His passage through Desperate Women has earned him more than a multi-million dollar contract, like the one she signed with L’Oreal.

And if something has this American, of Mexican roots, it is an unmistakable face that has achieved the approval of the most demanding “seekers” of beauty.

But once she earned her degree, Texas became small, or her childhood dreams returned and she made her way to Los Angeles. I wanted to be an actress and I would do my best to fulfill this dream.

She became one of the thousands of star applicants who circulate around Hollywood in search of an opportunity.

Early Life

Jose Antonio Baston was born on April 13, 1968, in the United States. In 1998, he joined Televisa’s panel.

In 2013, he and Longoria began dating. His full name is Jose Antonio Baston Patino, but his nickname is “Pepe.” The couple got their first child in 2018.

Jose Antonio Baston is one of the successful business executives. Jose ranked among those famous people born on April 13, 1968.

Jose Antonio Baston is one of the American-born Richest Business Executives. Jose Antonio Baston is also on the Most Popular Business Executive list. Jose Antonio Baston is one of the most famous people in the world.

In 2015, while traveling to the Global Gift Foundation, he proposed to Longoria in Dubai. Jose Antonio Baston did not share the name of the parent of Jose Antonio Baston.

Currently working with our group, we will update details about parents, partner, spouse and children. We don’t have a lot of information about Education Life right now.

Career Path

He announced his commitment to Mexican businessman José Bastón, president of Television and Content of the Televisa network over the weekend, through a message and a photo on social networks

In a photo, taken in Dubai, the couple appears kissing, with the desert in the background, and Longoria sports the engagement ring on her left hand.

The actress, born in Texas and of Mexican origin, starred in the popular Desperate Housewives series and now participates in a new series, Telenovela, which has just been released on the NBC network.

Longoria was married for three years with the basketball player Tony Parker, from whom he divorced in January 2011, and was a partner of Eduardo Cruz, brother of the Spanish actress Penelope Cruz.

The wedding with Bastón will be the third for Longoria, who was also married to actor Tyler Christopher, of the General Hospital television program, from 2002 to 2004. He came to the chain in 1989 and in 2008 he was appointed President of Television and Content of Televisa.

He is also a member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the company, and a member of the Boards of Cablevision, SKY and Univision Communications.

She made an episode of Desperate Housewives, an estimated $375,000 bucks.

She has played the role of this thoughtful and outspoken Latina starlet Desperate Housewives. In’ Desperate Housewives,’ Longoria is also known for her sense of fashion and her role as the oversexed nymph.

He stars the set’s Marcia Cross, Teri Hatcher and Felicity Huffman alongside entertainment specialists.

She attributes her Hollywood success to her determination to succeed, as well as her good sense of personal discipline. Through her career, Longoria has experienced a steady rise to fame.

She is also L’Oreal Paris ‘ famous head, LG Fashion Touch, and recently became popular with fresh sparkling.

He became famous first because this amazing actress’s boyfriend and husband. He owns Latin America’s largest media company.

Media mogul, Jose Baston, has a net worth of $12 million raised through his powerful media company in 2017. He has a six-foot height and an athletic body.

Having herself a fantastic height, Eva looks good next to him. He has collected his enormous net worth by being Televisa’s president and receiving bonuses through various stock options. Of famous actresses, Boston was often intrigued. He married Natalia Esperon in 1995 and divorced her later in 2005.

Born on a farm in Texas (United States), Longoria is attracted to the fashion world since she was a child, although she is not very lucky. After finishing college, he moved to Los Angeles and in 2000 he got a small role in the mythical youth series ‘Feeling of living’, which is his debut on the big screen.

Shortly thereafter he made another small intervention in the long-lived classic of American television ‘General Hospital’ although it is not until his work in ‘The Young and the Restless’, where he plays Isabella Braña Williams for several episodes, when she appears for the first time in the credit titles Thanks to her intervention in this series, Eva gets a leading role in ‘Dragnet’ (2003), although fiction is quickly canceled.

In 2004 comes his great opportunity with the successful ABC series ‘Desperate Women’ in which the actress plays Gabrielle Solís.

The great popularity of the series makes it one of the best known actresses of television and thanks to it, it gets its first opportunities on the big screen as ‘Lives to the limit’ (2005), ‘The shadow of suspicion’ (2006) or ‘Compulsive marriage’ (2007).

Personal life

Eva Longoria and José Bastón have spent 6 years together cultivating a large family full of great moments.

The actress and the businessman met 10 years ago and later were presented by a mutual friend.

Although they tried to keep their courtship secret, the emotion and happiness that enveloped them made them make their romantic relationship public.

In December 2015 they joined in marriage and on June 19, 2018, they became parents. These are the details of this sweet love story.

Eva Longoria was one of the special guests at the Teletón de México in 2009. The protagonist of Desperate Housewives revealed that she was happy to be part of an event with a noble cause.

This was the first time Longoria set foot on the television network facilities where José Bastón was working as an executive (Televisa), but the meeting did not go beyond a cordial greeting.

In 2013, a common friend of the couple introduced them, both were single and the chemistry was given immediately. For several months they tried to keep their courtship secret, but the great happiness that enveloped them made them show off their love to all.

In November of that year, the news of their relationship was official, after presenting themselves holding hands at the inauguration of a museum in Mexico City.

Eva Longoria’s first marriage was with actor Tyler Christopher in 2002, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Two years later they divorced.

In 2007 he married a second time with basketball player Tony Parker; however, three years later, after an infidelity on the part of the athlete, they filed for divorce.

The star also had a romantic relationship with Eduardo Cruz, brother of actress Penelope Cruz.

In 2013, Baston met Eva and dated her for a few years before she got married. Eva meets the previous children of Baston happily and feels that they are a blessing to her life because she has no children of her own.

She says that it would be an icing on the cake if she had children of her own.

Jose Baston loves Eva Longoria’s style. In a meeting, she explained, “We’re calling him’ Mr. Since he always has a pocket square and also a case, Fancy Pants, “Longoria told PEOPLE of her fiancé now in January, which also made a banner selecting her ring of engagement.

Quick summary

Full name: Jose Antonio Baston

Date of birth: unknown

Birthplace: Mexico City, Mexico

Age: unknown

Profession: Businessman

Height: unknown

Weight: unknown

Net Worth: 15$ million