Korie Robertson Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Korie Robertson Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Her presence in the ‘Duck Dynasty’ had made her famous as a television star of reality show. Her loving voice is always appreciated by her followers. She had given her gifted voice the ‘Duck the Halls’ album which came up in 2013. It remains a guess why she made a late debut on the screen.

Even though late on the screen but still Korie had managed to earn quite handsomely from other sources. Korie is quite famous for writings as well. Her writings had come up in the New York Times best seller standings. Her net worth is estimated to around in the range of $10 million dollar. Her husband Willie Robertson is an actor and a producer. Willie is really rich man who holds not less than 20 million dollars.

Early life

Today’s Korie Robertson was actually Korie Howard when she was born on 24th October, 1973 in Louisiana, United States of America. Korie was born to John Howard and Chrys Howard. As per nationality Korie is American and she belongs to white ethnicity. She was a sincere student and after completing her schooling she got into Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas. Later in 2014 her university announced Korie with her husband Willie as the ‘Outstanding Young Alumni’. She was quite famous in the Harding University.

She was born to a well to do family who were quite in the luxury of business and royalty of her grandfather. Her grandfather Alton Hardy Howard was an author and published many books and an established businessman. It worth mentioning, that Alton Hardy Howard has a brother with the name W.L. “Jack” Howard, who was the mayor of Monroe at his time. The two brothers were the proprietor of the Howard Brothers Discount Stores. Another great-uncle of Korie, V.E. Howard was a minister in the Church of Christ. So it can be well understood that Korie belong to a rich family both in respect of culture, tradition and worth. Her family background has a strong foundation.

Apart from her birth place Korie is also quite in good terms with her in-laws. Phil Robertson and Kay Robertson are her husband Willie’s parents. It would be a mistake if not mentioned that her father-in-law had founded the ‘Duck Commander’. Korie has good relation with her brother-in-laws, who are Jase Robertson, Alan Robertson and Jeptha Robertson. Si Robertson is her uncle-in-law. So it is evident that the Duck swims around in a wide lake with her loving relations.


A&E planned a reality show as ‘Duck Dynasty’ and Korie was casted to become famous personality with varied occupations. This was her debut appearance in the television world and she won the heart of her followers.

Her singing ability has also been appreciated. In a family Christmas of the Robertson, ‘Duke the Halls’ her loving voice had a lasting effect in the ears of the listeners. The album came up in the later part of 2013. The daughter-in-law of Mr. Phil Robertson had given her voice when he was into a controversial interview with CG magazine.

Along with schedule in the series she manages doing family dressing and retail stores. Philanthropic works is also listed in her jobs. She is one of the board members in ‘Help One Now’. Korie also get some time to look into the affairs of Congressional Coalition for Adoption Institute and Camp Ch-Yo-Ca.

Korie had also given her pen for the New York Times best seller. Her contribution as a writer is felt in ‘Strong and king: And Other Important Traits Your Child Needs TO Succeed’ and ‘The Women of Duck Commander: Surprising Insights for the Women behind the Beard’.

Personal life

Korie had a long relationship with Willie since her college days. The due exchanged their rings in 1992 after enjoying the warmth of the bonding for several years. The couple was blessed with a son on 11th October, 1995. They name their child John Luke Robertson. Within two years Korie conceived again and had given birth to her second child, who is a daughter on 17th June, 1997. The daughter was named by her parents as Sadie Robertson. Korie and Willie were further gifted with two more children of their marriage Bella and Rowdy.

The couple had even more space for more children. Rebecca and Willie Jr. are two more children who belong to the loving bonding of the couple. The warmth of parenthood had made them adopt Willie Jr. when he was still a baby. Rebecca became the foster child of Robertson family in 2004. Actually the ducks are enjoying their life and an announcement has come up that Rebecca is marring her boyfriend John Reed Loffin.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Korie Robertson

Date of Birth: 24th October, 1973

Birth Place: Louisiana, United States of America

Age: 44 years

Profession: Television Personality

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $10 million dollars


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