Lukas Graham is a music star who was born in Denmark. Lukas showed a talent for music at his youth and took part in music competitions, but he also sang in the church choir. Lukas founded his band named “Lukas Graham” and this band consists of 3 members.

Lucas’s real name is Lukas Forchhammer and his talent for music has thrilled many people in Denmark. He released his first track with his band and immediately gained popularity and many people were delighted with their song. After that, they released several more songs before they signed a contract with Copenhagen records.

They released their first album during 2011 and immediately gained millions of listeners. Lukas Graham also managed to capture audiences around the world and after that his popularity began to grow.

His direction of music and his poems are different from others, and for this reason he stands out. Lukas Graham has several albums, and in this article we will get acquainted with his work and his career.

Early Life

Lukas Graham was born in a middle class family and had a quiet and modest life. As a young man, he showed talent for music and for acting. In his youth, he appeared in several Danish films, and for that reason he became famous even in his youth. His mother worked as a music teacher and she tried to direct him to do music. He showed a desire to learn to play instruments, but he was much better at singing.

His first performances in singing were in a church choir with a standard membership. When he showed a great talent for singing, he decided to dedicate himself to music and to try to make a career. When he decided on this move, he no longer appeared in films and felt that music was his life.

In the beginning he recorded several amateur songs and participated in some music competitions in Danish. People initially saw that he had a talent for singing and thought that he could succeed in making a good career.

He received great support from his family and friends and everyone thought Lukas had talent for this area. He lived a quiet life that he filled with music and finished primary and secondary school in the city in which he was born. Lucas was always an exemplary friend and his friends were talking the best things about him.

After several music competitions and events, he decided to establish his band “Lukas Graham”, which numbered 3 members. They dropped several singles who received excellent ratings from the audience and after that his career started ascending.


Lukas Graham founded his band in Copenhagen in 2011 and then released 2 singles called “Drunk in the morning” and “Criminal minds”. These 2 songs gained great popularity through social networks and over the course of the first day they had over 70,000 reviews.

People recognized Lucas’ talent and feeling for music, and after this his popularity suddenly began to grow. In 2011, this band signed a contract with Copenhagen records and immediately began to create the first album.

Lukas Graham released his first album during 2012 and this album gained great popularity and after a short while they scheduled a concert for which they sold over 17,000 tickets. From 2012 to 2013, Lukas Graham held over 100 concerts across Europe, while in Denmark during the concert they managed to sell over 40,000 tickets.

Their album has been bought by over 80,000 people around the world, and their songs have been featured by more than 5 million people on YouTube. This band gained a lot of popularity at the start and it can be seen that their career will be great.

Their songs were heard by people across Europe and this band received many calls for concerts across Europe.

During 2013, the band continued to perform throughout Europe and held concerts at several important events. In autumn 2013, the band received the “EBBA” award for their performances throughout Europe. This motivated them to continue to create music and perform in different countries.

At the end of 2013, Lukas Graham signed a contract with Warner Bros. Records and it meant that their music would spread to the USA. Copenhagen records represented them in Denmark and throughout Europe and Warner Bros. had the goal of Lukas Graham becoming popular across the USA and surrounding states.

After this band started working in the USA and recorded several singles for the new publishing house. People around the USA also got to know their talent and this band began to gain popularity throughout America.

Their albums climbed to the top of the most popular albums and were in the top 5 albums in USA, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland and other countries around the world. They released the second album during 2015, and this album became one of the most popular albums in the world. Their tracks had over 30 million views on various social networks and more and more people listened to this band. They received calls for new concerts and Lukas said that he enjoys at this job and that he would continue to create new songs that will delight people around the world.

During 2015 and 2016, the popularity of the band grew and they had several important performances across the US and they appeared on several television stations where they performed their most popular songs. Lukas Graham has recorded several songs for films including some famous Hollywood films. His songs counted over 250 million views on YouTube and the popularity of this band grew worldwide. During the year 2016, Lukas Graham was nominated for 3 Grammy Awards which included a prize for best performances and best songs throughout the year.

In 2018, Lukas Graham released his third album through the Warner Bros. publishing house and this album was released in the autumn. This album immediately became popular throughout the USA but also around the world. They announced this album with the single “Love someone” who received more than a million hits after the first day. People were eagerly awaiting the release of the album and after its release, this album climbed into the top 3 best albums in 2018.

Personal Life

Private life of Lucas Graham was usually hidden from the public because he did not like to talk about him on television. Lukas Graham grew up in Denmark and had a quiet life that was filled with music, but in the beginning and acting. He acted in several Danish films and people thought he would deal with the acting in the future.

In the later period he showed a much greater talent for music and decided to dedicate himself to singing. He initially sang in a church choir, but after a short while he began to record his own songs. After the founding of his band’s “Lukas Graham”, he began to follow the upward stream and his dreams began to be realized.

He managed to gain popularity around the world with his band. Lucas did not grow up in a wealthy family, but he said that money and popularity had not changed him and that he is still the same man. About Lukas, we know that he has a girlfriend, but he is not married. He and his girlfriend have one child, but we do not know if they will marry.

In various media and newspapers, we could see Lukas having a problem with thickness and that he devoted a lot of time to training and gym. He said that he had not been worried about his health for several years and that he ate a lot of food and that he drank a lot of alcohol.

But now he decided to change it and to fix it. He says that his girlfriend and family is his biggest support and that he will make efforts to achieve much more success in the future.

He plans to make many more hits and to sustain a lot of concerts around the world. Music is his life and he could not imagine any day without it. He also stated that he is preparing some new projects that will delight all his listeners all over the world.

His career was not easy at all, and he needed plenty of time and effort to realize his dreams. In all this he had support from his family, friends and girls and now he has the support of his child.

Lukas Graham has managed to achieve an international career and their hits are still very popular in the world. He thinks that everyone can achieve success and that you need to deal with what you love and that it will surely help you to make the career that you dreamed of.

Friends say that Lukas is a man with a big heart and that he will always help everyone who needs it. Lukas said that he also made some singles for the year 2019 and that these songs will definitely appeal to the audience.

Their album, released in 2018, continues to be one of the most popular albums and has achieved great success. 

Quick Summary

Full name: Lukas Graham

Date of birth: September 18, 1988

Age: 30

Birthplace: Copenhagen, Denmark

Profession/Occupation: Singer

Net worth and salary: 6 million dollars

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 88 kg