The American radio and television personality got the attention of the world after one murder trial of O.J. Simpson. Before the case, Kato Kaelin had tried different ways to make both ends meet.

The scene changed dramatically after the case, and Kato was almost overburdened with many jobs and opportunity. The sudden burst in his career has given him the opportunity to gather some money and improved his net worth to the estimated amount of $500 thousand

Early life

Brian Gerard “Kato” Kaelin had first witnessed life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Unites States on 9th March 1959. Kato, the name Kaelin, got after “The Green Hornet” of Bruce Lee.” He was born to a middle-class family parented by father Al and mother Izzy. His father by occupation was a liquor salesman, and his mother was busy as a nurse.

The fifth child of six siblings was enrolled in Nicolet High School which is in Glendale, Wisconsin. He started his higher education at the University of Wisconsin but never completed his study. In his schooling, Kato became prom king as junior and taken his school baseball to compete in state finals. Kato created “Kato and Friends,” a talk show and on TV10 hosted “The Gameshow.”  Kato wanted to flourish in show business. In his college days, he had hosted talk shows. He realized the urgency of putting more effort and hence left his college desk to reach the arena of Hollywood.


The early days were not as he dreamt. He accepted odd jobs and offered himself in the capacity of singing waiter, production assistant or very differently pizzas delivery man. To make his appearance to some producers or casting agents he delivered pizzas without any order. In 1992 in Aspen he came across Nicole Brown, the ex-wife of renowned football player O.J. Simpson. Nicole offered Kaelin her guesthouse at a reduced rent in exchange for two children’s babysitting. So it can be well apprehended how Kaelin was struggling.

One day when Nicole Brown with her friend, Ronal Goldman, was staying were murdered in the guesthouse. The charge came upon O.J. Simpson. A criminal trial of high-profile was set in motion. Kaelin was staying in that guesthouse already, and evidently, he became the only key witness who can help the proceeding in getting the real convict behind the case.

As reported by Kaelin, he shared the meal with O.J. He claimed that he didn’t know about the whereabouts of the player when the incident occurred. This effort of Kaelin had diminished the value of his witness as the prosecutor accused Kaelin as felt that he is protecting O.J. and declared him to be the hostile witness. What is true and what is righteous does not matter much! What matters is the huge coverage of the case that brought Kaelin in front of the whole world. In a short span of time, he became a star because of coverage by the media.

After this National Examiner featured a photo with a heading which readout as “Cops think Kato did it”! The publisher was sued by Kaelin for defamation which was dismissed at the first go. But Ninth Circuit court thought otherwise and gave a verdict in accordance with Kaelin’s motion for the case. In the history of libel lay, it was a landmark case, and Globe Communication settled with Kaelin out of the court.

Before such big coverage, he was seen in the movie “Beach Fever” in 1987. Another low budgeted movie “Night Shadow” cast him in 1989. After the famous trial of Simpson, he appeared in Foxketch and also in HBO’s “Mr. Show with Bob and David” in 1995. He was cast in the movie “The Still Life.” He was the guest star in “Starving,” a web series.  Kaelin was seen in a various reality show. He was also seen in some game shows and contested “Russian Roulette.”

Personal life

Cynthia Coulter got into the life of Kaelin, two accepted the marriage in 1983 but failed drastically and relieved with a divorce 1989.

After this Kaelin life with his daughter was totally got disarrayed and he was almost broke.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Brian Gerard “Kato” Kaelin

Date of Birth: 9th March, 1959

Birth Place: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Unites States

Age: 58

Profession: Actor and Television & Radio Personality

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $500,000