Jessica Tarlov Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Jessica Tarlov Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Jessica Taylor is a well known American strategist dealing core political issues and is seen regularly on several news channels. She is a regular face on the Fox News Network.

Her charming look and political insight have given her the name of ‘Beauty with Brain’. With her dedication and knowledge she has earned quite handsomely, her net worth is estimated to be around $800 thousand.

Early life

Jessica has a stable family background and her upbringing has been by her parents by her side. Her father’s name is Mark Tarlov who is an eminent director and a well known producer and her mother is Judy Roberts. Much little is known about her mother as she had given up her give in bringing up her daughters and serving the family. Jessica has a younger sister whose name is Molly Her sister is a well known actress who has been successful by her first appearance in the movie “Simply Irresistible” that was released in the year 1999.

Jessica was born in New York and she got educated from the Bryn Mawr College got graduated with bachelor’s in Arts and History. During her college days, she was an active learner in the Varsity Tennis Club and also proceeded to become an active core member of the Political science association. She was gone for achieving masters in Political science from the well known institute The London School of Economics and Political Science. She mastered in the subject of Political Science and was awarded with an excellent marking.

On completing her masters in Political Science, she moved on to have her PhD in Political Science and Government from the very same institute from where she had been recognized previously. After completing graduation she stayed at London for almost six year.


Jessica is quite serious in her work and never had wait for a long span of time after getting her PhD degree. She at ones started of her career being a Project Manager in an organization named Merill Lynch in 2007. She was an potential employee of the organization and also represented her company in several conferences. Among her best performances comes the conference where she had represented her company at Paris and Brussels. The conference topic of discussion was basic of the EU directives

The strategist was served her school as a Graduate Teaching Assistant. Jessica also worked as a Communication and digital strategist in an organization named BackBoris in the city of London.

She was actually in the team that was handling the Mayor of London Boris Johnson’s campaign of re-election. She began to serve at Doughlas Schoen LLC. in the capacity of political strategist. This was first major job in US. She was doing it as New York and is serving in the same company since 2008. From this point of time she is seen to work for Fox News as a liberal commentator. Apart from regular job assignment she has been asked to look after the publication of relevant book and related editorials.

She has also kept herself busy in writing. Her writing has come up in NY Daily news, Daily Beast, Fox News, and Forbes and in few more publications and news prints. In 2017 at Bustle she had taken up the responsibility to exert herself for ‘Senior Director of Research & Consumer Insight’. At Bustle Digital Group she is the senior director of research.

The group owns Elite Daily and Bustle Romper. Very recently along with Doug Schoen she have co-authored ‘America in the Age of Trump’, the book is about the decline of America. It is quite evident that in the Presidential Election of 2016, Jessica has strongly supported Hillary Clinton.

Personal life

There is no information regarding Jessica’s boyfriend or about her marriage. Her private life has been well protected by her non-disclosure.

She rather focuses on her job and always has the urge to reach the pinnacle in her field, with her diligence.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Jessica Tarlov

Date of Birth: Year 1984

Birth Place: New York, United States

Age: 33 Years

Profession: Political Strategist, Consultant and Analyst

Height: 5 Feet 11 Inches / 180 cm

Weight:  58 Kg / 120lbs

Net worth:  $800 Thousand (Estimated)


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