In today’s text we are talking about a famous TV journalist who peaked in his popularity in 2018. His name is Van Lathan and he has increased his popularity most during interviews and discussions with Kanye West. We can say a lot about his career and we will try to give you some important facts related to his career and his life.

Van Lathan is a TV reporter who made some important facts about black people and gained great respect among people. He always fought for his opinion and tried to be honest in his shows and his speeches.

Van Lathan has an enviable career and he said that he will make an effort to be even better in the future. Many celebrities have said that they are supporting Van Lathan and that he is a very good TV journalist.

Early Life

Famous TV journalist Van Lathan was born in Los Angeles, USA in 1980, and during his youth he was always communicative and attracted by various topics from his life. He was always creative and during the school he showed great knowledge in different areas.

When he graduated from college, he began to build his journalistic career.He always tried to find inspiration in various areas and for some time he worked as a sports journalist on one television.

He always had his attitude and always expressed his opinion and tried to always be realistic. His colleagues always supported him because he provided real and true facts. During his youth he always showed talent for this job and therefore managed to build his career in a professional way.

There are not many known facts about the university that Van Lathan finished but it is known that he have graduated in 2003. After that he immediately devoted himself to journalism and after years of effort he managed to become popular.


Van Lathan patiently built his journalistic career and during his life he always tried to present true and real facts. He was not very popular until 2018 when he had a discussion with famous rapper Kanye West.

After the debate, his popularity suddenly started to grow and many people searched his name on social networks and Google.

Van Lathan began to receive his journalistic name, and after this interview many TV personalities invited him to their shows. People began to follow his work and felt that he could change some things with his journalism.

He outlined many facts related to black people and, in a discussion with Kanye West, explained that slavery was not the choice of black men and people supported him.

His TV shows began to be followed by many people and many celebrities who gave him support by media and social network.

Van Lathan’s career started as a rising track and his financial life was much better.

He was always an honest man, and people who were close to him said that he was a very good man and that he always tried to help them. Van Lathan has begun to explore many other topics related to society and the world in which we live and it is certain that he has many honest facts in his statements.

During his career he dealt with sports journalism, but this did not last long. He later devoted himself to other areas in journalism that were much better for him. He toured several shows where he presented his thoughts with which many people and celebrities agreed.

People have stated that he is one of the most realistic TV journalists who always tells the truth and who does not have to be afraid of other reactions. Because of this, he received calls for much more TV Shows because people wanted to listen to his statements and his thoughts about the world in which people live. He also had some statements and debates about Donald Tramp, but also some politicians with whom he went into discussions through social networks.

Van Lathan has gained many fans throughout the US and other countries that followed his work. He also presented various facts about the US government and was not afraid to bring it to the public. He is one of the brave journalists and it is certain that in the future he will have many new topics and shows in which we will be able to hear his opinion.

Personal Life 

Van Lathan was born in Baton Rouge, Los Angeles, and grew up in a four-member family. He always agreed with his parents and tried to be a good son. He always had an excellent relationship with his friends and with whom he had remained a friend since childhood.

He graduated from college in 2003 and after that he tried to succeed in journalism. His journey was not so easy and he had to spend a little more time to get his name.

His statements and his behavior on television were bought by many people who began to follow his work. He has always had charisma and tried to be honest and to create some new ideas.

His private life is quite calm and it is not known if he has a partner and whether he plans to marry. He does not like to bring things out of his private life to the public and some things about him is not known.

People who know Lathan and who interact with him privately declare that he is a good-hearted man who is always honest and realistic and who always hits the center.

He is a man who is always struggling for his opinion and he will not give up until he proves that he is right. Van Lathan is, in their words, a man who will always fight to bring out the truth and change things in the world we live in.

In the last period, many people are interested in his private life and many people are trying to discover some details from his private life. He still tries to hide some things from his life because he thinks he should keep them for himself.

He stated that in the future he will try to present a lot of undiscovered and interesting facts and that these topics will attract a large number of people.

He believes that journalism is his life and that he will deal with this business all his life. Van Lathan is an exemplary TV reporter and we can expect much important information from him in the near future.

He stated that every journalist should tell the truth and present the true facts because he thinks that only in that way he will gain respect and popularity from people all over the world.

Quick Summary

Full name: Van Lathan

Date of birth: 16 April, 1980

Age:  39

Birthplace: Baton Rouge, Los Angeles

Profession/Occupation: TV Journalist

Net worth and salary: 50k per year

Height: 1, 80 cm

Weight: 88 kg