Marques Brownlee was born on the 3 December 1993, additionally famous by the name of his stage and that is MKBHD, is known for creating the videos, is a vlogger, web personality, and a host famous for his innovation of the channel on the YouTube, MKBHD.

The initial of his name is the source from where he named his channel and it is an HD for top quality. In the January of the year 2014, his channel has more than 900,000 endorsers and more than 70 Million aggregate video sees.

His channel is considered as the quickest developing channels and a standout amongst the highest subscribed in the innovation business. In August of the year 2013 Vic Gundotra, Social for Google, Senior Vice President, called him “the best innovation analyst in the world at this moment.”

Brownlee lives in the East Coast urban communities: New Jersey; Maplewood,  Pittsburgh, New Jersey, Hoboken, and Pennsylvania.

He went to the High School of Columbia, where he presently is a showcasing understudy at the Stevens Institute. Brownlee is getting majored in the business and innovation, whilst taking knowledge in the Information frameworks, and showcasing.

Other than delivering substance and the school, he is an active golf player, and also was a previous expert extreme frisbee player for Hammerheads, the team of New Jersey.

Brownlee appeared on the YouTube on the March 21 of the year 2008. He initially began transferring recordings 1 January, 2009, regarding new items, or surveys of items he officially claimed.

He asserts that his first recordings were casting on the screen and there he will post a picture and simply discuss over it, further, he reacted to demands from the of things they might want to watch.

Brownlee’s  initial a few hundred recordings were fundamentally equipment instructional exercises, and a freeware.

In later times, he was drawn closer by organizations to exhibit their paid programming and equipment, yet just audits items that would hold any importance with his gathering of the people of innovation lovers.

Today, he is famous for his substantial about handling gadgets.

In the  December of the year 2013, he acquired more than 804,190 endorsers, which make MKBHD one of the highest subscribed YouTube channel of ‘Tech-based’. Brownlee typically transfers one video for every week.

As indicated by the SocialBlade’s, a rating channel framework, MKBHD holds an evaluation A, with an endorser rank of the 620th along with the video rank that was counted as 3,347th, an individual rating of the SocialBlade of the 475th.

He has raised an estimated net worth of $1.9 million.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Marques Brownlee

Date of birth: 3 December 1993

Birth place: Maplewood, New Jersey, U.S.

Age: 22 years

Profession: YouTube Personality

Height: 1.9m

Weight: NA

Net worth: $1.9 Million

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