Lana Rose Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Father

Lana Rose Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Father

If one has an Instagram profile and is quite regular in his account. Along with this. a keen interest dwells regarding the lifestyle and fashion of the prominent personalities of various fields then undoubtedly Lana Rose is a familiar face. She is the sister of one of the most popular YouTube vlogger Mo Vlogs and both the siblings have earned a good reputation in the web world. Like her sibling, she preferred to be called with a different name as Lana Roseto get familiar with the American followers.

Whatever may be the name of the person that doesn’t matter much, what matters is how much the personality has been known to the world for her actions. In this Lana is really done a wonderful job and enabled her to earn quite handsomely. With her huge demand as an expert makeup maker and proficient painting artist, she had earned not less than $3 million dollars of net worth.

Early Life

Today Lana is a mature lady of 27 years, but her appearance would definitely mislead any experienced eye. She looks much younger to her age was born in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates on 21st September 1989. Lana Rose was actually born as Parisa Beiraghdari and was born to Esmail Beiraghdari and Nadereh Samimi.

For some unknown reason, she doesn’t stay with her father. She along with her brother who is actually Mohamed Beiraghdari stays with their mother, Nadereh. For some higher education, she went to London where her brother had also established his career. After completing her studies, she came back with her brother to her native land Dubai.


Lana is a famous internet sensation all around the globe on the Instagram and already has more than 700,000 followers. She has chosen her career as a proficient makeup artist who shares her makeup tutorials on the YouTube channel that she has created.

She is into painting and designing, and this has made her work easier as face make up is only possible when the artist has knowledge of the proper patterns and technique. Her YouTube videos have gained much prominence in the recent days as her subscription count has crossed almost 60,000 as per the reports delivered by the social media sites.

Being the sister of the famous Vlogger Mo Vlog, she has got the added fame which has instilled millions of subscribers and viewers to view and comment on her piece of work. Her brother covers in his channel the videos of the most exclusive and the expensive cars, the various luxurious holiday resorts, the exclusive shopping malls and the amusement water parks. The brother and sister both have over 1.4 million subscribers, and viewers and their fame and prosperity are growing at a rapid rate day by day.

In the year 2013, Lana came up with her YouTube channel, and after continuing for almost four consecutive months, she finally came up with a post in her Instagram account the picture she posted was in the form of an Instagram cake that was quite a delightful sight. After initiating her first post, she never had to look back and proceeded with more viewers and subscribers who keenly waited for her updates and tutorial videos.

As the report suggests, Lana purchased a Lamborghini Huracan in the year 2014. Soon after her successful venture Lana came up with a personal channel for continuing with her vlogging. She managed to succeed with more views on her brother’s assistance.

Personal life

Lana Roose was born in a famous high profile Sheikh family in Dubai. This simple girl with intelligence oozing out is not only a successful YouTube makeup artist who is much interested in teaching her followers and subscriber all about faces artistry. But her personal life is not as simple as her makeup description in her tutorials. The social media reports about Lana’s previous marriage which was soon terminated due to some inconvenience.

Her past life was not at all given exposure. Presently, Lana is a single and independent lady who remains busy with her tutorial uploading, sharing her shopping experiences and her love for cars.

She is much concerned about developing the content material for her makeup tips.  She is an epitome of sincerity and dedication. Her tutorial depicts the efforts she takes to describe each lesson.

She is probably single now and is not interested in mingling furthers. She has understood that remaining alone can be the only resolution to be considered seriously for getting works done successfully. Her day to day life experiences all is shared with her viewers through her channel.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Lana Rose

Date of Birth: 21st September 1989

Birth Place: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Age: 28 Years

Profession: Instagram Star

Height: 5 Feet 5 Inches

Weight: NA

Net worth: $3 Million


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