Patrick Wayne is a known American actor, better known for his connection to a famous actor called John Wayne – Patrick was his son.

He was also an outstanding actor, known not only for the westerns he made but very popular for sci-fi roles he had. He was so good in them that he was offered the role of Superman in 1978, but he had to decline it due to his father’s serious illness.

After starring in over 40 movies, Patrick became a presenter and a host on television.

One of the events he hosted was “The Monte Carlo Show”.

Early years

He was born as Patrick John Morrison on July 15, 1939 in Los Angeles.

His father was a famous actor John Wayne and his mother was the beautiful Josephine Alicia Saenz who was the daughter of Panama’s Consul General. Josephine was John Wayne’s first wife.

Patrick finished high school in his birth town Los Angeles after which he enrolled Loyola Marymount University. He graduated from there in 1961.

Career development

His first role came when he was only 11 years old and when he joined his father in a classic called “Rio Grande”.

This was in 1950 and in the next six years he has made appearances in a lot of John Ford’s iconic films such as “The Quiet Man” and “The Long Gray Line”.

His siblings were often envy at him because he could spend so much time with their father John, while two of them were filming together on far away locations.

He was both pleased and sad because of it: he was happy to spend time with his father but he was also sad because he knew his siblings also wanted to be in his shoes.

The reason for that is found in the fact that John Ford greatly apreciated his father and was a close family friend who used his influence to secure Patrick’s roles in movies.

In both 1957 and 1958, Patrick starred in the role as Walter on the “Mr. Adams and Eve” series, airing on CBS.

Patrick made an appearance on “Teenage Idol” in 1958. This was a musical TV show and Patrick was okay in it, but he just wasn’t interested in music as much as in acting.

He also appeared on television in “Rookie of the Year” TV series and in “Flashing Spikes”, which were both series about baseball and in both of them Patrick Wayne had a role of baseball player.

After finishing high school Patrick joined  Loyola Marymount University, where he graduated from in 1961.

In 1959, he starred in a film “The Young Land ” which was the movie he produced on his own.

He decided to join the United States Coast Guard two years later.

He joined his father in following films: “The Alamo”,  “Donovan’s Reef” and “The Green Berets”.

In late 60’s and early 70’s he starred in “Cheyenne Autumn”,  “Shenandoah”, “An Eye for an Eye”, “The Deserter” and “The Bears and I”.

In 1966, he casted in “The Rounders”, a western series with elements of comedy, which aired on ABC Network. This was a series based on one year old film made by Glenn Ford and carrying the same name.

In the 70’s he became widely known as Marathon John, a character from the  TV commercial which advertised Mars candy bar.

In 1971, Patrick made an appearance in the movie named “Big Jake” where he again starred alongside his father.

It was the last movie they did together and John Wayne’s youngest son Ethan starred in it.

Patrick had no problem in working in many genres. He was very good in sci-fi genre and he gained a lot of positive critics by his work in “Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger” from 1977 and “The People That Time Forgot” from the same year.

In 1980, he became a host of The Monte Carlo Show. It was a variety show and it was filmed live in Monaco.

Patrick appeared in many TV series which were very popular at that time. He starred in “Fantasy Island”, “Murder, she wrote”, “Sledge Hammer” and many more. These were all very popular series and his appearance in them was a very good career move, although he didn’t have leading roles.

He gained great fame after taking a role in Young Guns, a very huge hit film.

He also hosted a game show in the 90’s:  Tic-Tac-Dough. He was a host in this show for 13 episodes.

He was proclaimed as the new chairman of John Wayne Cancer Institute in 2003. It was after his older brother Michael died.

In the winter 2015, he received a Spanish prize called “Almeria Tierra de Cine”  for his career achievements in cinematography.

Why did he receive a Spanish prize? Because his mother’s grandparents were Spanish and they came from Madrid.

At the beginning of his career he was burdened with his father’s successful career and a lot of people thought he will never come out of his shadow.

But he suceeded by himself, after filming nine films with his father.

He was considered to be more a gentleman than his father so roles out of the western genre fit him perfectly.

In 1978 he was offered the role of Superman but he wasn’t ready for such a long filming because his father John had cancer and he wanted to be by his side while he struggled the disease.

He was featured in several documentary series and films such as “Hollywood Greats” and  “The Quiet Man: The Joy of Ireland”.

Personal life

He got married to Peggy Hunt in 1965 but they got divorced in 1978. He has three children: Anthony, Melanie and Michael and Peggy is their mother.

In 1999 he married Misha Anderson        and they are still together. His marriage to Misha, whom he met on someone elses wedding, was a big surprise for everyone since she is thirty years younger than Patrick.

But they are still together, proving everyone wrong.

He had three siblings: brothers Michael and Toni and a sister Melinda. He also has two half-sisters Aissa and Marisa and a half-brother Ethan.

Patrick very much loved and respected his mother. He called her the pillar of the community because she did a lot of charity work, was involved in Girl Scouts and tried to improve the life in her town, but at the same time she had never shared her perso al life to the press and always tried to keep herself under the radar.

She got married to John Wayne in 1933. She was a homemaker but always lead a very active life.

She was always full of life and she got married for the 2nd time when she was 87.

She was always a fighter, and she had ovarian cancer in 1978 that she successfully fought.

She passed away in 2003 and it was heartbreaking for Patrick.

Patrick’s elder sister Toni LaCava died in 2000, and his older brother Michael died in 2003 from lupus.

Parrick currently lives with his second wife Misha in Arizona where from he manages the cancer foundation and lives surrounded by beautiful nature.

Quick summary

Full name: Patrick John Morrison

Date of birth: July 15, 1939

Birthplace:  Los Angeles, United States

Age: 79

Profession: actor, host

Height: 1,87 m

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $12 million