AB De Villiers is a famous South African cricketer.

Early years

He was born on the 17th of February 1984. in Warmbad in South Africa. He is the youngest of three sons, and he got his name after his father.

He continued that tradition and also gave his son his fathers name. He went to Afrikaans High School for boys.

He travelled to that high school in Pretoria every week and he spent his weekends at home.

His father was a very big sports fan who encouraged him to play all kind of sports.

AB learned to play cricket in the backyard with his  two brothers.

That was the main reason he started his career in sports, choosing cricket over all of the other sports he was good in, such as golf and tennis.

AB de Villiers also took part in lot of other sports at national level including tennis,golf and rugby.

He was a member of a  hockey Team of South Africa and  a very good swimmer holding a few school records. He has been badminton national champion.

He has received a national medal from Nelson Mandela for a science project, so we can say he is excellent in all fields.

Career development

He entered the world of cricket in 2003. and through all of this time he only upgraded his skills.

The first team he joined was called Northerns.

Later on he switched a few teams, such as Titans and Delhi Daredevils.

He is extremely good at this sport  so he was awarded three times for the player of the year. He holds many records , one of them is for the fastest balls of all time by any batsman.

It was common that everybody thought of him to be the  most talented athlete in South Africa.

From 2011. he is a captain of a team called Royal Challenge Bangalore .

AB De Villiers is currently ranked No.1 in the ICC, International Cricket Council,  batsmen rating.

Personal life

He got married to Danielle Stewart in 2013. after he proposed to her in front of Taj Mahal in India. They have one son called Abraham.

In 2010. he released a pop album where he made his collaboration with South African singer called Ampie Du Preez.

He is very religious and goes to church every Sunday.

He often says that God gave him this talent so he must thank him for it every day.

Abraham  is a brand ambassador for Audi from 2008.

AB is a partner in his brothers’ fast-food businesses.  The three brothers also started  a catering business together.

Philantropic work

AB is involved in Francois Pienaar’s Make a Difference Foundation which gives the opportunity to underprivileged children to attend the best schools.

He is a mentor to one pupil at school in Johannesburg passionately trying to make a difference.

Quick summary:

Full name:  Abraham Benjamin De Villiers

Date of Birth: February 17, 1984.

Birthplace: Warmbad, South Africa

Age: 33

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 77 kg

Net Worth: $14 million