Mo Farah’s birth name is Mohammed Farah. He actually possesses British citizenship but was born up brought up in the land of Somalia. He has made the record of winning 10,000 gold medals in the year 2015.

After winning the gold medals, he made the record of being recognized as the most legendary name in the history of the oldest Championship Winner. He has worked with several brands and has often been acted as there patent endorser. The trusted brands like Nike, Virgin Media, and Bupa, Lucozade and PACE Sport are endorsed by Farah. He is a successful distance runner and has an inspiring background story that helped him to build his career with full effort.

The 34 years old Olympic winner has been victorious in several of the world championships and has won shields and medals for multiple events. He is abundantly heaped with a huge number of sponsorships that fetches him a lot of money.

He has been involved in making appearances in several television shows that are popularly viewed by regular watchers. He is quite regular in appearing the Quorn Television adverts in the United Kingdom. His net worth is estimated somewhere around $ 5 million dollars.

Early life

Mo Farah’s birth name is Mohammad “Mo” Farah. He was born on the 23rd day of March in the year 1983. His birthplace is Mogadishu, Gabiley, Somalia but his upbringing was in Djibouti. He grew up along with his twin brother who was very dear to him. He had spent his early days of childhood when he the severe conditions of civil war was prevailing in Somalia. His father decided to take along with him his sons, and finally, Farah decided to join him in England without even knowing a word in the English language.

He started receiving his basic education from a local secondary school in Feltam, and it was there was the authority first noticed Farah’s passion for becoming an athlete. Whenever during his childhood days Farah was asked about his ambition, he always replied back that he wanted to be either an Arsenal Winger or an able mechanic. Farah from his childhood days was very determined and remained focused on his decisions and never overlooked his own judgment. His abilities were got discovered by his parents and trainers at the early age of 13 years, the time when a child begins to know the world and interacts with one’s surroundings.


Farah struggled a lot during the initial days of his career due to the problem of language of the barrier. He remained focused with soccer in his initial days and soon switched over in the segment of field and track. He kept on participating and winning several world tournaments and championships and started off with the title of European Athletics Junior Champion in the race of 5000 meters.

In the years 2003, he was successful in winning two silver medals that were held under the European 23 Championship. He even won the firsts of the five sets of the English School Cross country races at the early age of 14. He left the academic field and started devoted his full time to get prepared to excel in the field of distance running and win more numbers of Gold ,Silvers, and Bronze.

In the year 2010, he was successful enough to win 10000 meters and was declared the fifth man to get pulled off at the double meter race. He went for participating in the Zurich’s Diamond League and was considered to be the first British athlete to cross the barrier of 5000 meters. He was knighted by the Queen in the year 2017 New Year Honors for his immense service to the field of athletics.

In the city of Rio de Janeiro, he achieved the category of double-double winning and won three gold medals in the World Championships. He participated in the Moscow Russia World Championship in the year 2013 and won a gold medal. Farah was successful enough to record his marathon debut n the year 2014, 13th April in the city of London that he managed to finish in within the time slot of 2:08:21. Some of Farah’s best countable achievements are the Daegu ,South Korea 2011 World Championship, where he won a silver medal and the other being the London 2012 Olympics under the category of 10,000 where he achieved gold and the 5000 in which he was also successful in getting honored with a gold medal.

Personal life

Farah leads a simple married life and is a complete family man after taking retirement from his profession. He dated Tania Nell for a long time, and their courtship was successful to get them united in the sacred bond of conjugal life. The couple got married finally in the year 2010. They are the proud parent of 4 children. They have named their twins Amani and Aisha. One of their daughters is named Rhianna. In the year 2015, the couple got blessed with a boy child whom they named Hussein.

Farah’s wife Tania is a true supporter of her husband; she loves to watch her husband’s achievements clippings that are all over the internet. The couple is very active on the social networking sites, and the often Tania posts inspiring articles and write comments in her Instagram account regarding her husband’s achievements. Farah’s family is so connected with each other that during his final track coverage, they came down from the audience to greet him and welcome to the days of retirement. The couple presently resides in Portland along with their three daughters and son.

Farah was ones caught with a controversial issue regarding doping allegation. He clearly notified that he had been away from drug imposition controversies all throughout his career and would not tolerate any accusation made regarding his involvement with such issues.

In the year, 2010 and 2011, Farah missed out two drug tests consecutively. He managed to get the third one; otherwise, he would have been listed to face the complications of anti-doping rule violation. He stated through his Twitter comments that that has been a clean athlete all his life and has never broken any rules ever regarding the drug doses. He has always denied the intake of drugs that could easily enhance his performance level. He was bold enough to fight for the accusations that were against his coach Alberto Salazar.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Mohammad “Mo” Farah

Date of Birth: 23rd March 1983

Birth Place: Mogadishu, Gabiley, Somalia

Age: 35 Years Old

Profession: Professional distance runner

Height:  1.75 m

Weight: 58 Kg

Net worth: $ 5 million dollars