ever suffered for love, ‘None of Your Concern’ is just what you need today, although it will surely take your most sentimental side.

Career Path

She was raised under the precepts of the Pentecostal religion. He dated singer O’Ryan until 2008. At age 20, they both had a daughter named Namiko Love. One of her brothers: Miyagi died a cancer victim in 2012. There is a song that Aiko recorded for him: For My Brother. In 2013 he suffered a traffic accident with her daughter.

They had some minor injuries. In 2016 he had a relationship with Oladipo. The union culminated in 2017. Then, he began a relationship with Big Sean. She posed nude for a campaign against the use of animal skins. She is also vegan.

Singer Jhené Aiko has uploaded a photo to Instagram with a message that has caused a stir in social networks. It turns out that her current boyfriend, rapper Big Sean, has been her crush for 6 years, but the truth is that they have not been so long together. Hence, people have considered that the singer was “being unfaithful” to her husband at the time.

With the hashtag #MCM, or what is the same, Man Crush Monday, that of ‘Never Call Me’ has declared her love once again to that of ‘Moves’ on social networks.

The problem is that her followers in this social network have not seemed well that Sean already liked it while he was married to Dot da Genius. Although it may seem like an exaggeration, some people did not hesitate to call the R&B singer unfaithful.

During the two years that those of ‘TWENTY88’ have been dating, Aiko has had to give explanations more than once about the beginnings of their relationship, so that people stop accusing her of having been unfair during their marriage. In an interview Jhené clarified:

Although they continued to be friends after that date, it was clear that in the end they would end up being something else. After all this time together, they have become one of the most consolidated couples on the scene.

Jhene Aiko is from musically backgrounded household. Her older sisters Miyoko, Jamila are already in music as Jhene still younger.

Jhene became a member of the B2 K team and signed at the age of 12 with Epic Music. She was part of the 2002 B2 K first album’ Uh Huh,’ which earned the’ BET Award for the Selection of Viewer.’

She tried to come out with artistic debut album ‘ My Name is Jhene’ in 2003 through Cbs, the last word chain, and Epic. She had to abandon her plan, though, owing with Epic Music. And she resigned from Epic to continue her studies.

She came back to music in 2011 after completing her studies by launching her first mixtape’ Sailing Soul(s),’ featuring artists such as Drake and Miguel.

From then on, Jhene didn’t want to go anywhere. The next year, producer Ernest Dion Wilson from Yankee Hip-Hop and R&B. Jhene was represented by Def Jam for Artium album prints.

She launched her 1st EP ‘ Sail Out’ in 2013, which on the R&B chart hit the No.1 spot. She supported the singer Big Sean for a collaborative album entitled’ Twenty88′ in March the next year.

She launched her song’ Maniac’ from her upcoming new album in 2016, which will be published in 2017. In February 2017, she featured in the latest enticing First F*ck’ by 6LACK. Her song, “Trip” came out in 2017 she reported to have worked hard on her new project in 2017 from a couple of years ago.

The album may now incorporate an alternative music sound, terribly different from the styles of its predecessors.

As of 2019, the estimated value of Jhene Aiko is as large as $1 million.  Nonetheless, owing to the delayed start of her career, Jhene’s net worth has often been debated to be from $500,000 up to $1 million. Since the early 2000s, she has earned her fortune mainly by music.

Recently, for other R&B and hip hop artists like B2 K, Big Sean, 6lack and even Childish Gambino, Aiko has often been a featured vocalist.

Personal life

She starred in Big Sean’s “Beware” video in June 2013 and this single was the first hit to be placed on In UK billboard hot 100. She released a new free song called “Living Room Rhythm” in March 2015 and also starred in a Disney movie featuring Alice in Wonderland, which says, “We love Disney.

“Aiko began dating one of the singers of R&B O’Ryan and were rewarded with a little baby. The partnership came to an end in 2008 and Aiko entered a new friendship with Dot Da Genious, who in March 2016 was a record producer. The two married, but Aiko filed for divorce after five months.

At the age of 12, Aiko joined the music industry, making $650,000 currently. She was signed to the record label “Epic” throughout her beginning as a singer and featured in several band “B2 K” music videos that reflect the main source of income. She was then offered as a solo singer and she achieved considerable fame and success.

Hen Aiko’s parents were married between 1980 and 2000 and remained together for two decades. Beginning in 1980, they walked down the aisle and exchanged some really fun and happy family moments.

Things were pretty successful for them until 2000 when the pair decided to separate and part their lives all of a sudden. Through their friendship, there might have been some disagreements or misunderstandings. Dr. Karamo became associated with other women during their marriage and had three children.

She launched her singing career at the beginning on Sony, the supreme band and amazing records, and her music became successful in 2011 when her released album “Sailing Soul(s)” received 400,000 downloads.

Between 2013 and 2015, the popularity of Aiko was at its height, which also accounted for a significant portion of its net assets.

Since becoming successful through her music career, Jhené was in a number of romantic relations. She started dating O’Ryan in 2005, a popular RnB artist where on November 19, 2008 couple welcomed a baby, Namiko Love.

The same year, however, they broke up their daughter’s birth. We were still good friends and co-parenting took turns. We were affected by a major tragedy when the couple was in a terrible road crash on 27 August 2013. She, Namiko, father and her sister Miyoko, were on ship.

Fortunately, there were no deaths and she was the only one who had a broken arm.

It came out into the air on 16 March 2016 that she married her husband Oladipo Omishore, “Dot da Genius,” in secret. The couple began going out in 2015, but the relationship did not last long, unfortunately, as Jhené divorce stating irreconcilable marriage differences.

In October 2017, the union was eventually dissolved. She is currently dating Big Sean with her boyfriend, Oladipo, after the divorce.

She has four children; two sister and two brothers. Her brother Hasani died after a serious cancer condition on April 19, 2012. However, from her father’s side, Aiko has three other step-brothers and sisters.

Quick summary

Full name: Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo

Date of birth: March 16th 1988

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Age: 32

Profession: Singer

Height: 1.55 m

Weight: 45 kg

Net Worth: 500$ thousand