Matthew Tyler Musto is popular musician, also known as Blackbear, he is American rapper, writer, music producer and songwriter. Blackbear is young, talented man, who has devoted his life to music.

Through career, Matthew worked with many famous musicians and artists, some of them are: Justin Bieber, G-Eazy, Machine Gun Kelly, Linkin Park, Miley Cyrus, Pharrell Williams, Childish Gambino, Rihanna, Mike Posner, Billie Eilish, Mod Sun, Maejor Ali and many others.

Blackbear wrote and produce many songs, and lot of them had big success on Billboard Top Lists.

One of his biggest successes was producing song ‘Boyfriend’ for Justin Bieber, this songs was one of the biggest hits, it also won award for Best Pop Song and it took place 2 at Billboard Hot 100.

In this article we will talk about Matthew’s life and career, we will help you to understand the meaning of his songs and its purpose.

Early life

Blackbear was born in Pittston, Pennsylvania, but he didn’t stay too long in this city. His parents were travelling a lot, so they often changed places. After two years, they moved to Dayton Beach in Florida where they stayed one year. Blackbear was raised in Palm Cost, where he went to Primary and High School.

His father was American, but his mother was Irish. His father was also musician, he played guitar and piano.  His father had many talents; art was the main occupation in his life. He was talented musician, he wrote songs, paint and he wrote two books.

His mother was completely different, she studied science and she worked as a chemistry teacher. His mother mostly sacrificed her career because of his father, they often moved and she didn’t have a full time job.

Blackbear admits that his talent comes from his father; he said that he grew up surrounded by music and love; his father had a big impact on his music taste and development.

Blackbear didn’t have a lot of interests in school, he was devoted to music, and he was aware that music will be his only occupation. On the other side, his mother wanted a different future for him. She wanted to provide a better future for him, and she was not sure that music will help him to earn money and achieve financial stability.


Since childhood, Blackbear was aware that music will be a part of his life. His talent was notice by his father and all his family. When he was 6 years old, his father bought him a guitar, and Blackbear started playing this instrument. After this, in primary school he started going on music classes and he was taking piano lessons.

After finishing primary school, together with his parents, Matthew decided to join Music Art School. At the first grade, he formed rock band ‘Polaroid’, his band released two albums. Their first album was named ‘Pain the Town’; their second album was named ‘Inside and out’.

This music band was popular in Florida, but they didn’t sold enough albums, Blackbear decided to leave this band, and he wanted to focus on solo career.

After this, Blackbear decided to leave High School and he moved to Atlanta, where he worked with popular musician Ne-Yo.

In 2010, Blackbear published his EP, which was named ‘Brightness’, in this year he also revealed Christmas Song.

After recording song ‘Year of Blackbear’, Matthew decided to keep this nickname, and to use it in music industry.

In 2011, Blackbear started a long cooperation with Mike Posner; together they recorded song for Justin Bieber.

This song had really good reaction from audience, it made huge success. The song was named ‘Boyfriend’ and Blackbear did not just produce this song, he also wrote a lyric.

In 2012, Blackbear revealed his first mixtape called ‘Sex’, after this he decided to record EP called ‘Afterglow’. He also became one of the first artists who were streaming on SoundCloud.

In 2014, he decided to record his first solo album, it was named ‘Deadroses’, this album had 12 songs.

This album had good reaction and reviews, the song ‘Idfc’ was one of the best song on this album, it was streamed more than 22 million times, and it also had 100 million views on You Tube. Blackbear also made video for this song.

Song ‘NYLA’ appears in Netflix documentary called ‘Hot Girls Wanted’.

With only 23 years, Blackbear became one of the most popular and wanted musician in America.

In 2015, he revealed second album called ‘Help’, G-Eazy and Mike Ponser were music guests in this album.

In 2016, Blackbear decided to devote his career for production. We are sure that Blackbear will remember this year as a year of collaboration. He worked with many popular artists.

At the beginning of the year, he started to work with Linkin Park, famous American rock band; together they have produced their album ‘Recharged’. He worked with Super Duper Kyle, and he joined them in their Europe tour.

With Spark Master Tape, he revealed two singles ‘Rich White Girls’ and ‘Dennis Rodman’. He also appear as a guest at Olivia O’Brien’s song called ‘Root Beer Float’,

At the end of 2017, Blackbear got offer to produce and write lyrics for Beyonce’s album ‘Lemonade’. He accepted this offer, and this album won many awards, and it was nominated for the best album of the year.

In 2017, Blackbear reveled track called ‘Make Daddy Proud’, this song was just a promotion for his next album ‘Digital Druglord’. His album was nominated for the best album of the year, and it also had won many awards in music industry.

This album had 11 songs, but one song was special. The single was named ‘Do Re Mi’, along with this song Blackbear released popular singles ‘If I Could I Would Feel Nothing’ and ‘Make Daddy Proud’.

In 2017, in interview Blackbear announced his next project, this time he was working on a mixtape. On this mixtape, Blackbear was talking about Internet and it power. He also admitted that Social Platforms and Streaming Services helped him to become one of the most popular musicians and music producer.

After this mixtape, Blackbear decided to move to Los Angeles where he still lives. After his album ‘Digital Druglord’, Blackbear did not release singles or album, he started producing for other musicians, and he made a break from composing music for himself.

2018 gave him a lot of success, before starting a tour, Blackbear decided to record a song called ‘Playboy Shit’, this song was revealed on his PornHub account.

Blackbear went on tour in America, Europe and Asia, this tour was conformation for his success.

For his last interview, Matthew announced that he is planning one more album. This album will be named ‘Anonymous’, and it will be revealed in 2019.

Personal life

There is no too many information about Blackbear personal life, he is active on Facebook and Instagram. Right now he is single, and he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

Matthew admits that while he was a teenager, he started using drugs, and this leads him to drug addiction. He also admits that he tried to committee a suicide, but his mother helped him to stay alive. He also mentions that his mother was his biggest support since childhood.

In 2016 BlackBear found out that he is suffering from necrotic pancreatitis. After finding out, he needed to stay in hospital for 6 months, and he had multiple surgeries.

Blackbear’ s most important album and project in life was ‘Digital Druglord’, he wrote every song in this album and he admits that this album was inspired by his life experience.

Using drugs and alcohol was a part of his life when he was a teenager, he had a lot of issue with health and he couldn’t find a way to stop using these substances.

Quick summary

Full name: Matthew Tyler Musto

Nickname: Blackbear

Date of birth: August 26 1996

Age:  23

Birthplace: in Pittston, Pennsylvania, United States

Profession/Occupation: Musician and songwriter

Net worth: 9 million dollars

Height: 169 cm

Weight: 65 kg