Leland Chapman is a bail bondsman and bounty hunter from America, known mostly for appearing in the television show Dog the Bounty Hunter. Chapman appeared on the show with his father and other family members. Chapman is trained in mixed martial arts.

He is also a trained boxer. Apart from all this, Chapman has his own business called Kama’aina Bail Bonds and also looks after his father’s business, Da Kine Bail Bonds.

Early Life

Chapman was born on December 14, 1976, in Groom, Texas. He was the second born of Duane Chapman Sr. with his former wife named La Fonda Sue Darnall. Their first born is Duane Lee Chapman Junior. Chapman Senior was also a bounty hunter.

Chapman had a very rough and difficult childhood. His father was arrested and sent to jail when he was only 7 months old. As a result, his mother got a divorce and married the second time. Until the age of 7, Leland had no idea about all this, and he thought that his stepfather is his biological father.

When Leland was 8 years old his father, Chapman Senior, got visitation rights for his elder brother and himself, Duane Lee. It was then he met his father for the first time and got to know about all this. Leland spent most of his childhood in Pampas, Texas, but moved to Colorado during his teenage years. Chapman was a very rebellious child, and once he eloped his home and also joined a mob. Unable to control him, his mother finally decided to send Chapman in foster care. At the age of thirteen, Leland was put in boys care home.

After some time, Chapman was given a choice to be in foster care or to go and live with his father, Chapman senior. He chose the later and shifted with his father. He completed his graduation in 1995, from Rampart High School, and was the only one among his siblings to do so. By the time he was graduating, he was already married and had his firstborn in his hands while walking in the graduation queue.

Chapman started training in Mixed Martial Arts and boxing at the age of seventeen, and his friend Sunny Westbrook helped him with that. Chapman also started challenging in these sports professionally. Unfortunately, in 2003, Chapman had a knee injury and was directed by the doctor to give up these sports, or he could lose his leg completely and won’t be able to use it. Chapman had no option but to follow his doctor’s advice and quit these sports for the rest of his life.


After graduating, Chapman joined his father’s business called Da Kine Bail Bonds, along with his father and other family members like Beth Chapman, his present wife, Duane Lee Chapman, and “Baby” Lyssa Chapman 9 (half-sister) and Leland with many others.

Chapman senior was approached by the A&E producers after he appeared in one episode of the show Take His Job, and Chapman Senior agreed to be chronicled for the show which was named Dog the Bounty Hunter. Leland appeared alongside his father in the show throughout all the eight seasons, after which the show got canceled.

In 2006, Leland was arrested by the U.S. Marshalls along with his father, Chapman Senior and Tim Chapman. The arrest was made on the at the request of the Mexican Government. All three of them were to sent to Mexico, to face the charges of “deprivation of liberty.”

All this started in the year 2003, when the three of them were hunting fugitive and serial rapist named Andrew Luster who was the Max Factor Cosmetics heir. They finally captured Luster in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico but soon were arrested themselves by the Mexico Police as Bounty Hunting is illegal in Mexico.

After their arrest, they were free on bail and were supposed to appear before the court on July 15, 2003, for which they never appeared. This led to the extradition charges against them rested under the terms of agreements between the countries, Mexico and United States. The Mexico Government apparently dropped all the charges in 2007.Chapman founded a company called Chapbros Media, accompanied with his both brothers, Wesley Chapman and Duane Lee. Unfortunately, the company is not operating anymore.

In 2013, Leland appeared in another show alongside his father and his wife called Dog and Beth: On the Hunt. All three of them visit different places and give business advice to bondsmen and bounty hunters.

Personal Life

Chapman’s personal life has continuously been under the scrutiny of the media and is full of controversies. Chapman first got married in 1995 to Maui Chapman. The couple had two sons, Dakota Chapman, and Cobbie Chapman together.

While Chapman was in jail, his wife filed for a divorce stating the reason to be irreconcilable differences. They got divorced in 2005, and the custody of the boys went to Maui, as Leland was not seen fit to be a proper father although, he did get the visiting rights.

After his divorce, Chapman had relation with Linetti Yi, with whom he also has a daughter. It was rumored that he got married to Linetti, but there is no evidence of it.Currently, Chapman is with Jamie Pilar Chapman. The couple got married in 2016, and as of now, they are living happily together, as per their social media accounts go.

Chapman is quite popular and has 86 thousand followers on Instagram.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Leland Blane Chapman

Date Of Birth: 14 December 1976

Birth Place: Groom, Texas

Age: 41 years

Profession: Bounty hunter, Bail Bondsman, Television Personality

Height: 5.6.”

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $2 million