Nephew Tommy Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Nephew Tommy Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Nephew Tommy, real name Thomas Miles is a known American comedian and a TV host.

He is popular mostly as a host of “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” and the prank calls he makes during the show. He is also known as Steve Harvey’s nephew.

Early life:

Nephew Tommy was born as Thomas Miles II on May 18, 1967 to Kate Miles.

Even in elementary school he was always very funny, trying to make his friends and schoolmates laugh so he often got in trouble because of disrrupting the class.

After finishing high school, where he already started to show his interest in theatre and his classmates considered him a great comedian, he enrolled Texas A&M University and he graduated with amajor degree in theatre. University wasn’t a hard thing for him since he really enjoyed theatre and acting. He said that he was very happy with his choice and that he would choose it anytime over other studies.

As a student, he focused on developing his acting skills, so he decided to join  the Royal Shakespeare Company. He had several roles in this theatre company and they gave him a great experience for his future calling. He was often called to play in serious plays too, since he had a great abbility to interact with other actors.

Career development:

He was very good as a comedian and his friends kept pushing him and persuading him to try himself in that genre. He decided to go to Houston, to their legendary open mic shows and he was so great at it that he won the contest. It was a surprise for him because he never thought he would won the 1st place.

He eventually came to “Showtime at the Apollo” , a comedy TV series shown on Channel 4, and he appeared on BET “Comic View.”

There he was noticed by a known production manager who was the main man in Luther Vandross production. Afterwards this manager asked to get his tape to take it to Luther who will decide will he meet Thomas.

Luther liked his performance very much and decided to give Thomas a job, as an opening act on his all over America.

Thomas appeared on his workplace for the first time,  in Rochester in New York and he openly admits that he cried after this first performance. Because he was an opening act to one of the greatest American artists whom he respected very much.

He is known all over America due to his career as a co-host of the “Steve Harvey Morning Show” which aires from 6 am until 10 am on over than 50 radio stations. The show raises up to eight million listeners a day and is one of the most popular morning shows ever to be broadcasted in America.

He is Steve Harvey’s nephew in real life, so it seems the comedian skill runs in the family.

Steve Harvey, Shirley Strawberry and Carla Ferrell are all hosting alongside Tommy in the same radio program. The program began airing in 2000 and is still very popular.

He is a very powerful comedian, and the show’s big assett. His prank calls are very well liked and always a theme to talk about.

He is extremely witty and his jokes are turned to broad masses and everyday topics involving single and married couples, cheaters, liers and others. Often they include very simple themes like talking to a neighbour, problems in traffic and similar.

He released several studio albums with the recordings of his prank calls: seven of them.

His great stand-up comedy skills brought him a 3 years long gig as an exclusive opening before Luther Vandross show.

He was invited to be the exclusive host on the “Essence Music Festival” which is annually held in New Orleans and he accepted the invitation so he hosts it every year.

In 2010 he recorded his special edition in Detroit’s famous “Motor City Casino”.

In 2011 Tommy travelled to the Middle East to visit and perform at military bases with USO Holiday Tour. United Service Organization Holiday Tour has engaged him again two years later.

He was very touched by soldiers life and work in the foreign countries, and his interaction with them through this tour made a great impact on him.

He decided to start a non-profit organization called “Miles of Giving” which is a non-profit foundation that help wounded, retired and former soldiers (veterans) to get the best care there is.

He tours all around the USA where his stand-up gigs are always sold out. He knows that his work has to be close to the people and he likes to amuse public directly and see their reactions.

In 2010 he appeared in a David M.Matthews thriller called “N-Secure”. He appeared in this film alongside a known actress Essence Atkins and an actor Lamman Rucker.

Next year he landed a role in a romantic comedy drama produced by Dennis Cooper which was called “The Heart Specialist” starring Wood Harris and Zoe Zaldana.

In 2012 he was found in yet another  romantic comedy called “Think Like a Man”. The film was based on a book written by his uncle Steve Harvey,  “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man”. The book is a self – book which was a No 1 New York bestseller and is based on problems in relationships.

The  film was a huge hit and although the critics were divided, the film earned almost $100 million.

Personal life:

He is the nephew of Steve Harvey, who is also a known comedian. That is how he got his stage name “Nephew Tommy”. He later made his career more significant and became known by his real name too.

He is married to Jacqueline Miles whom he met in 1986 on Texas A&M University. They liked each other from the first time they have met and stayed together since. He claims that he couldn’t be happier about his wife since he fell in love with her and it was love on the first sight.

After thirty years of dating they got married in 2016 and he shared the post about on the Instagram. They got married on their vacation and posted it in Twitter.

He has two sons named Trey and Jhordyn and a daughter Sydnie and  has great relationship with all of his children. The children enjoy a dad with a great sense of humour. They all have a very strong bond and he is very proud that his family is so loving.

There were rumours that he had an affair with his co-host on the “Steve Harvey Show” Shirley Strawberry but it was just a lie and they both dismissed the accusations. He said that it was probably just a try by the media to make his life complicated.

He often speaks about his wife on the social media, pointing out how lucky he is. This is one of his Tweets about her:

“My Lovely, Inteligent, Beautiful Wife: Jacqueline Miles. What a Woman. What a Life. Thank you God.”

People love him because of his good character and how loveable he is.

Quick summary

Full name:  Thomas Miles II

Date of birth: May 18, 1967

Birthplace: Houston, Texas, United States

Age: 50

Profession: comedian, producer, actor

Height: 1,81 m

Weight: 77 kgs

Net Worth: $2 Million


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