Damien Ritter is an eminent American hip hop rapper who is the founder of the well-known record label titled “Funk Volume.” He along with his cooperative partner Hopsin was into creating the group and the production unit named Funk Volume Production Company.

Damien out rightly claimed that he belongs to a wealthy family and today his net worth is evaluated to be around 3.5 million dollars.

Early life

Damien was born probably in the city of California, but his date of birth is not known accurately. There is no information about his parentage or siblings. It is presumed that Damien was quite sincere in his studies from his childhood. He received his graduate degree from the University of California. He was business-minded from the very beginning of the beginning of his career and always wanted to proceed with it.

Damien got graduated with MBA in the subject of business finance from the eminent Stanford University Graduate School of Business. He got his first job as an Intermediate analyst in a corporate investment bank named Goldman Sachs. He moved on with his career and then started working as a senior consultant in the city of Deloitte. It was a multinational company that provided facilities like consulting, tax advising, auditing, and other financial services.


In the year 2008, Damien started off to establish one record label in the city of Los Angeles. It was decided that the first artist was Justin Ritter whose stage name is SwizZ.  Many other talented and rappers decided to sign the contract with the brand Funk Volume was, Dizzy Wright, Kato,  Jarren, DJ Hoppa and Benton.

It is at the start of the year 2016; there was a rift between the co-founder of the production company. The label had a split. Though Hopsin claimed that the reason for such a tragic spilled was Damien’s unnecessary controlling nature. This was the only probable reason for breaking up of the group. Many more controversies were related to their fights.  Damien was accused of gambling but being a pass out of Stanford University he had much IQ as well as intelligence. Though after the breaking up of the group there was such information available about the group “Funk Volume.”

He patiently waited for the formalities to settle down peacefully. His co-partner Hopsin continues with his fabulous music productions and has established his brand label “Undercover Prodigy.”

Damien had declared that the company in which he worked earlier had made him learn many things.  He was trained with the perfect knowledge of financial service.  He was even made to know about quality advisory service. The company taught him much about taxation and auditing.

The duo Damien and Hopsin came up with a collaborative mixtape that was named as Haywire. But the name was decided by Hopsin and Swizz. The duo shared a strong relationship. Ritter was quite happy to be on a team, and even though blood relations did not relate them, the relation was strong enough. Ritter is quite a clear person who is very transparent about his decision.

He always treated people in the right way so that everyone got their due respect and built up their future well.Damien had been outright enough to declare that he knew nothing about the hip-hop genre. He did not even know the genre of Stranger music. But with immense entrepreneurship skills and leadership abilities, he learned much about the music world. This made him decided to come up with a collaborative venture with Hopsin and the other eminent personality Swizz. He focussed much on building up a strong fan base for his brand, and he became much popular within the music industry.

Personal life

There is no such information available about the rappers personal life.  He remains busy with his career development and has no time to think about settling with anyone. He has made quite a good net worth which can make him luxuriously spend his life.

Moreover, the rapper cum singer is a multi-talented personality who knows every field in which he has worked.

Quick summary

Full Name: Damien Ritter

Date of Birth: Not known

Birth Place: California, Berkeley, United States of America

Age: NA

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: 3.5 Million Dollars