Grayson Chrisley is a young TV star that became known for being a part of the famous Chrisley family which is featured in a reality show.

Early life:

Grayson was born in summer, on May 16,  2006. His birthplace is Georgia and his family has deeper origins there.

He spent most of his childhood in the spotlight since his family was monitored on the TV all day,  everyday. He had no privacy growing up and was involed in many controveries that his family was mentioned in. It is difficult to grow up in a family which is so represented in the media.

He is still pretty young so we could say that his early years are still lasting. He is spending them acting in the show and his net worth is only rising.

Career development:

He became known to the nation by being on his dad’s show ‘Chrisley Knows Best’. He started to become featured in 2014 and he was seven in that time. His father wanted him to act even younger, but his mother was strictly against it.

Grayson has a specific kind of humour that makes him very appealing to the audience. He likes to be in the centre of attention and therefore has conflicts with his father.

Another role he had was in a Sci-Fi Horror called “Sharknado: The 4thAwakens”. This was a project he was very happy to work on since he wanted to widen his career fields.

He is also pretty popular on social media. People follow him on Twitter and about 70 000 people follow him on Instagram.

His current and exact net worth is hidden since his father doesn’t like him to share that kind of information since it leads to more controversies.

His career got much more famous after various shorter interviews he gave on the show. He discussed about his family and this brought a lit if attention to them.

Personal life:

Grayson is thw fifth child of Todd and Julie and all of his siblings are older than him. They all share a really strong connection since they spend a lot of time together.

Their family loves to travel and they go to vacations pretty often. This is one more reason why they all have such a great bond with eachother.

The boy has got a dog called Lilo and it is a female bulldog. He loves the little pet so much that he made an Instagram account for it. He called ift life.of.lilo.

He also has a niece and her name is Chloe. He gets along with her also and they spend tinne togther when she comes to visit them since they are pretty close in age gaps.

Since he is still pretty young, he also needs to focus on school and his chores. He also likes to play sports and he is a big fan of football. He claims that he would like to spend more time playing outside, but that it isn’t possible since he needs to have someone by his side for security all of the time.

One thing that Grayson doesn’t encounter with in his life yet is love. He is focused on his career and school and rarely see’s an opportunity to find a girlfriend. He is afraid that he won’t be able to because they will all love him for the money.

He tries to live his life as any other child would and oftenly finds camera’s distracting in his daily life. He says that he finds the fame fun, but also pretty exhausting.

Grayson claims that he has a lot of crushes and they are all celebrity actors. He says that when he entered the world of TV, he learned about all of them really quickly and that’s how he started to crush on them.

His siblings are called Savannah, Chase, Lindsie and Kyle. His family alltogether has seven members and they are very well connected, although the media suspects otherwise.

We can’t really discuss his height and weight since he is growing very fast and those are changing all of the time. However, people are predicting that he will be very tall, just like his father.

Quick summary

Full name: Grayson Chrisley

Date of birth: May 16, 2006

Birthplace: Georgia, the US

Age: 11

Profession: TV star

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $300 000