Lil Pump is a sensation among the teenagers, and he did all this at the age of 16. He is the hottest rapper on Soundcloud and is rising every day.

Early life

Lil Pump originally belongs from a high school in Florida and basically has started his life. He flaunts a dreadlock hairstyle and has colored it pink at the end of 2016. He was quite secretive about his, but now we know that it is Gazzy Garcia.

As he was expelled from his school, he now mainly spends his time at home creating music and reproducing them on the internet.  He is mysterious and pertaining to the huge fame has got into trouble. His twitter and Instagram are sought after, and he has quickly made a fan base among the kids. He loves to party and wreck things which we often see on his social media handles.


It all started with the sound cloud, and he is a sensation over there. Soundcloud has almost brought everything that he flaunts today. His tracks are very popular and have been streamed multiple times. He has created more and more tracks once he started to see the progress. He uploaded his videos on the suggestion of his friend Purpp, and he soon gained popularity as the video had 10,000 views. But soon that number became a puny figure when he soon gained six million views in no time.

His Soundcloud popularity can be measured by his tracks like “Elementary” and “Get” both of which have crossed a million views. His track “D Rose” is the most popular with a 7.86 million plus plays. He has recently dropped a track called “Boss” which managed to get 2.11 million views in less than a week. His Instagram is flooded with followers, and even certain music companies are trying to get hold of a contract.

SmokePurpp is his very good friend, and he was actually the one who encourages him to upload his music. “Jhonny!” was their first collaboration together and they were quite popular in Soundcloud. They have already collaborated on many other tracks like “Broke my wrist” which rolled out in the April of 2017 and it was a viral sensation in a few hours after upload. He currently has around 261,000 followers on Soundcloud which is rising tremendously, and he will have more once he rolls out mixtapes.

Due to his popularity, he has already performed in places like Houston Texas, West Palm Beach, etc. He has already decided some of the location that he will be performing next, and he will soon announce them to his eager fans. He has also set up a YouTube channel to collect more revenue and also to spread his music all around the world.

He is assured about the popularity, and he flaunts whatever he has got. His social media is filled with the new shiny stuff that he has got recently. He has a net worth of probably $150,000 which is a lot for a young age teenager like him. He will surely be worth more than that in the coming years as he will create more music and his popularity will rise. He must be planning to release mixtapes which will earn him more money and will like to his fans as well. Lil Pump has currently got hold of a brand new yellow Porsche which he gladly flaunted in his Instagram. He is never concerned about money much as we quite often see him flaunting his money and the raves that he holds. He has earnings of around $20,000 just generated from his YouTube ads.

Personal Life

Nothing regarding his personal life has been made in the news.

Like any other teenage sensation, Lil Pump has been exonerated with his popularity, and he is trying to do the most with the things that he has got. As a child, he was never that much interested in music but now it is the sole cause of his popularity and he heartily thanks Purpp for pushing him to it.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Gazzy Garcia aka Lil Pump

Date of birth: 17th August 2000

Birth place: Miami Gardens, Florida

Age: 17

Profession: Musician, got popular through Sound Cloud

Height: 5 ft. 7 inches or 171 cm

Net worth: $150,000