When we say celebrities, this doesn’t necessarily mean we are talking about singers or actors. Celebrities can come from all different areas of show business and we can always learn something interesting about their lives, no matter how much we like them or not.

Being a celebrity isn’t always easy and their lives are full of difficulties, just as ours. But, they do have the opportunity to experience what it feels like to be adored by so many people.

In today’s text we are going to talk about a famous boxer Keith Thurman.

We will talk about his career, his net worth, personal life and more. So, if you are interested to find out more about him, this is the perfect opportunity.

Early Years

Keith Thurman was born on November 23rd 1988 in Clearwater, Florida.

Even though he is a celebrity and a lot of people love reading about his personal life, he still managed to keep this part of himself a secret, so we don’t have many information about his personal life.

We only know that he was born in Clearwater Florida, but his parents’ names or other information are not available online.

We can only assume that his love for boxing dates back to his early childhood, and that is what was crucial for his success.

Career Path

Keith Thurman, who was discovered at seven years old by legendary coach Ben Getty, will rival Manny Pacquiao on July 20 in a fight that seems quite even. His lethal punch and aggressive character are translated into the following numbers: 29-0 (22 victories by way of knockout).

Thurman was born on November 23, 1988 in Clearwater, Florida, United States. He made his professional debut on November 9, 2007, at age 18, in a fight against Panamanian Kensky Rodney.

The fight ended in the first round when the American sent his rival to the canvas, an image that would be repeated in the next eight fights.

Manny Pacquiao, joins the Blue Demon Jr. team for Triplemanía XXVII Manny Pacquiao greeted AMLO Since 2013, Keith Thurman is the current World Welterweight champion of the Super WBA, a belt he won by knocking out to the Argentine Diego Chaves; His next defenses have been against Jesus Soto Karass, Julio Díaz and Robert Guerrero.

One of his memorable fights was against veteran Luis Collazo, in which he won, but not before going through some troubles, by technical knockout in the seventh round. Thus he reached his mark of 26-0-0. Other victories that raised him to the category of the king of the welters were against Shawn Porter and Danny Garcia.

Thurman’s style reveals a boxer who is not afraid to punish or be punished; that is, it is characterized by being frontal, risky and aggressive, as well as a very high capacity to endure punishment. Admire Mike Tyson, a legend of boxing. One of the toughest moments in the career and life of Keith ‘One Time’ Thurman arrived on June 1, 2009 when his manager Ben Getty passed away at the age of 63.

“I miss him every day. I thought this would become easier with the passage of time, but in reality it only becomes more and more difficult. The further I get in my career, the more I wish he was here by my side, “said Keith Thurman about the man who taught him the art of boxing. Dan Birmingham is currently Keith Thurman’s coach.

In 2013, Keith fought against Zaveck who already had nineteen wins behind him. The match ended by Keith’s win, and he recalls this match a one of his great lessons in career. In the summer of 2013 Thurman challenged Diego Gabriel Chavees for a duel.

The match ended by Thurman’s win, and the victory was a sure thing for this talented young boxer. The fall of same year brought him Soto Karass as an opponent and the fight ended by Thurman’s win again. By this point, Thurman was beginning to build a great career for himself and was starting to get more into the spotlight.

He continued with matches against Diay, Bundu, Guerrero, Collazo and Porter up to 2016. In 2016, he entered a Unified Welterweight championship, with a fight against Garcia. From May 29th 2016, Thurman was on a break because of a surgery on his right elbow. Thurman then said, that he will be coming back stronger than ever and that he is ready to conquer all the titles.

In 2018, a match between Thurman and Lopez was announced, at the Barclays Center. The fight ended with Thurman’s win once again, and with this fight he proved that he was back on track. On July 20th 2019, Thurman is set to fight against Pacquiao. The match ended by Manny’s win, but Thurman reported after the fight that the match was fair and that Manny is a great boxer.

Undefeated, ranked among the best welterweight and a student of his sport. Manny Pacquiao will not have it easy when facing Keith Thurman in the unification of the World Boxing Association (WBA) championships.  Pac-Man will want to assert his experience before a boxer who has been accompanied by power since the first few times He put on his gloves.

With just seven years Keith Thurman left his nose bleeding the biggest boy in the boxing exhibition that Ben Getty had ridden. The coach discovered a jewel. Now I had to polish it. “I would like to complete a university degree, but one can get a lawyer or a doctor at 30 or 40 years. In boxing it is something else.

The limits are much shorter, so I will leave my studies to when I retire, “a young Keith Thurman said on occasion. Betty did not finish training his ‘Jewel’ because of his death. However, Thurman acknowledges his teacher’s work by wearing him in shorts during each fight. Dan Birmingham continued with his amateur preparation, which ended with 101 wins (76 KO’s) and 6 national championships.

His move to professionalism took place in 2007 at age 18. A record of eight knockouts in the first round in the same number of fights marked the beginning of his career. For 2013, after knocking out the then undefeated Diego Chaves, he was already Welter Acting Champion of the World Boxing Association, a title he would defend against Jesus Soto Karass and Julio Díaz.

In January 2015 he was promoted to Wélter World Champion. Already in this aspect, the native of Clearwater, Florida won a tough fight against Robert Guerrero on March 7, 2015.

A fight that would be a turning point for One Time, who From this moment he would face boxers who would hurt him more (Shawn Porter, Danny Garcia and Josesito López), but who could not take away his undefeated condition that, so far, is 29 wins, 22 by knockout.

Besides being a professional boxer, Keith often appears on TV and guest stars many shows. Combined with his rich career and many fights behind him, Keith has a substantial net worth of 8$ million. Since Keith is only 31 years old, he has plenty of time in front of him to achieve many great things.

Keith has many followers on his social media accounts, and the biggest part of them are boxing fans. Keith has a weight of 66kg and is around 170cm tall.

Personal life

Thurman was born on November 23, 1988 in Clearwater, Florida, United States. He made his professional debut on November 9, 2007, at age 18, in a fight against Panamanian Kensky Rodney.

The fight ended in the first round when the American sent his rival to the canvas, an image that would be repeated in the next eight fights.

From an early age he was into sports and his family knew that he will be an athlete one day. His father is African American and his mother is European, of Polish descent. Keith is now a family man but he is still active and ready for new fights. He got married to his girlfriend Priyana Thapa who is a Nepalese native.

Since he is only 31 years old, we can certainly expect him to be in many more fights in the future. Keith’s career so far has been successful and he has definitely made his mark in the boxing scene.

He is definitely grateful to his coach Getty who got him into boxing in the first place and helped him to shape himself as an athlete.

He often talks about his coach and remembers him in a very positive light. Thurman didn’t announce any new fights in the following period, so we have to wait and see who he will challenge next.

His followers on social media will probably be the first ones to know, since he is very active on his social media accounts, and has many followers and subscribers.

Quick summary

Full name: Keith Thurman

Date of birth: November 23st 1988

Birthplace: Clearwater, Florida

Age: 31

Profession: Professional boxer

Height: 1.70 m

Weight: 66 kg

Net Worth: 8$ million