Koffi Olomide is a singer, dancer and songwriter who makes all sorts of songs in the famous genre of soukus. It’s a genre originating from Congo and it was made by adapting rumba to today’s standards.

Koffi is very famous in his field and he has gold records, played with many famous artists and made the Quartier Latin International orchestra.

Early years

His full name is much longer than his initial one and it’s Antoine Cristophe Agbepa Mumba. He was born in July, date 13th, in year 1956. His birthplace is Kisangani in Belgian Congo. He is very well connected to his inner self.

His mum decided  to give him a name unusual to many people: Koffi. It’s related to the day he was born on, Friday.

His family was very regular. They weren’t poor, weren’t rich, didn’t have any special background (such as artistic or music-related) and they lived a life they built for themselves.

Koffi was interested in making music since he was very small. He used to make his own lyrics and then started to teach himself how to obtain a good rhythm. Olomide was looking forward to learn more and more every day and that’s why he was happy when the family’s neighbour decided to give him guitar classes so the boy could adapt to music better and gain some experience.

It wasn’t unknown that Koffi was very good in school. Both his teachers and friends always claimed that he is smart, creative and ambitious. All of his effort was praised and therefore he got a scholarship soon. It wasn’t just any other event because he got to travel to France: in a region called Bordeaux. However, he didn’t study anything music related. He actually decided to study economics and he eventually graduated and has a degree.

He was always ambitious to do more so he decided that he should pursue his other passion: math. Rumor has it that he actually has an academic degree from a university all the way in France’s capital: Paris.

Career development

He loved learning and enjoyed his fast and educated life in France, but in 1970s he decided to go back to where he really belongs: Congo. Koffi soon joined a famous Congo musician called Papa Wemba and they together made a band called Viva la Musica. He started as someone who will only help make music and write lyrics, but he ended up being in the spotlight and singing.

One of the most famous things he did is the fact that in 1986 he made a band called Quartier Latin International and it was very very famous during its playing.

Koffi wasn’t overwhelmed by all of this and he kept making songs for the both bands. In Africa, he had so much fans that they created a whole fandom for him. European people also liked him a lot.

His songs are quite slow and they are all about Tcha Tcho, a famous subgenre of Soukous. But what’s really famous about his songs is the fact that he often decided to write about topics that are usually not spoken about. These are things that are considered to be controversy and he makes music about them anyway.

2001 was a big year for him since he got four awards in one night and it was on an event called Kora Awards. Later he has been called the best singer and musician of the decade and it was one of those moments that he said he will never forget.

His most famous album is for sure the Haut de Gamme: Koweit, Rive Gauche and it’s one of those albums that you must check out for its unique sound.

Besides his regular career, he was also a vocal trainer for many younga rtists that were just getting started in the industry. He helped them train their voices and made some of them very famous.

Most famous people that were once in his training are Montana Kamenge, Ferre Gola, Bouro Mpela and so on. He said that one of the best things about helping other artists is the fact that you feel like a father over and over again.

Personal life

Olomide isn’t all sweet and sugary once you get to know him. He actually has a lot of controversy focused around himself. Many people say that he has bad temper and that he assaults other people often.

These incidents started in 2008 and he had a fight with a cameraman at his own show in Kinshasa. The court solved this.

In 2012 a similar thing happened, but it was with a producer that Olomide attacked. He had to be suspended for 90 days.

Next incident there was happened in summer of 2016 when he was actually filmed assaulting a female. This was durnig his touring in Kenya and the girl was a dancer. This happened in Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and soon everyone saw this since the video spread out like crazy.

He was deported out of Kenya and the concert never happened. When he got back home, he was arrested and therefore had to serve 18 months, but because of his status quo, he was sentenced to only three.

Koffi likes to have his bling on and many people say that he is a huge fan of sunglasses. This could be spotted on his pictures.

Quick summary

Full name: Antoine Christophe Agbepa Mumba

Date of birth: July 13th 1956

Birthplace:  Kisagani, Belgian Congo

Age: 62

Profession: singer

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $18 million