Today’s text will be dedicated to American TV producer Jordan Schlansky. With Jordan, the audience met in the 1990s when he made guest appearances on popular TV shows. Jordan is one of the more creative American producers and after 2002 he began to advance his career.

At the beginning, people and the audience could recognize his talent. He made an impression on all viewers and this helped him to make an excellent career on TV. Jordan has been featured in various TV shows with well-known TV leaders and many people wanted to learn more about his life and his private things. He has mostly hiding his private life from the public, and for this reason it finds difficult to find some details about his love status and life. He is one of the more famous and creative TV producers in the USA and his shows have brought him many popularity.

From 2008 to 2018, we saw many shows and many creative projects from Jordan, and many times he delighted his fans. He is also engaged in humanitarian work and has been involved in collecting donations for poor people across the United States. Because of this, he gained enormous respect from people and showed that he had a great heart. If you are interested in finding out more about Jordan Schlansky then this text will help you.

Early Years

Jordan Schlansky was born April 13, 1973. He was born in Los Angeles, California, USA and grew up with his parents and brother. He and his brother always had good relationships, and during the elementary school they dealt with the basketball.

They showed the talent for basketball and they thought they would deal with this sport in the future. During the secondary school, they continued to practice basketball, but they stopped after 3 years.

After finishing high school, they separated and went to various faculties. Jordan always said that he missing his brother and they were in constant contact. During the college, Jordan had a girlfriend he was in for 3 years. They planned to get married but they broke up.

After graduating from college, Jordan has been doing various jobs to secure financial life. He always liked to work and did not have the problem of doing different types of jobs. He has always shown a talent for acting and had a great sense of humor and therefore decided to try to make a career on TV.

His first guest appearance on TV was in 1990 when he was guest in Conan O’Brien’s TV Show.

He initially showed talent and had a great sense of humor and the audience immediately loved him. He continued to host in these shows and began to gain popularity. This helped him to improve his career and provide financial life. His friends who know him since his childhood believe that he has always been a good person with a great sense of humor and that he will surely succeed in gaining popularity around the World.

Jordan was a great fan of “Star Wars” during primary and secondary schools and he constantly went to the cinema to watch every part of this film. He was in the fan club of Star Wars and always bought a collection of clothes with the characters from this film. He was also a great fan of rock music, and he wanted to deal with this kind of music, but he did not have enough talent.


Jordan Schlansky began his career in 1990 when he made his debut at Conan O’Brien show. This helped him to start a career on television because people immediately recognized his talent for this job. He thrilled audiences around the USA with his sense of humor.

After the first show, he received an invitation to visit again and he accepted it. After that, he began to roam regularly on this TV show, and that was the beginning of his career.

After that, he took part in the production of several popular TV shows and his financial life became much better.

After 2000, Jordan worked on several projects on American television, which were very successful. This gave him additional popularity and additional income. In 2008 he founded a show called Late Night Show with Conan O’Brien and this show became very successful.

He was the lead producer and people immediately loved this TV show. This show has brought him a lot of profits, but Jordan has been working on humanitarian work since 2010. He organized several charity shows that donated money to poor people across the United States.

This brought him even more popularity and people appreciated him very much. He helped establish several new schools in the area where he grew up and also took part in a donation for several hospitals. His humanitarian work has been going on since 2010 and during these years he has collected a lot of money with his colleagues. During 2011 and 2012 he was a producer in several new shows, but these shows have not gained much popularity.

In 2014, together with his French counterpart, he produced a French-American film that brought him a profit of several million dollars. This film has received a lot of positive reviews and impressions but has not gained great popularity in the USA. After working on this film, Jordan participated in several shows for celebrities. He participated in the production of a TV show that gave half of the income for humanitarian purposes. Many people consider that Jordan is a great humanitarian and that money is not very important to him. Therefore, he always tried to help people in need.

In 2017 Jordan participated in the production of a show that was broadcast after midnight. This show was not followed by many people in the beginning, but after a few months it gained great popularity. Many famous celebrities appeared in this show and they dealt with various topics. He introduced many special effects to this TV show with which the audience was excited.

During 2018, this show gained more popularity and the producers decided to change the date of the show to allow many more people to watch live. This show was filmed until the autumn of 2018, but it stopped showing for unknown reasons. Many were trying to get the answers because they stopped broadcasting this show on TV, but the exact reasons are still unknown.

Some journalists wrote that the producers had quarreled with the owners of the television and that this had led to a break in cooperation. Jordan said the public will learn more information in 2019.

In an interview at the end of 2018, Jordan said that he is preparing a new project that the public will see at the end of 2019. He replied that for now he will not reveal details about this project and that fans will have to wait. Jordan earned $ 4-5 million during his career and invested a lot of money in humanitarian organizations. He said that he might participate in film production in 2020 and that he received a call to participate in the movie.

He will decide during 2019 whether he will accept the invitation. Jordan is one of the more prominent producers in the USA and has earned great respect and great financial profit during his career.

Personal Life

Jordan has always tried to hide details from his private life. He always said that he did not like to bring out details from private life to the public. Many of his fans wanted to know if he was married and had a girlfriend.

During the college, he had a girlfriend with whom he had been in relationship for 3 years and after that they broke up. During his career, journalists wrote that he was in relationships with some celebrities, but Jordan was hiding this information. He still lives in Los Angeles, but because of his work, he often changes locations.

He also often travels and visits various countries and he always shares photos with his fans on the Instagram and Twitter. He is also very popular on social networks and has over 100,000 followers on the Instagram and Facebook. He often informs his fans about his current locations and about his current jobs.

In an interview in 2018, Jordan said that he is not in love and that he hopes that he would soon be acquainted with the person with whom he would marry. He continues to be a mystery to many people because they don’t know much about his private life.

He has always had excellent relationships with his family and friends, and his parents said that Jordan had always helped them financially. He always sent money to his family and tried to help them financially.

He also helped many people throughout the United States with humanitarian work. Jordan has always been in excellent relationships with his brother and they always hang out when they have time. In his photos on the Instagram we can see their shared photos in which they are showing their excellent relationship.

Jordan has many friends in his hometown and everyone has always said that he is a person who is very sincere and who has a great heart. They say that fame has not changed him and that he is still the same man. Jordan has many plans in the future and said that we will see many of his new projects that have being prepared for the next two years.

Quick Summary

Full name: Jordan Schlansky

Date of birth: April 13, 1973

Age: 46

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA

Profession/Occupation: TV Producer

Net worth and salary: $4-5 million

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 80 kg