Scott Yancey is a renowned television star and a flipper who is home based. His estimated net worth is about $5 million. He is famous for his TV show entitled Flipping Vegas. He has done his first deal in the real estate at the age of 14. He has earned an interest of 14% from his deed. He has done lots of flipping and later having many successful ventures, he turned up to become a full time flipper on houses.

His business has gained great momentum that he could buy houses at the rate of $50,000 at Las Vegas. His business has reached to great heights and now he has become the managing partner and the owner of The Goliath Company. He does business with his wife, Amie. Together they bought various houses and renovated all and then they sell those houses with huge profits or give those for rent.

Now he has experience in this field for about 20 years. He is also fond of racing and during his free time he goes for car racing in his Porsche. He is also an author. He has published a book about the real estate, his key area. The book was named as Go Time.

He has invested all his money in an intelligent manner. During his first venture as a teenager, he had a deal of settling the insurance and in return he has gained a lump some amount of $30,000. Even at his young age of 13 years, he did not spent his money like other people of his age does. He has gone forward with his next deal of home flipping and through his second deal he was able to make a profit at the rate of 14% in terms of interest.

He finally got his licence as broker. He has met his wife Amie during one of his journeys on real estate business, an event on real estates. They were dating for 7 long years and finally got married.  Finally his hard work has lead to the formation of the aforementioned Goliath Company.

In the year 2011, the channel A and E has started a TV show which was based on hose flipping with Yancey and his wife Amie. His wife Amie is also well experienced in the area of real estates and has contributed a great deal in supporting her husband in their joint venture on real estates. She is interested in the areas of interior designing of the houses they have bought and has created beautiful, mind-blowing interior designs for their homes.

She has also specialized in renovating the old age properties which they have decided to flip. The rest of the business will be managed by Yancey. He is also earning few incomes sideways. He is also getting royalties for his book; Go Time: How to Make Insane Money in your Market now.

The duo makes a great pair as couples both in their personal life and they support each other in their business taking their business to higher levels.


Quick Summary:

Full name: Scott Yancey

Date of birth: July 9, 1969

Birth place: Van Nuys, Los Angeles, United States

Age: 47 Years

Profession: House Flipper, Television personality, Writer

Height: 1.83 m

Weight: 65 Kg

Net worth:  $5 million