As the name goes she is known for her approaches as radio DJ and television personality. With her own attitudes she had given her effort as host, author, fashion designer and actress. She got the reputation of “Shock Jockette”. She was sometime too much into her mannerism with the celebrities for the on-air spats. The Wendy Williams Show will be in the mind of viewers for long.

She has her own way and in 2009 she gained a seat in the National Radio Hall of Fame. With her best-selling autobiography, she had published few other books. To salute her deeds, Asbury Park streets are as on date Wendy Williams Way. There cannot be any shade of doubt that the lady had earned quite handsomely throughout her vast career. Her accumulated net worth will come around to hefty $60million dollars.

Early life

In the suburb of Asbury Park which is in Monmouth County, New Jersy, Wendy Williams was born on 18th July, 1964 in Ocean Township. Thomas Williams is her father and Shirley Williams cared her three children, among them Wendy was the second child. Her early childhood days are still remembered in the wayside part of Ocean Township. The American celebrity holds white ethnicity and has the cancer zodiac sign.

Close to her she was admitted in the Ocean Township High School. After the campus of her school days she enrolled herself in Northeastern University which is at Boston, Massachusetts. She got her graduation in 1986. She got herself a bachelor’s degree in communication. She was the college radio DJ for WRBB.


In the United States Virgin Islands she started her career in WVIS. For the excellent feedback from the listeners and wide acceptance she was offer an afternoon slot in WOL station, at Washington, D.C. Her engagements were growing fast. She was covering a weekend overnight shift at WQHT and this made her commute between Queens and Washington.

As a alternate disc jockey she began her job at WRKS in New York which is currently on air as WEPN-FM. Soon she was asked to cover the full morning show. After a year she got herself into the afternoon slot and was honored in 1993 by the Billboard Award as the “Best On-Air Radio Personality.

In closing moth of 1994 WRKS was taken over by Emmis Broadcasting. Wendy was assigned to work at New York for a hip-hop formatted program, “Hot 97”.  The WRKS was restructured as the ‘urban adult contemporary’ opening. Wendy left Hot 97 in 1998.

Sometime later WUSL, an urban station of Philadelphia hired Wendy for “Power 99FM”. She was introduced by her husband Kevin Hunter. She never felt embarrassed discussing her own affairs be it her drug addiction in early days to her miscarriage or surgery for breast enhancement. The count-down for the station went up high from fourteenth to the second rank. An assault by Bill Cosby as she voiced was enough an excuse for her release.

It was again in New York, when for the syndicate 2 to 6 p.m. afternoon slot WBLS hired Wendy for her full-time persuading effort. To enhance the acceptance of the audience her friend MC Spice added some short raps in the program intended for the show. This effort was recognized by the ‘The New York Times’, stated show seems doing best in their pair.

With the passage of time Windy got associated with Tyler, Texas; Alexandria, Louisiana; Toledo, Ohio; Shreveport, Louisiana; Wilmington, Delaware; Emporia, Virginia; Redondo Beach, California; Columbia, South Carolina; and Lake Charles, Louisiana with some more stations. Her shows had grown as very common and regular occupation for the audience. She left the seat of radio station to be more with the family and to focus more on television arena. Wendy’s contribution was acknowledged by welcoming her in the National Radio Hall of Fame.

To make her audience be more with their wanted host Debmar-Mercury asked Wendy to go for six-week log trail to make a grand television appearance in 2008. Wendy opened her career in the small screen world with a bang, a daytime breakthrough as reported by all the prime news papers. The grand introduction was made on 14th July, 2008 by her talk show, ‘The Wendy Williams Show’. The show’s “backtalk show” genre brightened the face of her fans as well with the uncountable viewers.

She had already got a dominating command over the television network. Observing the Wendy hurricane one of the prime channel approached Debmar-Mercury. It was Fox, the channel network which wanted to be a part of the success. Hence felt broadcasting of the show to their national coverage throughout, to the wide scope of their exposure from July, 2009.

She have performed and won the heart of all. Success gathers everyone, each one wishes to be the part of this prolific personality’s success story. BET joined in and taking the cable rights preserved the night operation of the show in their favor. BET had gone even further in 2010 when they started to air the most wanted show internationally covering 54 countries under the banner BET International.

Wendy became the top female host for daytime television with an average of her 2.4 million viewers throughout the sphere of the possibility of the show. Her nomination for the Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Entertainment was quite obvious then. On the Fox Television Station, ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ was renewed which kept her through the eleventh season.

It was 1992 when Wendy made her first appearance in television world through ‘Martin’ but the flower hadn’t blossomed then and was not recognized by the normal eyes. Earlier she was also seen replacing Jodi Applegate for the morning show on television on WNYW in 2007. Then with ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ in 2008 each flocked in to get the star in the group.

A soap opera, ‘One Life to Live’ had seen her in 2011. In the same year she was the judge for ‘Drop Dead Diva’, a venture of Lifetime network. For GSN she hosted ‘Love Triangle’ and was the executive producer with her husband Kevin. In 2013 she had borne the responsibility of a guest in ‘The Face’. To be a part of something great, she though eliminated second have come up in the stage of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ with Tony Dovolani in 12th season.

The Star should not follow any more. On February, 2013 Wendy and her husband Kevin announced that a new production company for the television reality and game show would be launched under the ‘Wendy Williams Productions’.  In 2014 she was the executive producer for ‘Celebrities Undercover’ and ‘Biopic Aaliyah: The Princes of R&B’. 2015 had seen Wendy in a documentary series by Discovery Channel, the series ‘Death By Gossip With Wendy Williams’ was hosted by Wendy and produced by “The Queen of All Media” herself.

Her presence was felt on the big screen in ‘Think Like a Man’ in 2012 and in its follow up ‘Think Like a Man Too’ in 2014. Theater through the ‘Broadway’ had seen her playing ‘Mama’ Morton in the musical Chicago. Lipshtick had also shown a venerable gesture to the show lady. On 15th November, 2015 she hosted a comedy series, ‘How You Laughin’ as NJPAC with distinguished personalities.

She had also tasted the success in real business after with aligning Home Shopping Network or HSN. The debut was recorded with a ‘sell-out success’ in pants, skirts and sweaters for women in everyday uses. Stop not! She is also busy selling jewelry on QVC which comes up as ‘Adorn by Wendy Williams’.

Personal life

“Wendy’s Got the Heat” revealed she was no further with her first husband who was a salesperson. On 30th November, 1997 she exchanged the ring with Kevin Hunter. On 18th August, 2000 she gave birth to Kevin Hunter Jr.

Apart from her caliber on camera and mouthpiece she had also shows her excellence with the pen. Her ‘Ask Wendy: Straight –Up Advice for All the Drama in Your Life’. Her fiction series in The Ritz Harper Chronicles and ‘Hold Me in Contempt: A Romance’ requires special mentioning. All her major efforts have come up in the New York Times Best Seller.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Wendy Williams

Date of Birth: 18th July, 1964

Birth Place: Monmouth County, New Jersy, United States of America

Age: 53 years

Profession: Former Radio Personality, Television Host, Fashion Designer and Author

Height: 5 Feet 11 Inch

Weight: 79 Kg

Net worth: $60 million dollars