Desiigner is a rapper who is based in America and has gained popularity in the last few years.


Desiigner was born on 3rd May 1997 as Sidney Royel Selby III in Brooklyn of New York. He belongs from the Barbadian ancestry, and he is also the grandson of a renowned blues performer Sidney “Guitar Crusher” Selby.

Desiigner started out with music at first by practicing in the school choir and his nearby church. He was shot at the age of mere 14 which deranged him quite a bit, and he decided on venturing into the musical career.


Desiigner didn’t start out with the very pseudo name at first but chose to be called Dezolo, but the first tracks were released under the name Designer Royel. On the advice of his sister, she finally decided to keep his alias as a designer with an extra ‘I.’ The first track that he released was “Zombie Walk” under the alias Desiigner. The producer of the song was The Shell God. The most popular track of him “Panda” was released by him on Sound Cloud and it is still topping the charts today.

Kanye West soon got to know about him and seeing his talent soon signed him up on his bandwagon on ‘GOOD Music’ imprint. On their deal, Desiigner has been featured on 2 tracks “Pt. 2” and “Freestyle 4”. Due to his popularity, he soon goes to perform in the South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival and soon announced his new mixtape named Trap History Month.

The Life of Desiigner soon appeared as his debut album, and he got the opportunity of it being produced by Mike Dean. He was also part of XXL Magazines “Freshman Class” of 2016, which made him renowned around the world. 2016 also brought a new track “Champions” in Good Music’s Compiling Album “Cruel Winter.” On the track, he got featured with artists like Quavo, 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane, etc. New English his entire mixtape was also released in 2016 with a live premier. He was lucky enough to perform alongside Demi Lovato on her concert. In 2016, he also released the track “Timmy Turner” and went featured in the Netflix show “Bill Nye Saves the World.” His latest track is “Life” which features Gucci Mane.

In his short musical career, he has been nominated for awards like Teen choice awards, MTV Video Music Awards, Grammy, Billboards Music Awards, etc. He has won Top Rap Song and Top Streaming Song (Video) in the Billboards Music Award 2017.

Desiigner has been greatly influenced by the trap music, and it is evident in his style. The performer “Future” has been an influence on him too, and a similarity can be found in their vocals.

Desiigner has his own YouTube Vevo channel and has about 2.5 million subscribers and over 2 million views in most of his views. This is one of the sole sources through which he earns a lot in his young age. He also has contracts with producers, and his track “Panda” alone has brought him quite a lot of money. It has been estimated that a lot of his money has come from him performing at several destinations which he is doing throughout the year. He also does endorsements of brands and has quite a bit of following on Twitter and Instagram.

Personal Life

Desiigner is just 19, and he is allegedly dating a girl that was seen with him on a beach. He has refused to answer anything related to them as of now. He hasn’t attended college yet, and whenever he is on tour, he is seen at the Brooklyn apartment of his parents.

In 2016 Desiigner was arrested along with his accomplices when a man called on 911 and notified that Desiigner had threatened him with a gun. It was reported by the media that Desiigner’s SUV had oxycodone and guns in it and he was charged aptly for it. Later he was released from the charges as other evidenced were found.

Quick Summary

Full name: Sidney Royel Selby III

Date of birth: 3rd May 1997

Birth place: Brooklyn. New York, USA

Age: 20+

Profession: Rapper

Height: 1.93 m

Weight: unknown

Net worth: $5 million