Paul Teutul is a known American reality TV star who became known for Discovery Channel’s series called “American Chopper” and today he is a successful businessman and an owner of “Paul Jr. Designs”.

Early life:

Paul was born on October 2, 1974 in Orange County in the State of New York in USA. He was named after his parents, Paul Sr and Paula Teutul. Paula was his father’s first wife.

His ancestors came from Europe, to be exact: Germany, Austria and Italy. That is the reason which lies behind his interesting surname. He was always very proud of his ancestry and never forgot all of his roots and where he comes from.

He had a happy childhood which involved playing with his two younger brothers Michael and Daniel and a sister named Cristin,  especially when they had something to assemble and play with. He was a designer since he was a kid but in matter of toys. He was always very artistic and wanted to express his creativity.

His father, Paul Sr., had his own company which was one of the biggest in steel business. His father is a proud and a stubborn man so the two of them had their share of confontations.

Paul was always more interested in working for dad in his steel company than in school. He was a young teenager when he first started working part-time at his fathers factory and he wasn’t affraid to start at the bottom. He always taught that it was the best way to learn the business properly. He wanted to learn all the important details neccessery for building metal constructions.

Career development:

After a good beginning, he became the lead of the railing department and his father’s right hand. He was very mature for his age and always had a good sense for business.

In 1999, he was ready for a new family project so he co-founded a new company with his father called Orange County Choppers.

It was a company which fabricated custom motorcycles and Paul was the chief designer in the firm. He was also responsible for the design of their famous logo. He was very talented and by the age of 25 he became one of the most important persons in the company.

His most known designs of motorcycles, which gained a lot of attention were Black Widow Bike and the Fire Bike.

They became known all over USA in 2002 when the company became the main plot   of the reality show called “American Chopper”. This made him much better known and the nation startes to get to know him better.

In 2007 Paul Jr, Paul Sr and one of the brothers who was encharge of company managment, were sued for fraud due to the changing their company name and reselling their assets.

Paul, his brother Michael and their father Paul Sr. became the leading roles and celebrities of the show.

The show was successful from day one, had great ratings and attracted attention accross America.

After five years of showing on Discovery, the series was transferred to TLC.

In 2009 Paul was engaged in a disagreement with his father which ultimately led to his leaving the show.

He was hired again later but he was only in the position of consultant, until the show was canceled. This time he was the one to resign from this position since he couldn’t handle his father’s patronising him.

He knew his own talent so he opened his own company called “Paul Jr. Designs” which was a direct competetion to his family’s company. He hired some people from his old workspace, including his brother Michael.

Their rivality was filmed in  “Senior vs. Junior” series that aired on TLC.

Paul Jr. was hired in 2016 to create, design and build two bikes for the new hut movie called “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows”.

Paul Jr found another way to keep the media attention going by releasing his own book called ” The Build” which brings the story which was played behind scenes and the real life that was led during the filming of the reality show. The book contains even the great disagreement between Paul and his father which led to Senior firing Junior.

Personal life:

Paul is the oldest of four siblings: he has a brother Daniel who is the general manager at Orange County Ironworks and a brother  Michael. They all get along very well and take care of their little sister.

His sister, who is the youngest of them all, is a nurse in Rochester. She says that all of her brothers are supportive.

Paul Teutul Jr. married Rachael Biester in 2010. They were together for a long period of time so wedding was a normal course of events. They have a wonderful relationship which is open, honest, simple and still much private to them although they are people that spend most of their time on the TV.

The two of them starred in the TLC show named “Say Yes to the Dress”. They were presented as a lovely couple they are and that’s why the nation loves them.

Rachel gave birth to their first child, Hudson Seven, in 2015. This was a wonderful moment for both of them and he says that he would love to have more children.

Quick summary

Full name: Paul Michael Teutul

Date of birth: October 2, 1974

Birthplace: Orange County, New York

Age: 43

Profession: reality star, entrepreneur, designer

Height: 1,77 m

Weight: 113 kgs

Net Worth: $10 million