For people who love video games and YouTube, the name DJ Keemster is definitely not something new to them. Daniel M. Keem who is popularly known by his pseudo name DJ Keemster is a popular YouTuber and video game streamer.

He isn’t someone who has a silent life but one with a full of controversy which has led people to be very interested in the contents that he posts along with his life as well.

Early life

DJ Keemster was born on March 08, 1982 in the Buffalo region in New York, United States. Due to the sudden meteoric rise to fame, there are literally no insights about his early life or his past life prior to this online recognition.

Prior to becoming an Internet personality, DJ Keemster who is also popularly known as Killer Keemster at times was a lawyer by profession and even a debt collector before that. There is no other information aside from that.


Prior to jumping straight into where it all started, let us state that DJ Keemster has a total of 15.6k followers on Instagram along with 1.42 million followers on Twitter, not to mention that he has over 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel as well.

Keemster’s Internet career sure did kick off , priorly in the social media aspect of it while he was livestreaming himself on the It wasn’t until 2009 that he gained a good amount of recognition when one his friends uploaded a video of him playing the video game Halo 3 multiplayer in which he was constantly trashing strangers and trolling them as well. That video went viral, and people started watching it. It has over 100k views right off the bat.

Later, a group of video game players saw his video and invited him over to join their group named “Federation of A**Hole Gamers.” Keemster did so and gained a lot more recognition trolling people whilst livestreaming. He also featured in the popular streaming show, Battlecam where people trash the other gamers in order to gain a higher position in the game they are playing.

It was finally later in the days after gaining a substantial amount of fame and popularity that he decided to open his own YouTube channel. But it wasn’t until five years later and named it as “DramaAlert.” The content that he posted was nothing like the same trashing or anything related to video games. He mainly talked about the drama and the several types of controversies that surrounded the popular celebrities, especially the YouTubers.

This seemed to create a lot of uproars, and he soon started got being criticised by the artists that he made the videos about, and they got offended by it. He has been amidst a lot of criticism and bashing because of these videos and has been bullied a number of times over that as well. While the numbers of haters are not small, he also has his own dedicated fan base who keep up with his work and follows him on all the social media platforms.

Not just videos and talking nuisance, Keemster is also popular for being a producer of a number of music tracks. He has several uploaded kinds of music of his own on the popular music platform, Soundcloud.

He is also popular in the website where he has over 73.3k followers and over 3 million streams of his songs. The most popular song that he has produced is “Dollar in the Woods.”

Keemster has been involved in a number of controversies, some of which are vile. He often used racial slurs in some of his videos which were anything but acceptable. One of the most criticised moments in his career was when he degraded the health condition of a famous YouTuber “TotalBiscuit” who announced that he had cancer.

Not just that, he has even accused people of things that he has no solid proof about and based it all off on assumptions. All of these accusations and degrading behavior of his led people to respond back to him with the same. His channel was finally taken down due to a violation on 2016.

Personal Life

Although there are no insights about his dating life, DJ Keemster has a daughter named Mia whom he likes to keep private and not exposed out to the media.

As of 2017, DJ Keemster has an estimated net worth of $1.4 million.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Daniel M. Keem

Date of Birth: March 08, 1982

Birthplace: Buffalo, New York

Age: 35 years

Profession: YouTube personality, music producer

Height: 1.78 m

Weight: 75 kg

Net Worth: $1.4 million