Lance Stewart is an American comedian who gathered attention when he joined Vine, the video sharing platform in 2013.

He started shooting videos during his early teen years as one of his hobbies which finally led him to a great successful career on social media platforms.

Eventually, he became famous on Instagram and YouTube soon after the Vine platform got collapsed in 2017. He started with 6 second-comic videos which went viral, him having over 6 million fans on Vine.

Early Life

Lance Stewart was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 20th June 1996. He was brought up in New Jersey in the city of Franklinville as he moved to this place during his younger years along with his family.

As a teen he was greatly interested in video making which paved his way to fame when his elder sister named Sabrina Stewart introduced Vine to him in 2013, him being 17 years old during that time. He attended school but never been a part of college, thereby not holding any graduation degree as he was greatly focussed to his growing fame on social media.


He started off his career with video making which were six-second clips, being posted on his Vine page. Making videos was off his best hobbies which provided him with a full-time career in social media. He was naturally talented for recording videos and therefore, required quite lesser time in creating a number of video clips. ‘It’s My Money’ was the first named video that led him to the way of success overnight on Vine. It went viral and received about 900k likes along with 800k revenues on Vine.

He continued to develop his presence on social media platforms and eventually began collaborating with other famous personalities on Vine so as to gain greater exposure. He collaborated with Marcus Johns and created a clip named ‘I am a Wizard’ which was a massive success, gathering thousands of views within few days. But Vine got closed on 2017, making Lance Steward gather about more than 6 million fans already. This provided him with a number of opportunities like that of brand endorsements.

After this, he gained his popularity on YouTube since 2014. He started off his journey on YouTube by launching his channel on YouTube, thereafter gathered about 3.4 million subscribers along with 672 million views across all his videos. It is said that he had capitalized all his fame through the partnership program of Google which earned him a particular amount for getting his ad content displayed.

Lance Stewart’s YouTube channel grows at a charge of 3k to 5k subscribers each day. His follower’s list took a jump from 32k to 3.34 million, therefore with an increase of about 2.7 million subscribers starting from July 2016 to July 2017. Regularly his videos receive views ranging from 1 to 2 million views.

Stewart was signed by the Hollywood talent agency named UTA in 2015 which was a remarkable thing to happen in his career. Instagram has provided him with around 4.8 million fans. He is also considered as a well-known celebrity on various photo and video sharing apps with thousands of likes and views per day. He has also got his own merchandise shop launched on the internet named as Lance210 with a great variety of clothing, accessories, logo tanks and much more stuff.

Personal Life

Stewart is unmarried, but then he was dating a girl named Lizzy for three years back in 2016. Many pictures had been posted by the couple on his Instagram account, thereby confirming their committed relationship status.

Lance did not attend his college as far as reports are concerned. His education history comprised of him being attended Delsea Regional High School as a teen located in New Jersey. As far as his graduation is concerned, it is assumed that he never thought of joining any college as he was totally dedicated to his growing fame on various social media platforms, thereby building up a great successful career which has been very well planned and executed.

Commonly he is known as Lance, but sometimes he is called by the name “Lance210” especially on the web which is also similar to his online merchandise shop’s name. Stewart was in a kind of dilemma whether to settle in Los Angeles or New Jersey for a considerable time period.

After putting in a lot of thoughts and speculations, he finally announced in June 2016 about his first new bought house in New Jersey along with another apartment situated in L.A. He also shared a video on his new house, boasting about the house comprising of eight acres of land, allowing him to carry out “whatever he wants”.

Stewart owned an Audi R8 v10 in blue chrome colored. This vehicle has been shown in many of his videos over the years since he purchased it. Taking cars into consideration, this young you tuber gifted his father a car of his dream- a gorgeous new Corvette Z06 on his father’s 50th birthday. A video related to this has been shared a great number of times on YouTube which fetched him about 4.7 million views on the web. There were numerous rumors regarding this car being sponsored by the UTA Company. Nevertheless, all these claims never got confirmed by the artist.

Stewart is very well active on various social media platforms, YouTube to be specific. He is found to post vlogs each day sharp at 4pm on his YouTube channel. In addition to this, he is also active on Twitter as well as Instagram, posting pictures on a daily basis.

This star on social media, as far as reports are concerned, does not appear publically often but with all his upcoming stardom things might change, and his fans can see him making public appearances on great occasions.

Quick Summary

Full name: Lance Stewart

Date of birth:  June 20, 1996

Birth place: Philadelphia, PA

Age: 21 years

Profession: Vine star, YouTube Star, and Social Media personality

Height: 5ft 7in (170cm)

Weight:  60 kg (132 pounds)

Net worth: $2.5 Million