Noah Brown Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Noah Brown Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Noah Brown is a known American reality TV star who is a member of  Brown family who are the main characters of a reality series “Alaskan Bush People”.

Early life:

Noah has spent all of his life surrounded with his family in the Alaskan Bush.

He grew up without a TV so he found interest in many other things.

From a very early age he took interest in how things work so very often he took something and took it appart just to see the way it works. Afterwards, he would reassemble it back together.

If anyone should enter his room he would be amazed with it’s look: it looks as a mixture of a science lab and a tool shop

Everything he knows he learned himself, out of curiousity – for example, he builts his own little robots and makes circuit boards without anybody’s help.

Thanks to his curiousity, he learned a lot of stuff, mostly through the books he reads. He reads a couple of books a week and he has no limitations as for the genre, he reads science books with the same interest as poetry books.

He was only twelve years old when he already knew how to fix a broken snow machine or the boat radar. So the family always called him when something stopped working.

Career development:

He became known to wider audience after his family became the main theme of Discovery Channel’s realizy TV series called “Alaskan Bush People”.

He is the youngest son, a fifth born son to Ami and Billy Brown. He worked with the father to support the family.

He is the most serious member of the family and one of the most responsible ones.

He always gets up first to do his Tae Chi on the hill near their house in the peek of dawn.

He takes his responsibilities on the boat very serious so he knows to do anything on it: from working on deck to being behind the wheel.

Noah is a great dreamer and he is always on the trace of some great invention. He wishes to sail around the world and to inventi a robot with a lot of great functions.

His nickname from the show is “Mr.Fix-It” due to his capable hands.

Personal life:

He has four brothers and two sisters. They are Gabriel, Joshua, Matt, Bear, Snowbird and Rain.

He is also a great magician which he also learned by reading book about magic and magical tricks.

When he was only 8 years old he discovered a bow and since then he became a very skilled archer.

He always dreamed about a special girl he will meet. He dated a girl named Christy for a while but she left him in order to continue her schooling at a college in Anchorage.

A new person recently entered his life: today he has a fiancée named Rhain Alisha, who he fell in love with.

The audience met her in the 6th season where Noah asked her to confirm the seriousness of their relationship.

He speaks very highly of her but the Alaskan Bush fans don’t like her because she separated him from the rest of the family and went with him away from Beverly Hills where his mother Ami took treatments of chemotherapy and radiation in her fight against a stage four cancer.

Today there are rumours that they have been married secretly.

Newspapers also revealed that she visited the Juneau Trial Court in January 2017 in order to change her name. She was known to viewers as Rhain Alicia but her birth name is Ruth Alisha Merrill.

Quick summary

Full name: Noah Darkcloud Brown

Date of birth: July 18, 1992

Birthplace: Alaska

Age: 25

Profession: reality star, inventor

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $ 90,000


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