Celebrities often hide their personal lives because they don’t want anyone to interfere in them more than necessary.

That is why finding out information about celebrities, their careers and personal lives is no always easy and we have to dig deeper to find out who they really are.

In todays’ text we are going to talk about O.T. Genesis, an American rapper and singer who got into the public eye with a controversial song few years back. The song CoCo made him famous, but there is much more to know about this talented performer.

We are going to jump right into his biography, net worth and personal life, so if you are interested to find our more, keep on reading.

Early Years

Edis Oliver Flores was born on June 18th 1987 in Atlanta, United States. His parents were Belizean immigrants who came to US to find better life. He spent most of his childhood in Long Beach in California, so he was exposed to the life of rich and famous from early on.

He always admired other rappers and became rapping and writing lyrics when he was still in school. His biggest role models back in those days were T.I., Tupac, 50 Cent and Ludacris. He enjoyed listening to their songs and imagining how he is going to be famous like them one day. There aren’t any more information about his early life, so we will jump on to the subject of his career and personal life in the next part of this text.

Career Path

Before getting a contract with the G-Unit, O.T. was rapping and performing all over California, building his confidence for larger things. It was during those performances that he was noticed by the large music brands who signed him under their wing. He signed a contract with G-Unit in 2011 and his first debut mixtape came out that same year.

After spending some time at the G-Unit, he decided to go to Busta Rhymes and his Conglomerate Records. This is where he felt truly at home and he knew that Busta is going to be a good mentor for him. Some of the biggest hits he produced at the Conglomerate Records were CoCo and Touchdown.

Since October and put on line on Youtube, impossible to miss the song “Coco”. True declaration of love with cocaine and tutorial to make crack, the song remains nonetheless one of the biggest hits of the year. To take full advantage of this sound, you must first put your brain on “off”, let yourself be carried by the big bass and the lyrics are not very complicated, it is very likely that you can sing the chorus before the end of the song.

On the internet, on the radio and especially in nightclubs, “Coco” is looping around the world and the two videos that act as clips combine with her two more than 160 million views on YouTube – not to mention the many parodies made by Internet users. The rapper responsible for this hit is O.T. Genasis. Little known a year ago, his album is today one of the most awaited on the other side of the Atlantic. How was this tube born?

If he had never tasted success, O.T. Genasis did not come out of nowhere. In 2011, the title “Jackie Chan” allows Genasis to be spotted by 50 Cent, which signs on his label G-Unit records. A mixtape and a year later, fifty is no longer convinced by his colt and releases him from his contract. Free as the air, O.T. Genasis does not despair and returns two years later with “Touchdown”, which enjoys a big rotation in American nightclubs and allows the rapper to increase its popularity.

It is precisely during a live show organized in a nightclub and in front of a crowd that requires him to sing four times “Touchdown” that Genasis tap into the eye of Busta Rhymes. “I was so excited about what he was proposing not only as a MC but also as a showman,” says Busta to Rolling Stone.

After this meeting, O.T. Genasis signs on Conglomerate, the label of his new mentor. A few months later, the rapper finds himself drinking and partying in the recording studio when the inspiration for “Coco” comes to him immediately after hearing the beat of the song. “I was just trying to put a few words but I had the melody in mind as soon as the instrument started,” says Genasis at USA Today.

Two days later, he returned to the studio and recorded the now famous “Coco” and his “Baking Soda” which earned him the nickname “Luciano Pavarotti rap game.” “In my eyes, it was a hit but from there to see it reach such summits? Dude, it’s just crazy. I’m proud to have trusted my instinct, “says the rapper.

The crazy energy that emits this title and its interpreter make the piece even more haunting. This energy, Odis Flores of his real name, draws on his past as a former coke dealer and the urgency in which he lived during this period. “I was just young and angry.

Not only for music, was I in survival mode. When some things in your life go wrong, like not being able to pay your bills. I did not have any tubes before that one, “says the rapper at Rolling Stone. As a family man, Genasis now does everything to not remain “the singer of Coco” and is actively preparing his first album.

How big of a hit his song CoCo was, we can conclude by noticing that Beyoncé herself used a sample of the song for her performance at the 2018 Coachella and also during Jay-Z’s OTR II. O.T. is not done creating yet and we will definitely see some new projects from him in the future.

His net worth is estimated at around 4$ million which is a decent amount considering that he only came into the public eye last year. He still has a lot of space to grow and further his career, so his net worth will probably grow according to that.

O.T. hasn’t invested in any businesses as far as we know, so his only focus right now is performing and creating music. He is very active on all of his social media accounts and shares information from his private life with his fans and followers.

This is where we can find out news about his latest performances and plans for the future. He hasn’t been in the spot light lately, so he should start working on something new before his 15 minutes of fame pass. Hopefully he will come out with some great new music and give us some new hot beats to listen to.

Personal life

The problem has nothing to do with cocaine, if they thought that, it turns out that the rapper was stopped after passing a red light. Little credible that he was just arrested for a traffic infraction?

According to reports, it turns out that when the red light passed the police of Los Angeles stopped him to ask for his license, at the time that reviewing his file they realized that O.T. Genasis had two pending warrants.

Anyway, the problem still does not involve the so-called ‘CoCo’ in between, since the arrest warrants were derived from other traffic infractions which were fined and the rapper is not worthy to pay.

Finally he had no choice but to put the money on the table to manage the deposit and be released, so it was a few hours later O.T. Genasis was released again. Hopefully it will return if you break more traffic laws and continue working on your debut material that has many fans waiting since the launch of ‘CoCo’.

O.T. has been linked to many famous women over the years, but his probably most famous relationship is with Malika Haqq, who is a close friend with Khloe Kardashian. His relationship with Malika was very public, since both of them were public figures.

The couple split up in 2018, but many suspect that they aren’t done with their romance yet.

O.T. wasn’t involved with any major controversy, besides many judging him for promoting drugs through his song CoCo. He often stated that the song wasn’t about cocaine at all, and that is has a deeper meaning. His biggest influence currently is his mentor Busta Rhymes, who devoted a lot of attention to this young rapper and believed in him when no one did.

He made a short break in 2014, after his huge success with the song CoCo, probably to collect his thoughts and to figure out where to go next when it comes to his music. One of his biggest accomplishments was the performance at the 2014 BET Awards where he performed together with G-Easy, Loaded Kux and Kevin Gates.

Quick summary

Full name: Odis Oliver Flores

Date of birth: June 18th 1987

Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia

Age: 32

Profession: Rapper, Songwriter

Height: 1.80 m

Weight: 75 kg

Net Worth: 4$ million