Meghan Trainor is a well known American pop singer as well as a songwriter. She took birth in Nantucket Island in Massachusetts. Trainor is famous for delivering super hit songs like ‘All About that Bass’, ’Me, too’, ‘Lips are Moving’ and many more.

She stepped into the music field when she was only 15 years old and began recording as well as produced three albums which was released independently within the next two years. Then she got into a great contract with the Big Yellow Dog Music and hence, began to pursue her profession in song writing.

Early Life

Trainor’s full name is Meghan Elizabeth Trainor and was born in the tiny island of Nantucket in Massachusetts. Both of Trainor’s parents were jewellers, named Kelly Anne and Gary Trainor. She also has two brothers, the younger named Justin and Ryan, the elder brother. Trainor started showing her interest in music since she was six years old. She caught her interest in singing from the time when she used to sing along with her father at the church. When she was of eleven years old, she started writing songs. ‘Heart and Soul’ was the first song of her own arrangement.

She always gave credits of her career progress at such an early age to the fact that she took birth in a musical family as her father was a musician and worked as a music teacher along with playing organ in the Methodist Church; her uncle was also associated with rock band and her aunt was soca performer and songwriter. Trainor was given a lot of encouragement from her family members, thereby made her attend various song writing conventions and also took her to different venues where several production companies auditioned new songwriters and talented artists.

Trainor attended Nauset Regional High School located in North Eastham in Massachusetts. She mainly took guitar lessons and further was given a position of a substitute cheerleader in the school.

After this, Trainor took admission in Berklee College of Music during the summer of 2009. During this time period, Trainor used to record as well as get her compositions produced in the Logic Studio. Only few years later, her parents constructed a studio at home where she started working independently.


Trainor’s debut album was titled by her own name ‘Meghan Trainor’ which got released during 2009. After her debut, she got her enrolment done in the Berklee College of Music for ‘Summer Performance Program’. After some time another song of Trainor got released which was dedicated for the American troops abroad in order to support them. The album was entitled as ‘Take Care of our Soldiers’. A year later or so, two albums got discharged named as ‘Only 17’ and ‘I’ll sing with you’.

The pop singer then received a number of tributes like that of an accolade at the International Music Awards, for being the Best Female Artist of 2009, for winning at the New Orleans Songwriter’s Festival, John Lennon Love Songwriting Contest, Tennessee Concerts Song Contest and many more. the song which topped the U.S. charts for being the No.1 track for eight weeks consecutively was ‘All About That Bass’. Also her singles like ‘Dear Future Husband’ and ‘Lips are Moving’ acquired millions of views on YouTube and managed to grab a position in the pop genre of the charts of Top 20 songs.

After coming across her vocal cord issues and getting her surgery done, Trainor performed at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards where she paid a tribute to the pop icon of all times named Lionel Richie. That night itself, Trainor was awarded with the Grammy for being the Best New Artist.

Trainor was greatly inspired by a number of artists like Phil Collins, Stevie Wonder and Frank Sinatra. Her father introduced her to jazz, James Brown’s music and doo-wop which somewhat shaped up her style in music. Trainor’s music has a major influence of the hip hop culture along with pop music which is referred to as ‘Neo Retro’ and also a mix of R&B. Artists like Ray Charles, Britney Spears, T-Pain, Earth, Jason Mraz, Elvis Presley, Wind & Fire, Aretha Franklin, Christina Aguilera and many more hold a strong influence towards Trainor’s style of music.

Trainor had been termed as ‘a very capable singer’ by Chris DeVille belonging to Stereogum. Trainor also faced downfall when she was termed as the ‘Most Unlikely Pop Star’ by the Rolling Stone Magazine. Then she was also called ‘pop’s emblem for self-acceptance’ and ‘the poster girl for the larger women’ by The Guardian.

Personal Life

According to recent reports, Trainor is said to be dating Daryl Sabara, a well known actor. Daryl is especially famous for his action pact role in a movie for children named as ‘Sky Kids’. This couple is said to be together for 9 months now and are doing really well as no news or rumours have come up related to all their drama in the relationship.

Trainor is excellent in making all her near and dear ones happy and thus, is capable of making each one of them feel special and wanted. Her friends claimed that Trainor has an outstanding personality whereby she maintains an amazing balance among all her friends, family members, love life and career.

Ashley is her best friend as well as her personal assistant and accompanies her in every tour and event. Trainor says that Ashley is someone without whom she feels lost and puzzled as both of them are pretty used of being hanging around each other. In many of the interviews, Trainor called herself as a feminist and has put forward some strong view points and opinions about it.

Few years back, the pop singer came across a serious problem with her vocal cords because of which she was compelled to get her U.S. MTrain Tour cancelled. Trainor had to undergo a surgery as she had a vocal cord haemorrhage. She kept her Instagram updated with this news of her illness and expressed how much sorry she was for cancelling the tours and programs and also how much scared she was as it dealt with her vocal cords.

It took her a year to get completely recovered and was back on stage in the event of 58th Annual Grammy Award where she was seen live, playing a tribute to the famous pop icon named Lionel Richie.

Quick Summary

Full name: Meghan Elizabeth Trainor

Date of birth: December 22, 1993

Birth place: Nantucket, Massachusetts, United States

Age: 24 years

Profession: Pop singer; Songwriter; Musician; Record Producer

Height:  5 ft 4 inches (1.64m)

Weight: 68 kg (150 pounds)

Net worth: $4 Million