The real name of the gamer and YouTube star Kwebbelkop is Jordi Van Den Bussche. He was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands and is a Dutch nationality. He has almost 6.4 million subscribers, and as per report, he counts to have the highest number of views in his YouTube uploaded videos nearly about 1.9 billion.

On the popular complementary channels , the figures declared by the report increases to be somewhere around to be with 1 million subscribers and the about a tentative amount 143 million views and searches of his uploaded videos.

His  net worth is estimated somewhere around $ 2 Millions. Kwebbelkop is quite successful in his gaming venture and is the creator of a successful YouTube channel as well.

Early life

Kwebbelkop is not the name given by his parents, but his birth name is Jordi Van Den Bussche. He was born in the year 1995, 1st June in the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands and possesses a Dutch nationality. He was brought up along with his sister Lauren, but not much is known about his academic career. Perhaps his urge of becoming a proficient gamer might not have let him pierce more into studies and academic lessons. From his childhood days, Jordi is into making group of friend for playing games and finally started off with the YouTube channel in the year 2012. In the month of October, that very year Jordi understood that YouTube would soon make him a successful gamer and perhaps serves a potential pathway to success.

Jordi soon came up with the videos of the most popular game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops. Just after passing of that very year, Jordi decided of starting off with a new channel and finally published Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and the series of Minecraft. He also became famous for the several prank call videos which were considered as his son gaming videos.

By the year 2013, the count of subscribers reached a count of about 10, 000. After such a successful subscribers count, Jordi finally decided to be a fulltime YouTube star and a full-time gamer. Soon he was known to people as a popular gamer who has marvelous subscribers count. Perhaps Jordi’s mother is the main initiator of making him a gamer. Sources clarified that his mother successfully runs a vlog under the name Momsvlog. Meanwhile, while being a gamer, he got his graduate degree and started off updating his YouTube channel seriously.

Along with his close associated namely Jelle vanVucht and the famous Australian YouTube star Kodi Brown got involved in the formation of YouTube game Team and named it Robust. The three prolific gamers were involved in solving the difficult series of Grand Theft Auto Online races. With the passage of time, due to some inconveniences faced, Kodi was at once replaced with the famous British YouTube star Slogoman. These were Jordi early gaming ventures, and soon he jumped off into the life of a professional gamer.


Kwebbelkop has a prosperous gaming career ahead. He had successful started off a gaming team, though the entire members have reshuffled. The formation of the group has enabled Kwebbelkop to know all the traits and techniques are to be used while playing the tuff games. The team formed by him used to play the various races of GTA V online races.

Apart from uploading his gaming team videos, he takes individual effort to upload solo videos under a completely different banner titled ‘Hit a Stunt’ that focuses uniquely on the stunts that are captured all across the popular game GTA V. He is very humble towards his subscriber and viewers. He addresses his fans with the name KOPS.

Along with his sister Lauren, he designs his videos and works upon its other features. His favorite color is known to be orange, and he tries to add the color in every possible way he can. He is quite a good-natured guy who is also gentle in his behavior. He is very much thankful to his fans and followers and often expresses gratitude through the social media sites for making him counted among the popular gamers.

Personal life

Jordi’s girlfriend name is Azzyland who is also a prominent YouTuber. Not much information is available about the rising YouTube star.

At such young age, it has become financially sound enough to have 5 houses in his name and make a net worth of above $2 million. Her girlfriend plays a crucial role in making his videos have an added glamour.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Jordi van den Bussche

Date of Birth: 1st June 1995

Birth Place: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Age: 22 Years

Profession: YouTube star, Gamer

Height: 6 Feet.

Weight: NA

Net worth: $3. 2 Million