The American rapper has earned enough fame even as a hype man. His contribution to the G-Unit is known to all, and the world knows him as Tony Yayo. The film ‘Surface’ which was released in 1983 played a major role in his career and had given him a new recognition. His ‘So Seductive’ and ‘Thoughts of a Predicate Felon’ brought him to the limelight. He was contracted by Interscope Records which was although nor carried further after 2009.

His genuine effort brought EMI Label Services for a contract with 50 Cent’s Label. His ability is not restricted in rapping only rather he is also tuned with the business protocols as well. During his entire career, he is consistently serving music lovers of his genre with songs, mixtapes, and albums.

Hot 97 on the WQHT-FM radio station felicitated Tony by gifting him a brand new home in New York where he stays now and also a luxurious car to ride. This has not come in one day’s effort rather is proof of continuous flow of musical stream from the artist.

During this time along with his fame, Tony has earned massive pecuniary strength just not from his musical talent but also because of his inherent skills and expertise as a successful business person. During his quite a long successful career he had gathered not less than 6 Million dollars as his estimated net worth which is sometimes claimed to be more.

Early life

Before ‘Surface’ was released he was not known as Tone Yayo rather he was known as Marvin Bernard his real name. Tony was born as Marvin on 31st March 1978 in South Jamaica, Queens, New York City, and the United States of America.

There hardly any information available about his early childhood days. Only that after his elementary education he moved into the rapping world to pursue a musical career.


His career is highly related to G-Unit, but he has his solo to begin the musical career. Through the Interscope, he released some very popular rap compositions and also released his debut album. The release came at the time Tony was serving in prison of a charge. Many people know Tony as the inevitable part of G-Unit. In 1999 Tony with his friend Lloyd Banks and 50 Cent formed the Hip Hop band. The Game who later got off from G-Unit in 2005 was also a member of the group. In the passage of time, G-Unit had got the appearances of Kidd Kidd and Young Buck. In 2003 G-Unit released ‘Beg for Mercy,’ their debut album. The album went up to the third rank on the Billboard Music Chart. The first-week sale went over for more than 377 thousand copies. It has been a great achievement in the history of G-Unit as only in the United States this album has been sold 2.7 million copies to date. RIAA had enriched the glory of G-Unit by honoring with the Double-Platinum.

The group was bit paralyzed by the feud of another member with The Game who ultimately departed in 2005. Quite surprising the fans need to wait long for the second album. In 2008 G-Unit released their second studio album ‘T.O.S (Terminate on Sight).’ The try from the group was not convincing as their first album and TOS saw only 102 thousand copies in their fans possession in the first week. It is never tough to impress the lot, but it is tough to retain the seat. In August 2014 G-Unit debut EP ‘The Beauty of Independence’ made a drastic debut appearance with a meager 14 thousand copies of sell.

Tony Yayo, the inseparable part of G-Unit, also has his existence as a solo performer. In 2005 Tony released his solo album ‘Thoughts of a Predicate Felon’. Featuring 50 Cent in his ‘So Seductive,’ just go wild in the musical efforts of every common rap lovers. His ‘Curios’ which appeared on his album ‘Thoughts of a Predicate Felon’ is still a hot favorite for many. The composition gathered huge popularity for the artist and the song went to the top rank in some prestigious charts. Vibe Award recognized the effort, and the album gathered huge collection as sale proceed. The first week saw appreciable 214 thousand copies sell in the American soil alone.

Over the years Tony has come up with some sensational compositions. Most recently his ‘Haters,’ which had been included in the second album has received a warm acceptance from the rap lovers. The song was common in the urban radio charts. Through the years G-Unit had been associated with many eminent entities. He has worked with Mobb Deep, Danny Brown, Uncle Murda, Mr.Porter, and Eminem. He also had the experience to work with Spider Loc, Jagged Edge, Maino, Cormega, Joe, Trick Trick and Styles P. The eminent rapper had also engaged himself in several movies as ‘G-Unit: Bullets Can’t Touch Us’, ‘S.W.A.T.: Firefight’ and ‘Drugs on Music: Cocaine City 12’.

Personal life

There is hardly any major mentioning about Tony Yayo’s personal life. Perhaps the rappers do maintain their world in their style which does not fall in the normal periphery of average human surroundings. It is just not that the rapper loves to maintain a private life rather the rapper may not wish to maintain a private life busy in the rapping rhythms and negotiating aptitude to earn and just to spend a luxurious life. Tony has a Haitian link.

When the Haitian people suffer a heavy loss because of the earthquake in 2010, Tony extended his talents to raise funds for the reliefs through various programs and events. Tony is highly active in his profile on some social sites which include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and MySpace.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Marvin Bernard

Date of Birth: 31st March 1978

Birth Place: New York City, United States of America

Age: 40 Year Old

Profession: Actor, Rapper, Songwriter

Height: 6 Feet / 183 cm

Weight: NA

Net worth: $6 Million