If you are aware of the “Mountain Men” on the History channel show, then you are familiar with the name Tom Oar. The veteran stayed in the Montana’s Yaak Valley for several years and had given up the habit of using any modern amenities. He believes nature and himself to survive.

The serial has given him the name and some money. His net worth is estimated to be around $200 thousand.

Early life

Tom Oar was born in Illinois, United States of America. His exact date of birth if not known but Tom appeared to be in his seventies. Not much is known about his family background and education. Only that his father, Chike Oar had his earning from work for Wild West show. Although old by age he still has a tremendous energy and agility.


Suddenly as the History Channel cast Tom for their series “Mountain Men,” he became famous. Although we don’t know, how much the man himself liked to be a famous man. As he had chosen life, long back at least 40 years, away from the jostling and rushes of the modern world. He preferred the wilderness, so it is quite evident that he had never cared how people have weighted him.

His life does not have a career as a normal man. He left the amenities of all modern technology and embraced the gift of nature with his wife. His life and wife has hardly any difference, perhaps the best example of any successful couple. He married his wife Nancy at least 40 years back. When Nancy met Tom, he was a bronco driver. The couple met in Troy, but with the end of his rodeo career, they shifted to Montana. It is known that at the age of twenty that means when the teenage was bursting he started the life of rodeo.

Both of them had their origin in the northern Illinois. These have some friend in Troy and Montana.  They used to stay with their friends while rodeoing. None of them had denied their wanderlust. Finally, they planned to go to the remotest area of their Big Sky Country. With the passage of time when rodeoing was coming to an end, the couple decided to settle in the woods of Montana in a big log house.

The chainsaw was purchased to make the house as planned. Moved to Montana they bought an acre and a half portion of land. On it, they build two small room log cabins in five years. They have passed thirty-four years of their lives in that house. Recently he appeared on “Mountain Men” with Morgan Beasley and Eustace Conway. The series is showing the American way of living the life off the grid.

How the couple had adjusted to nature can be well apprehended by knowing that they have given up using twenty-four hours running water and electricity for more than 17 years. Furthermore, for the utter disbelief of the modern man, they stay at least 50 miles away from any grocery shop. Tom engages himself in tanning deer hides while his wife prepared food for them.

The pair of husband and wife also engages in creating buckskin moccasins, shirts, pants and jackets which are always traditional. The buckskins are tanned so that it looks like the cloth instead of some leather. The lightweight moccasins don’t sweat the legs. At the rendezvous, they sell their most products. What is amazing is that all their making is done by hands only, the couple does not use any sewing machine.

As expressed by the man himself that the show has not altered their life much. The orders might have increased, but from his early days, before being cast in the show, he could not keep pace with all the orders.

Personal life

Tom’s life does not have anything other than Nancy. Both have shared the tears and smiles together. His children stay in Chicago.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Tom Oar

Date of Birth: NA

Birth Place: Illinois, United States of America

Age: 70 years (Approx)

Profession: Live in the Wilderness which is not actually a profession.

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $200 thousand.