Carlos Coy is better known by the name South Park Mexican which is his stage name. He founded Dope House Records and given the world “High So High “like composition to cheer.

The rapper had suddenly gone into the world of heinous crime of assaulting a child of nine years and now serving a long imprisonment of 45 years. What is amazing is that during this period of incarceration at Ramsey I Unit he has not given up his recording schedule. The net worth of the rapper, SPM, is aggregated to be $5 million.

Early life

Carlos Coy is much known to people as South Park Mexican. His birth year is 1970, 5 th Oct. He was brought up in the city of Houston, Texas, United States. He is an eminent personality and has is a successful rapper by profession. He is successful enough to be the founder of a recording institute name Dope House Records. Coy was a son of a Mariner . His father’s name was Arturo and actually from Falfurrias, Texas.

Her parents had a runaway marriage, which never lasted for long but only 3 years. Her mother dropped out of her school to get married to his father but the marriage never lasted to provide Coy with a happy and stable family. Coy’s sister Sylvia had immense contribution In his brother’s life. Coy went for many elementary schooling before he became famous for his music releases. He took time to prepare himself for entering the music school named Welsh Middle School. There he went for several music extravaganzas. He had his early education in Milby High School but from there he dropped out while he was in his ninth grade.

For survival he even worked for minimum wages in a chemical plant. after remaining unemployed for a long time he thought of working as a salesman going door to door to sale perfumes and other daily product. He also got associated with the cocaine dealers as he was left with no other options to meet his basic needs.


People say that his stage name has been kept in rhyme to the name of the place he used to stay. His upbringing was in the South Park when he came to be much commonly known as South Park. The recording studio was actually founded by Coy himself, his brother Arthur and his friend.

He made his debut album and got famous with the stage name South Park Mexican. He took the tag line Hill Wood under his label. His hit singles includes “ High so High”, “The 3rd Wish: To Rock”. But he was reported of being caught red handed for sexually assaulting a child who is hardly of 9 years. She was sentenced to imprisonment for almost 45 years. His career started of being a Christian rapper but choosing rap as his music genre Coy felt he would be soon left by the society as an outcast.

Soon he started recording his hit numbers in the studio founded by him. His albums gained much appreciation. Coy had put up an individual effort in promoting his second album named “Hustle Town “. Coy’s second album became a hit number. His albums were quite popular in his native place Houston.  Coy released of his third hit album and named it Power Moves: The Table which earned quite attention from people. His fourth album “The 3rd Wish: To Rock The World”. The music releases earned and provided him with much financial support. Three of his albums namely “Time is money” , “Never Change” and “The Purity Album”.

One of his albums included a single version featuring a solo named “You Know My Name”. He was almost nominated for six awards and finally he won the Houston Press Music Award. He got nominated for some special criteria namely the rap song writer, local musician of the year, the best rapper and last but not the least the best local label maker.

He released from his own studio, Dope House two sets of albums which were named “When Devils Strike” and “The Last Chair Violinist” in 2006 and 2008 respectively. After a long gap of six year he finally came out with his last release “The son of Norma”.

Personal life

Sometimes it comes hard upon the listeners to imagine how a man of his repute can do such heinous act. Carlos got married to Gina Acosta and couple has three children, daughter Carley A. Coy and Jordan Dominique Odom the son. Another son was named as father Carlos Coy II. Many of his fans are of the idea that their favorite rapper was framed. Music has definitely given him the fame but the unfortunate misdoings had made his career inglorious.

The rapper is not convicted once but he had quite often plunged into this contemptible and despicable affair with little ones. Now he is serving an imprisonment order of the court for 45 years at Ramsey I Unit. He has also paid some money for the case. Although his fans pray for his release but the rapper should ask himself whether the punishment could have been more serious.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Carlos Coy

Date of Birth: 5th October, 1970

Birth Place: Houston, Texas, United States of America

Age: 47 Years

Profession: Rapper

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $5,000,000