Joakim Noah is a world known NBA basketball player, currently playing for the New York Knicks.

Early years

He was born on February 25, 1985 in New York in the United States. His father is a famous ex tennis player named Yannick Noah. His mother was a fashion model and at one point of her career she won the title of Miss Sweden.

Joakim comes from a very mixed family, since he has French, Swedish and Cameroonian roots. His ancestors from the fathers side were all extraordinary sportsmen (tennis players and soccer players). Surrounded by all those sport figures and successful people, it wasn’t a surprise that he chose the same career.

He attended the UN International School, which was a college preparatory day school, and two more schools, all in New York.

He also went to school in Paris because his family lived there for ten years. They returned in America in 1998.

Career development

He played high school basketball for all of those schools, but the college that was the fastest to recruit him, after scauts saw his great talent, was The University of Florida. They have noticed his basketball talent and handed him a scholarship for athletes.

In 2004, he was adapting to college basketball and wasn’t at his best, but it didn’t take him long to improve his rank so in 2006 he declared himself for the NBA draft. A few weeks later he changed his opinion and withdraw his above mentioned decision. He stayed with Florida Gators, his college basketball team, for the season. They were the national champions in the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) league in both 2006 and 2007.

Noah was picked by the Chicago Bulls in 2007. During his career in this club he was always consistent, doing about 15 points per game. His first triple-double came in 2012 and it was well remembered since his team (Chicago Bulls) haven’t had a triple-double by a center player since 1970’s.

His game upgraded, rarely going under 20 points per game, and he was picked for the NBA All-Star game in 2013. It was a great achievement for him. In 2016 Noah signed a contract with the New York Knicks, returning to his beginnings, to the town he was born in and grew up.

Noah has three citizenships – American, French and Swedish. Noah fullfiled his lifetime dream in 2009, and therefore currently plays for the French National Basketball Team.

Personal life

He was caught in posession of marijuana and alcohol container in 2008. Since this was a misdemeanor, he only got a six month probation and a very large fine.

Leticia Busso, a model and a real estate seller, is his current girlfriend.

Philantrophic work

Noah’s mother Cecilia Rodhe ( who got divorced to Yannick Noah) and Joakim helped in raising funds for art schools in New York, since his mother is an artist and a sculptor. His sister Yelena, who is a model, joined this worthy cause.

They also started a Noah’s Arc Foundation which includes giving a part of their income to Chicago’s children in need.

Quick summary

Full name: Joakim Simon Noah

Date of Birth:  February 25, 1985

Birth Place: NY

Age: 32

Proffession: basketball player

Height: 2,11 m

Weight: 104 kg

Net worth: 21 million