We have many topics that we can discuss but in today’s topic, we will talk about special theme and we will do our best to represent this topic in the right way. Our current topic will be different from others topics and we will talk about one of the most important and interesting things in the world.

In today’s topic we will talk about the favorite things of many people and about something without which we could not imagine our lives and our everyday activities. We will talk about music without which the present world would look empty and meaningless. Music is something that connects all people in the World and every person in the world has the kind of music that is his favorite. Music has been among people from ancient times and without it the world would be different.

This topic brings you the story of rap music and about a female vocal who managed to make a success in this music. She began her career in the 1990s and her artistic name is Rasheeda. She began her career as a member of the rap group and during the 1990s she showed her talent.

In 2000, she started her solo career and this was a great choice because she managed to make great success. In addition to rap career, she managed to deal with fashion design and managed to become a TV personality. She often appeared in various TV shows and also set up some of her interesting TV shows.

Rasheeda has published many tracks during her career as well as 6 studio albums. During her career, she did not have much controversial situations and managed to gain many fans around the world. In this text we will describe the details of her career and her private life, and we will also introduce you to her childhood. 

Early Years

Rasheeda W. Buckner-Frost was on born May 25, 1976 in Decatur, Illinois, United States. She grew up in this city with her parents and she is the youngest member of the family. She also has one brother and one sister with whom she has always been in good relations. During her childhood she had good living conditions and her parents had jobs that enabled a good financial profit. She enrolled in a primary school in her hometown and was a great student. During her primary school, she showed talent for literature and often wrote her poems.

Her teacher considered that she possessed a great talent for this field and that she would become successful in the future. By the end of the elementary school, she wrote several songs that were published in school newspapers. When she started high school, Rasheeda began to love rap music.

Rap music helped her to express her emotions and describe her life. In the first grade of high school, she wrote several songs but did not have the opportunity to record them. She continued to write songs and professors in high school recognized her talent for writing.

Rasheeda found work in a restaurant during a high school and she wanted to earn money for her songs in a professional studio. During the third and fourth grade of the secondary school, she continued to work in this restaurant, although her parents advised her to devote school and literature.

At the end of the high school, she met a new company that loved rap music and made the initial steps in this music. When she finished high school she got a call to join their rap group but she decided to enroll in college.

She enrolled in college but after half a year she realized that this was not her life call and she decided to leave the college. She decided to join the rap group Da Kaperz and that was her excellent move in life. This group consisted of 3 members and started recording songs during 1996 and 1997. They signed a contract with the D-Lo Entertainment publishing house and started recording songs for them.

Over the next two years, they recorded over 10 songs and released an album that has achieved a lot of success across the United States. In the second half of 1998, this band began to hold concerts all over the USA. Rasheeda managed to realize her dreams because she began to deal with the job she loved. One of the founders of D-Lo Entertainment is her future husband with whom Rasheeda married in the early 2000s.


Rasheeda began her rap career at the end of 1997 when she joined rap group Da Kaperz. This group consisted of 3 members and recorded their first song at the beginning of 1998 for the publishing house D-Lo Entertainment. At the start, this group managed to attract a lot of fans because their songs were different from the others on the rap scene. During 1998, they recorded 5 songs that left a big mark on the American rap scene. At the beginning of 1999, they released their first and only album that had achieved solid success in the USA.

Over the past two years, they have held over 10 concerts throughout the USA and their concerts have been heavily visited. In 1999, this group released another single and after that they stopped recording. In 2000, Rasheeda decided to make a solo career and continued her collaboration with the production house D-Lo.

She had excellent cooperation with one of the founders of this production house, Kirk Frost. He helped her continue her rap career and she became one of the more important personalities in this production house. During 2000, she and Kirk enter in to the relationship and then they decided to marry.

At the beginning of 2001 they got a son because of which Rasheeda had to make a break in rap career. After half a year she returned to the studio and recorded her first solo single that achieved success on the rap scene. This single was called “Do It” and was among the top 20 most lucrative songs in the US in 2001. Soon after the release of this single, Rasheeda finished her first solo album, Dirty South.

There were many popular rappers on this album that helped her get a lot more popularity. After the release of this album, she did not wait a long time and did not rule out a break, but she started working on the new album that came out in the second half of 2002. This album was called Ghetto Dream and this album was a continuation of the first album that came out in 2001. This album was also released for the D-Lo publishing house and this album has achieved a lot of success in the USA.

In the next two years, Rasheeda held several concerts across the United States that attracted the attention of the audience. She did not record new songs until 2006 when she released a new album called GA Peach. This album did not achieve much success, but in 2007 she released a new album called Dat Type of Gurl.

This album contained many new songs that had a different style than the previous ones. This album has achieved much more success and was among the top 20 albums in the USA. In this period, she founded hip hop and R & B duo with singer Kandi Burruss.

They dropped a joint mix tape but this group did not last long. In 2009, Rasheeda recorded a new album titled Certified Hot Chick. This album is among the top 50 albums in the USA. In 2012, she released her sixth and last album called Boss Chick Music. This album was also recorded with the publishing house D-Lo and this album has achieved great popularity on the Internet.

During 2012, Rasheeda began her career on television and appeared in various TV shows. At the beginning of 2013, she received a call to play in the series on FOX Television and acted in 10 episodes of this series. In the following period she began to deal with other things and fashion design and she founded her makeup product.

In 2015, she opened her boutique, which has achieved a lot of success in Atlanta. In 2015, she released 2 singles and announced that they would find her last album. This album has not been released yet and Rasheeda said that this album should be released in the near future. During her career, she managed to make a lot of success and achieved success in several different fields. During her career she earned about $ 4 million and managed to make a big financial profit.

Personal Life

During her career, Rasheeda was an exemplary personality and she never had controversial situations. She married in 2000 and has 2 sons.

She currently lives in Atlanta with her family and they are in excellent relationships. Rasheeda is also active on social networks and has over 600,000 followers on her Instagram profile.

Quick Summary

Full name: Rasheeda W. Buckner-Frost

Date of birth: May 25, 1976

Age: 43

Birthplace: Decatur, Illinois, USA

Profession: Rapper, songwriter, TV Personality

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 66 kg

Net worth:  $3-4 million