Josh Flagg is an American real estate broker and TV personality.

His estimated net worth is around 8$ million.

Early life

Joshua Daniel Flagg was born on August 20, 1985 in Los Angeles, California. His parents are Michael and Cindy Flagg. He grew up having very influential people in his life. His grandfather on his mother’s side was a Jewish leader, electronics industry executive and a philanthropist Herman Platt.

He was a great-grandson of Benjamin Platt, a founder of Platt Music Corporation chain of stores. His grandmother, Edith Flagg, was a famous designer and a Holocaust survivor. Josh loved her very much.

Real estate broker career

He started working as a broker when he was very young. He had only finished his high school but he was already selling big properties in the rich areas of L.A. He sold few million dollars in properties by the time his College friends were finishing their studying. He was and is a very success driven person and that can be seen through his work.

Flagg decided to start his first business in 2009. He named his company after himself and it proved to be a great success. Josh Flagg Estates made a great profit for the young real estate agent and contributed to his already large net worth.

TV career

The show “Million dollar listings L.A.” started airing in 2006. Show focused on broker career’s and showed the audiences what it looked like to be a real estate broker and what are the greatest challenges of the business. No show before presented a theme like that, so it was an instant hit.

The cast of the show changed over the seasons, but Josh remained as one of the main characters. His TV personality and his great talent are highly respected. This great respect can be seen through his popularity among audiences.

Other business ventures

Josh loved his grandmother very much. She was his role model, his muse and inspiration. He showed his love for her by writing a book dedicated to her life and her Holocaust survival. To him, she was a true hero, someone who had survived the greatest terrors possible and managed to reach great heights.

He decided not to keep the money, and to donate it to the Jewish organization in the L.A.

His second book came out in 2011 and it was called “Million dollar agent: Brokering the dream”. This book is an autobiography that details his life and career. In 2012 Flagg decided to offer people an app called “Star Maps”, which showed hundreds of properties associated with celebrities in the L.A. area. The app is a type of GPS that helps you get around L.A. in search for star homes. You will be able to read information about the property and its owner at the same time with only one click.

In 2013 Melissa Rivers presented Josh Flagg a Next Generation award from the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust.

Personal life

In March 2011 Flagg came out. He is openly gay and when he came out he talked candidly about his then boyfriend Colton. Since he is in real estate, it is no wonder that he moved quite a bit in search for the perfect home.

His home now is on the same street where many other celebrities live. Josh is engaged to his long term boyfriend Bobby Boyd, and he never restricts himself from showing his love to him. They live together and Josh even made a romantic proposal to his future husband.

Josh was extremely close to his grandmother, who was his role model and great inspiration in life. She died in 2014 at the age of 94. Even though she was old, Josh was devastated after this important woman left his life.

Josh Flagg certainly earns a big amount of money every year, from his business and his TV appearance. We can only sit back and keep on watching what will be the next great move of this very talented young man.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Joshua Daniel Flagg

Date of Birth: August 20, 1985

Birth Place: L.A, California

Age: 31 years

Profession: Real estate broker, TV personality

Height: 1.71 m

Weight: 65 kg

Net worth: 8$ million