Stromae Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

Stromae Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

Our stories and artists with whom we meet are special and in our themes you can find many interesting information. We will do our best to make every text interesting to you.

In our themes you can find many interesting stories and information and in each of our texts we will make every effort to get all the necessary information about different types of art and known people.

For today’s theme, we have chosen one of the most beautiful types of art without which we can not imagine life. In this subject we will talk about music and in our texts we will devote ourselves to various music styles.

Since the beginning of humanity, music has been popular and people have been involved in music for a long time. The talent for music is a special kind of talent and this talent can not be possessed by all people. Music brings a special kind of energy and emotion and it manages to bring us a positive mood.

In today’s text we will get acquainted with the singer, rapper, songwriter and artist and his artistic name is Stromae.

Belgiran singer,rapper,artist and musician Stromae was borned on 12 March 1985 in Etterbeek, Brussels, Belgium. When he was three years old, his family moved to the country’s capital, where he spent her childhood and managed to start academic and music studies.

Early Years

Stromae or Paul Van Haver was borned on 12 march, 1985 in Brussels, Belgium. His mother was a teacher who taught at school and his father was a traveling musician. He and his brother grew up in Brussels at a time when there were some of the biggest concerts in the world.

As a child, he didnt have a lot of money and he did a lot of job as distributed propaganda leaflets that musicians gave him to earn some coins. Other jobs were distribution of newspapers or shoe cleaning. With ten years, his life has changed drastically. His father was cheating his mother, and theirs marriage was over, and Paul, along with his brother and younger sister, was dragged along with his father on the road. He moved from Brussels to one smaller city in Belgium.

His father  was very strict in the music teaching of his children and severely times he punished them when they confused the notes. As a teenager, Paul showed the musical nature that often led him to fight with his father. He began as a drummer in his family band between 2001 and 2003, led by his father, and he also learned to play violin and saxophone. He left the family band and went to work with teachers from music school. He was on a tour with his college band and other bands from Europe in 2005.

Stromae began to emerge in the world of rap and rnb music in the 2008 in New York City, when he joined to the rap band from this city and he introduced his plan, with which he wanted to make big success in singing and rapping. . The feeling of rhythm and swing reflected in his improvisations was much more relaxed and more graceful than those that were usually heard during that decade.

His line was accompanied by a refreshing and logical melody, and the influence of his style was so wide that he was quoted many times as favorite singer and rapper by many modern bands and singers.

A large part of the style called cool on the west coast was a direct product of Stromae; Many musicians played his compositions in the notes of their own performances. He made unforgettable recordings with singer Billie Walker, who called him “the leader of new sound,” and he get a lot of positive comments from audience around the world.


At the age of eight, Paul is already becoming a musician who plays the guitar very well. He continues to study and comes to pass through a rebellious adolescent phase that leads him to problems at school, but never leaves aside his musical training, the only thing he really likes. Although spending the time in the musical training, he stop thinking about enjoying in childhood and he wanted to start a professional career as a singer.

At the age of 21, Paul has the opportunity to realize his dream from young years and to make his first album, which he called Cheese. Unfortunately, this shot and its result has an experience that is so unattractive that they decide to stop the publishing of this album. After that, for three years, he directs his life to the realization of very diverse activities: working as a teacher, studying an advertising career and playing basketball, becoming the player of the basketball team from his city.

But music is still a passion that Paul can not forget and he decided to try again and he release his album in 2010 and after that in 2013 he released his second album, Racine carrée. Since then, he didnt wanted to left the studio and he start to edits all of his compositions. His next work, and his next song, becomes a music that has been waiting since the beginning of his career and implies his final consolidation as a composer and singer.

In addition, the spectacular sales figures that this album receives on the Latin music market make it the best seller in history in Central American countries.

The popularity of Stromae is growing steadily and his art career is expanding after work. After his first role in the movie, he travels to Mexico, where he performs in telenovela. This series is named Among the Stars and he is also the author of some dialogues in this tv series. The topics of this era, such as the Woman From My Dream and only one woman in my world, join to his long list of success.

Later, in 2014 and after signing for America Music label, he achieved the greatest success in his professional life with his colegue from Washington. Free Minds, Dance with me and Moon are some of the songs on this album with which has Gold and Platinum records.

But his successes do not stop here. Two years later Paul already boasts that he is one of the most famous artists in America thanks to two million copies sold in short period of time.

This album (containing songs like You Are Mine and Eleonor) leads you to the highest levels of success in the history of music. And Stromae does not stop offering the best compositions to his numerous fans. In 2016, he made the film “If we could” and later shows his aspect of the artist who is more dedicated to the lyrics of the album “Cheese”.

Stromae is a multiple musician and he demonstrates his talent with every song and his every work, from the songs of his last mixtape and to the his last album, with which he succeeds to sell millions of discs.

During his career, Stromae managed to make a financial profit of about $ 20 million and managed to make great success on the music scene.

Personal Life

From 2011 he changed his style and made an extensive tour with rap and rnb group from Boston, a group organized by American businessman and singer. In his youth he got call to go in army. He returned from Armie after one year, but he was recruited after one month; his experience in the army was catastrophic because he was punished by a dungeon for cultivating and smoking marijuana.

After 2014, he made many concerts around the Europe and his biggest concert was in his city Brussels..

In one period, Stromae went to the hospital several times due to alcohol problems. Year after, he recovered enough, and he tried to record it again, but the results were pretty weak. That spring he moved to the hotel in New York where a nurse and his sister take a care of him.

Soon he appeared with his new songs and he made a great success after his first song. As a symbol of his physical recovery, he signed a contract with a new recording house in USA. It was one of the best moments in his life and in the next period he made many great songs and he made some cooperation with famous musicians around the world.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Paul Van Haver

Birthplace: Brussels, Belgium

Date of birth: 12 March, 1985

Age: 34

Profession: Singer, Artist, Musician

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 77 kg

Net Worth: $20 million


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