Series Criminal Minds that have been airing since the 2005, can’t be imagined without the American actress Paget Brewster. This talented American actress, singer and voice actor has been in the show business for many years, and her talent is undeniable.

We’re going to talk about her personal life, her career and net worth, so stick with us if you would like to know more about this beautiful actress and singer.

Early Years

Paget Valerie Brewster was born on March 10th 1969 in Concord, Massachusetts. Her mother was a government worker and her father Galen was a school administrator.

Both of her parents supported her as a child and allowed her to choose a profession that she likes, even though they weren’t in the show business.

Paget spent her childhood in her home town in Massachusetts, and later on moved to New York to pursue her dream of becoming a designer. She got into the NY Persons School of Design.

After a while, she realized that design wasn’t for her and that she wanted to pursue acting.

During her first year in college she managed to get her first role, which only motivated her to move on acting. To pursue her career in acting further, she moved to California and enrolled into acting classes.

Well before this professional reorientation, Paget Brewster is born in Massachusetts, both parents work at the boarding school that later visits the young Paget.

She has a younger brother. In order to attend the Parsons School of Design, Paget Brewster moves to New York, but during her first year she makes her acting debut, throws the idea overboard with design, moves to San Francisco and takes acting lessons.

In her new adopted home, she hosts a nightly talk show titled “The Paget Show”. She first attracts attention with the recurring role of Kathy in the hit series Friends.

This is followed by various film roles, guest appearances in series and some speaking roles. Among other things, the actress gets the role of Birdgirl in the animated series Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law.

In 2006, she takes on the role of investigator Emily Prentiss in the long-running series Criminal Minds. For the sixth season they and colleague A. J. Cook are written in the course of austerity from the series, but return after a general fan protest back. Incidentally, Paget Brewster visits various series, including numerous comedies such as Modern Family and Drunk History.

In 2012, the actress finally leaves Criminal Minds to pursue a comedy career. In the 200th episode of the hit series she returns for a visit.

In 2014, she joins a starring role in the comedy series Community. The following year she gets a starring role in the FOX comedy series Grandfathered as Sara.

The following year she shows as Dodo Bellacourt in the Comedy Central series Another Period her comedic talent.

In 2017 she returns to the hit series “Criminal Minds”.

Career Path

Paget Brewster was born on March 10, 1969 in Massachusetts. She then flew to New York, where she joined a design school before turning to comedy in the early 90s.

Subsequently, she moved to the West Coast, where she moved to San Francisco to host her own TV talk show. If it starts to make a name across the Atlantic, it must wait until 1997 to make itself known worldwide.

That year, she joined the Friends series for a few episodes in which she plays Kathy, Joey’s girlfriend who capsizes Chandler’s heart. This role allows him to be recognized and get more roles in the cinema.

She plays Ms. Indestructible in James Gunn’s comedy of independent superhero The Specials. She does not leave the world of superheroes since she lends her voice to Lana Lang in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns in 2012.

Although the cinema opens up a few opportunities for her, she really blossoms on television. From 2006 to 2016, she lends her features to the character of Emily Prentiss in the detective series Criminal Minds, which allows him to find success on the small screen.

Nevertheless, she decided to leave the series to devote herself to other projects, including the show Drunk History or the series Another Period.

On the private side, she married Steve Damstra in November 2014. The ceremony is orchestrated by her friend, actor Matthew Gray Gubler.

Mysterious serial attacks, the strange disappearance of three minors and murders in supposedly haunted houses are some of the cases that federal analysts will try to solve.

They know how they think, how they act and what are the drives of the deadliest killers in the country. ‘Anticipating their next moves before they attack again’ is the leitmotif of the Behavior Analysis Unit.

New investigations will lead them to travel throughout the US geography to clarify chilling and alarming events in the new chapters of the 14th season of ‘Criminal Minds’, which Cuatro will issue on Thursday, May 2 from 10:50 p.m.

Facing daily with the most implacable and dangerous criminals in the country will take its toll on some federal analysts, such as David Rossi (Joe Mantegna), unit leader, who will question some of his actions after a strenuous fight with a serial killer who almost it costs him his life, and Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster), who will face his past when prominent businessmen are killed.

In the chapter on Thursday, May 2, the Behavior Analysis Unit undertakes a race against the clock to try to capture several justices who are carrying out serial attacks every 27 minutes in the city of Washington. Prentiss and Andrew Mendoza, FBI special agent, join forces to identify the suspects and discover the reason for their attacks.

Criminal Minds’ (‘Criminal Minds’) is an American television series aired on CBS and premiered in September 2005. It is produced by The Mark Gordon Company in collaboration with CBS Studios and ABC Studios. ‘Criminal minds’ was broadcast in Spain through channels Cuatro and FDF.

The series has many frames, as many cases as the members of the Behavior Analysis Unit of the city of Quantico (Virginia) have to face. In this section of the Scientific Police they have developed a new method to advance the capture and prevention of criminals.

His technique does not involve collecting the maximum evidence but empathizing with criminals in order to know in depth their behavior, managing to resolve those cases in which there is hardly any material evidence and being able to anticipate the crimes of the future.

Throughout the different seasons of the series, this Analysis Unit will go from being led by Jason Gideon (played by actor Mandy Patinkin) to Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson), Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) and Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster ). And under his orders is a large team of investigators who specialize in each of the areas covered by these crimes.

Personal Life

Born March 10, 1969 in Concord, Massachusetts, Paget Brewster is an American actress best known for her role in the “Criminal Minds” series. While she fails at New York’s Parsons School of Design, Paget Brewster joins a band with whom she sings in clubs.

Shortly after, she takes off for San Francisco where she meets an agent who convinces her to set up her own talk show. “Paget’s talk show” airs in 1994 on CBS and his career finally starts.

Between 1998 and 2004, she appeared in many series such as “Friends”, “Max Q”, “Ghost Cop”, “The trouble with Normal”, “Vindicators”, “Love & Money” or “World On A String “.

But it is with “Huff”, a series in which she plays Beth, that her career takes a real turn. In addition to her numerous appearances on the small screen, she also joins several independent productions, before lending her voice to the character of Judy Sebben in the series “Harvey Birdman”.

Not long after, she finally joins the cast of the series “Criminal Minds”, in which she plays the character of Emily Prentiss. At the end of the sixth season, CBS wants to reduce her appearances in the series but Emily finally reaches an agreement with the channel.

Brewster began voice filling in in 2005 as Judy Sebbe on the animated “Harvey Birdman” scheme. She’s been working for a long time with the Criminal Minds show, playing Special Agent Emily Prentiss until the 6th season of the show. She was rehired and held for the following season due to complaints from fans.

She replicated her role as an odd guest star for the 200th scene as Emily Prentiss in season nine. Brewster represented department manager ADA Paula Foster on NBC’s long-running drama “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” in the District Attorney’s Public Integrity Division.

Brewster is a regular on The Thrilling Adventure Hour, a generation assembled in the bygone period radio style broadcast at Largo in Los Angeles month after month.

She featured on Comedy Central in scene 106 of the Drunk History TV system in 2013. It was announced the following year that she was the cast in the recent “St” spoof of ABC.

Paget is definitely one of the most memorable faces from our TV screens, so her net worth is not a surprise for us.

She continues to work hard and her career is definitely not slowing down, so we can expect a lot from Paget in the future.

Perhaps she is going to surprise us with new projects that aren’t going to be in the series format, so we are eagerly waiting to see what she has in store for us.

Quick summary

Full name: Paget Valerie Brewster

Date of birth: March 10th 1969

Birthplace: Concord, Massachusetts, USA

Age: 50

Profession: Actress, Singer

Height: 1.73 m

Weight: 60 kg

Net Worth: 12$ million