Reggie Jackson is an American NBA Point Guard Basketball Player for Detroit Pistons.

Early years

He was born on April 16, 1990 in Pordenone in Italy, Europe.His parents descented from America but lived in Italy due to his father Saul’s job in the Aviano Air Base. After that, they relocated to England until 1995 when they returned to the United States.

After moving throughout The States ( North dakota and Georgia), they finally settled in Colorado Springs, Florida where he started to live with his father when he was eleven. He was interested in sports wherever they went, so he played hockey and soccer too.

Being used to military way of life Reggie approached every sport with military-style discipline and that continued by joining the NBA.

He went to General William J. Palmer High School where he succesfuly played for the high school basketball team. In 2008, when he was finishing schooling, he became the Basketball Player of The Year. After graduation, during the same year, he won a scholarship for Boston College and played for their junior team.

That same year, 2008, he was oficially declared a US citizen and was given a opportunity to choose between the United States and Italy, the country he was born in. His decision was no surprise because he felt more „American“ than ever.

Career development

In 2011, he declared himself available for the NBA draft and got picked by the Oklahoma City Thunder. He played for the above mentioned team until 2015, when he was traded and ended up in the Detroit Pistons.

It became normal to expect his scores over 20 points in every game, and surely enough, he proved himself by gaining 40 points against Portland Trail Blazers. He became the third best player for the Detroit Pistons.

His last contract was made for a five year period and it was a number arround $ 80 million dollars. That probably made him the most paid player for Detroit Pistons ever.

Personal life

He was in a long relationship with Jaclyn Thoman, and she even moved to Detroit to be close to him but it seems they have some issues and are currently appart.

Jaclyn is a women basketball player who played one season in Europe, in Germany in 2011/12, but she is now inolved into  basketball coaching.

He has older brothers Travis and Trez. Travis is known as “the leader of the whole family“,  his wing man and his best friend. Since they didn’t come from much and had simple childhoods that kept both of them grounded and appreciative for all of their whole lives. They respect and help each other whenever it’s needed.

Philantropic work

He is involved with the local charity events such as fundraising for Jalen Rose Leadership Academy in Detroit.

Quick summary

Full name: Reginald Shon Jackson

Date of Birth: April 16, 1990

Birth Place: Pordenone, Italy

Age: 27

Proffession: basketball player in the NBA

Height: 1,91 m

Weight: 94 kgs

Net worth: $ 15 million