Mozzy is the hip-hop artist from America.

His estimated net worth is around $450,000.

Early Life

Timothy Patterson or popularly known as Mozzy is the hip-hop star from America who was born on 24th June 1987 in Sacramento, California, United States. ‘Mozzy’ is not the only name of Timothy Patterson as he was known as Lil Tim at the early phase of his life.

The childhood of Mozzy was a bit disturbed as his mother was a hard-core cocaine addict, while his father was imprisoned for some reasons. His grandmother raised him, Brenda Patterson-Usher. As she was a member of the Black Panther Party, she was the owner of several homes throughout Oak Park.

Mozzy got admitted into Sacramento High School, but eventually, he dropped out and couldn’t complete his graduation. Later he got GED. To earn a living, he worked at several places, and ultimately he started chasing his passion, music. Many of you don’t know that Mozzy had spent a part of his life in the prison in 2014.


Mozzy was an only 11-year-old boy when he started rapping along with his uncle, ‘GP the Beast’ Patterson who is also famous in his life by collaborating with Suge Knight along with many others. Later, in 2010, Mozzy, under the name of Lil Tim, released his first single song, titled, ‘U Ain’t Really like Dat.’ This work of Mozzy is undoubtedly special as it was his first release that marks him as full time and professional musician.

On 2nd August 2016, Mozzy came up with another album, ‘Lil Timothy N Thingz.’ This is actually a collection of those songs which completed recording in the year 2008.

Till then Mozzy was playing on the small ground. His first prominent teamwork was with the industry executive, known as DJ Fresh. He was also the producer of Mozzy’s album ‘The Tonite Snow’ which was released on 2013. Next time, Mozzy collaborated with Philthy Rich, the Oakland Rapper. It was for Mozzy’s ‘Goonbody Embodiment,’ his third solo album, where they collaborated on the track, ‘I’m Just Being Honest.’ But, this faced enough controversy. Compton rapper YG also worked with Mozzy in his album ‘City Mad.’

While talking about his solo hits, Mozzy’s ‘Bladadah’ has to be mentioned. It was a huge hit. In the year 2015, Mozzy got recognition from Complex Magazine for being the ‘Best Run of 2015’. He moved to Los Angeles in the next year and released ‘Gang Related Siblings,’ his another hit. In 2016, his album ‘Mandatory Check’ got the 7th position on the Billboard rap album chart.

For his album, ‘Bladadah,’ Mozzy received recognition by Complex magazine. Not only that, but Rolling Stone has also acknowledged his work for the same. It was again in the year 2016 when Nef the Pharaoh, a Vallejo rapper released his album ‘Neffy Got Wings’ where he featured Mozzy on track, named ‘Devil’s Team.’

Personal Life

While searching for information about Mozzy, you will get several news on the internet, but nothing special about his personal life. You won’t find any information on any sites. This proves that this 30-year-old hip hopper wants to keep his personal life completely private and that’s why, there is no information about his personal life, girlfriends, affairs, link-ups or break ups and all.

Mozzy released a track in March 2014, ‘I’m Just Being Honest.’ This fuelled a controversy with a local rapper, Lavish D. There was an ambush between Lavish D’s ‘Starzup gang. When Mozzy released the album, it showed that it was based on the original incidents of a gang war.

Before this, Mozzy has also got involved in controversies. From 2005 to 2008, he was arrested almost three times for committing crimes. He was blamed for having unlawful possession of  firearm and also evading the Police. Again in the year 2014, he was taken into the custody and got the penalty to be in the San Quentin State Prison. After his release from the prison, he thought to dedicate his life to music only and followed only his passion.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Timothy Patterson

Date of Birth: 24th June 1987

Birthplace: Sacramento, California, United States

Age: 30 years

Profession: Hip-hopper/Rapper

Popular as: Lil Tim, Mozzy

Height: 173cm

Star Sign: Cancer