A meteorologist has earned quite a reasonable recognition for her profession on the American television cable network. She is Dylan Dreyer and is working on the NBC News. She is responsible to anchor and reports on Weekend Today the weather conditions.

In the Orange room, Dylan rotates her job with Sheinelle Jones on “Weekend Today.” She also appears for the MSNBC on the weekends. Dylan is working with NBC News Network since September 2012. Dylan is getting $300k as her salary and had so far reached the mark of $1 million in respect of net worth.

Early life

Dylan was born as Dylan Marie Dreyer. She was born on 2nd August 1981 in Manalapan, New Jersey, United States of America. Her father was Jim Dreyer. Dylan was raised with her two siblings; they are her brothers, one is James, and another one is Mike. Dylan is a graduate of Rutgers University. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Meteorology in the year 2003. While still, she was studying she started working at Rutgers TV to gather experience and become a successful meteorologist.

Doris Milke is her grandmother, and she was the winner with the original version of “The Price is Right.” To pay tribute to her grandfather, she has a turtle tattoo like her mother. It has been felt that Dylan had been a quite loving child in her childhood. From the very early childhood, Dylan was very energetic.


After completing her education, she had joined in various weather reporting networks to build her career. She first got into WICU which is at Erie, Pennsylvania Then she had also worked in Providence, Rhode Island at WJAR and had also been to WHDH in Boston, Massachusetts. At WHDH she worked for quite a sometime. She started reporting weather at WHDH in 2007 and worked there until joining NBC in September 2012.

It was quite obvious that her performance was well recognized by the parent channel of WHDH. By 2012 she had earned a good reputation as a weather reporter in the media. She was counted with few more weather reporter for the presentation. She is often appearing as the weather correspondent on the weekdays in the channel weather reporting. After Janice Huff resignation in April 2012, the NBC was going without an anchor for the show “Toady.” During this time Dylan was voted as the best weather reporting anchor at Boston. With her long experience at WHDH and her confident presentation made the head of NBC to fill up Janice absence. She has become a part of NBC weather reporting.

Dylan one met a car accident on 9th February 2013 while she was going to make a report on a blizzard. She was fortunate enough that her injury was not severe it was a mild concussion. Her job has given her the opportunity to watch the nature when it shows its real commanding dominance with extreme supremacy. While most normal people would find the shelter Dylan would love to expose herself and meet the nature of its full swing.

She is sincerely carrying out her job as a meteorologist. In addition, Dylan has been assigned to cover educational program at NBC, “Journey with Dylan Dreyer.” The program appears on its slot during broadcasting of “The More you know.” Her effort was highly appreciated by the channel authority. While Al Roker is not around or Carson Daly is not available, Dylan takes the chair of the anchor to demonstrate the weather condition prevailing and with the forecast. In the capacity of weather correspondent Dylan is quite often seen on “Today” particularly on weekdays. Dylan has become an inseparable part of NBC Nightly.

Personal life

As most successful personalities in the professional field fail to be so flourishing in their personal life. But fortunately, this does not happen with Dylan. Dylan is married. Brian Fichera got into the life of Dylan, and the due got engaged in July 2011. Later on 6th October 2012, the couple exchanged rings and the vows in Boston. In Boston the marriage ceremony held in the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.

Dylan met Brian while she was working in WHDH at the beginning of her career. The professional relation of these two persons had remained intact in the personal area instead of being not working on the same network channel. Brian was the studio technician when he first met Dylan. Through the sharing of life and appreciations, both started impressing each other. The romantic relation finally got the blessings of a priest for happy married life.

On 18th December 2016, she became the mother. She gave birth to her first child who is their son. The parents of the baby name him as Calvin Bradley Fichera. Dylan and Brian with the child are living happily in their home in New York City. Dylan has a special interest in cooking. Whenever she manages time after reporting the weather condition, she tries her best to make her family happy with some good cooking. Dylan loves to travel to the different corners of the world and has a special knack for adventurous expeditions. She also keeps some time to attend concerts.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Dylan Marie Dreyer

Date of Birth: 2nd August 1981

Birth Place: Manalapan, New Jersey, United States of America

Age: 36 Years Old

Profession: Television meteorologist

Height: 5 Feet 3 Inches

Weight: NA

Net worth: $1 Million