In today’s subject we will deal with one of the most famous journalists in the USA. We are talking about Phil Mattingly, who is mainly engaged in political journalism and with whom we were able to meet on many national television stations.

Phil Mattingly began to work with this job in 2008 and since that he has been persistent in this business.

He is devoted to journalism and he tries every day to present facts that interest people around the world.

He is one of the more famous journalists in the USA and his career has been filled with many TV appearances and also appeared in the White House as a political adviser, but he also brought some reports from the White House.

His journalistic career lasts for 10 years and we can say that he has managed to accomplish many things in it.

In this text we will introduce you to his career as well as his life and we will try to present you how his journalistic career began.

Early Years

We do not know much about Phil’s life in his youth because he always tried to not reveal the facts of his private life. About Phil we know that he was born on December 16, but the exact year of his birth is unknown. He always tried to not reveal much detail from his life and he does not have his page on the Vikipedia.

He was born in Toledo, Ohio and grew up in a happy family. As he went to school Phil was dedicated to sports and was good at some sports disciplines. During the high school he showed good results in sports, but we can also say that he had good grades. His friends respected him and said that he was an honest man and had good qualities.

He enrolled at the University of Ohio and graduated in 2006. After that, he completed a master’s degree in Boston in 2008. During the college he also showed talent for sport, but after the finished master he immediately started looking for a job.

He decided to deal with journalism and thought he would be successful in this business. He received support from family and friends and did not take much time to find his first engagement.

After that his journalistic career began and Phil showed great talent for this job.


Phil Mattingly did not waste his time and after finishing his studies he started looking for a job. He felt that journalism was a serious matter and that it must be seriously approached. After a short time he managed to make his first engagement and started working on one television.

In the beginning he worked as a reporter for GateHouse media newspapers “The Cape Cod Times”. He was devoted to this business and after a short time he was given the opportunity to write for various newspapers and this was a great help to his career.

He dealt with various topics and tried to explain to his readers various situations in the world. He gained many fans in the USA and many were pleased to read his reports and interviews. After that, he was given the opportunity to work as a political journalist and his career started ascending.

He was given the opportunity to act as a political adviser and reporter in the White House, and this job helped him to gain popularity.

From 2013 to 2015, he provided extensive reports on the White House and Obama’s work and attempted to record events during the reign of Obama. In his reports he wrote about Obama’s work and his policy and readers were satisfied with his extensive texts and reports.

His political journalism helped him in his career and after 2015 he was nominated for some awards. He also managed to get a reward for his dedication to this business and after that he became one of the main TV journalists on CNN. During his work on this television, he made quite a lot of interviews with famous people, but also with important political figures in the USA.

He always tried to present the true facts and it happened sometimes to enter into a discussion with some guests. He always defended his claims and did not allow his reports to present false facts. While working on CNN, many people around the world found out about him and he received support for his work from many people.

His reports and articles have been published in many famous newspapers such as the New York Times, Chicago Tribune and many others. His texts always hit the center and he always tried to present real facts about the world in which people live.

Phil is one of the honest journalists whose career is very important and he always tried to preserve his reputation and for that reason he did not allow other people to engage in his career.

Personal Life

Phil Mattingly is a man who does not like to make his private life public and therefore we do not have much information about him. In his youth, he showed a talent for sport, but later decided to deal with journalism.

That was his great move because he managed to create a fantastic journalistic career. The family and friends have a great opinion of him and they think that his reports and texts are always full of truths and that he has never been used with false facts.

Phil is a person who lives a peaceful life and he married his long-time girlfriend Chelsea with whom he got his first child in 2015. That changed his life a little and he had to devote some time to his family.

Some bad rumors circulated about him, but Phil managed to prove that they were lies. After getting a baby, Phil made a brief break in his career, but after that he returned to work with serious work and his creative reports.

His political texts published in the famous American newspapers were widely read by people, but some politicians condemned his freedom of speech. They thought that Phil was talking false facts and condemning his texts.

Phil continued with his reports and felt that he would always justify the truth and that no one could forbid him. He continued working on CNN Television and continued to publish his articles in various newspapers.

His career continued to rise, and many people and celebrities were interested in his reports. Phil Mattingly continues to do this job in a very professional way and it is certain that we can expect a lot of good reports and texts in the future.

Quick Summary

Full name: Phil Mattingly

Date of birth: 16th December, year unknown

Age:  Unknown

Birthplace: Toledo, Ohio, USA

Profession/Occupation: Journalist

Net worth and salary: 100k

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown