Kaylin Garcia is a brilliant dancer and a successful choreographer who is acknowledged as Zumba instructor. She was cast in Reebok and Rick Ross.

Her body has been recognized by the Juicy Magazine as the Bast Body. The beautiful reality star has gathered a net worth around $1 million.

Early life

Kaylin was born on 10th November 1991 in Florida as the middle child having  brother JP and a sister named Simone. Her father has his origin in Puerto Rico, and the mother belongs to Thailand. A scorpion lady by zodiac sign has a special flair in dancing from the early childhood days.

She started learning ballet and contemporary dance. Later moved towards hip-hop and jazz which are more hard and severe dancing patterns? She has a special inclination towards Hip Hop.


Kaylin started her life as a dancer and choreographer. Later became licensed Zumba instructor. Through some music video  as ‘Birdman,”Lil Wayne’ and ‘Mistikal’ she began her career in television in 2011.

Following the rising acceptance of the world the very next year she was requested to host Love & Hip Hop, the much talked about a reality show on VH-1. From here she rose high and with her outstanding talent created a permanent mark in the performing world. After some days she was again busy in Couple Therapy, a reality show which failed to meet her expectation. She was seen in Roc and Red Bottoms which is a music video.

Along with Rick Ross the rapper, hottest MC of MTV, Kaylin appeared in the commercials of Reebok, the proven brand for any individual. She was recognized by Juicy Magazine as the Best Body in 2013. Her name got attached with the famous rappers of the time.

The model, dancer, fitness instructor, host more precisely the reality star believed that it was Joe Budden who had sparked off her career.

Personal life

Kaylin Gracia is currently Joe Budden’s lady love a duo are often spotted in several pubs and nightclubs. Kaylin’s curves and her blonde feature has made her a perfect match for the rapper. Joe has been Kaylin’s boyfriend for a long time, and she has almost given up all other relations for her boyfriend and finally ended up living with him. She also had a relation with Saga The Gemini who is a musician.

Her personal life is full of mystery and controversies. She leads a life filled with abstract happenings and has an easy going approach towards life. But her heart is an ocean of secret as she never thinks of displaying her inner sufferings and her silence about her life being a rapper’s girlfriend. The only possible networks via which her personal status is known from her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

In one of her interview with The Jasmine Brand, she openly disclosed that she has less affinity for clothing. she wants to remain naked, and that’s her choice which she declares outrageously. She expresses herself as a free soul who cannot be chained with robes. She is comfortable with the clothing designed by the almighty. She says that skin is the best possible clothing one can have.

She has a peculiar habit of smoking hookah. She frequently uploads pictures where she is spotted with the smoke of hookah. Kaylin came up with her debut on “Love and hip-hop” featuring herself and unleashing her story as a rapper’s girlfriend. She is now with new ideas and is thinking of developing the hidden talent of becoming successful business women.

Quick summary:

Full Name : Kaylin Garcia

Date of Birth: 10th November 1991

Birth Place: Florida, California, United States

Age: 26 Years Old

Profession: Reality shows host and choreography.

Height: N/A

Weight: N/A

Net worth: $ 1 million.